Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Ah ! This Weather..

For a guy like me who is riding a ship of doubts in a sea of dilemmas, there's nothing better than a weather as refreshing as this. The rains kinda bring a freshness and a sandy fragrance with them - something which no air freshener in the world can match. I always take rains as a signal from nature to move ahead and rejoice what's there to be rejoiced. Rains and pleasant sandstorms fill me with energy and enthusiasm that's enough to keep me charged up for a day or two. What amazes me the most though, is nature's ploy to impress you with overcast when even in your dreams you wouldn't have expected it. Love is what we ought to give our nature in return to its services and what we give back is barbarism.  I guess we would be late in realizing the value of nature and we would have done irrecoverable damage to the only hope that we are left with. Getting back on the weather, it seemed to me like a kind of reward for our minute efforts symbolized by today's being the Environmental Day.To sum up, I just have to say I would have never expected such a pleasant and lovely spell of showers amidst these scorching summers. If its a gift to me, I accept it with grace. If its a request to me, I ought to do my bit.


  1. First, realizing the Nature's gifts are a gift in itself. Second, thinking about contributing , is an act of expressing gratitude. And last but not at all the least , your write-up was simple, beautiful and just refreshing like nature. :)

  2. I'm glad that u liked it.. :)