Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Lets start anew, lets start afresh

So finally, I decided to end my wait for this year's admission process of various mba institutes and to start preparation for next year's CAT. I was offered a few seats here and there but a lot of people told me that my worth is more than that.However, the real question in front of me was - can I score that good a %ile again ? Yes, its quite a tough job when you have quite a lot of odds stacks against you but its in our nature to oversee dangers and see what lies beyond them - hope. This phase made me learn that all that you need to take decisions as tough and as crucial as these, is motivation and guidance, and both of them come from the other social entities that you have acquainted since your birth. This time made me realize that men can walk alone only in books and for taking up the challenges of real life, you need to have a lot of people criticizing you and appreciating you at every point of time. Without them, your life is a pulp-less mango.So with this glimmer of hope and lots of dreams and aspirations, I have started preparing for CAT, yet again. May god be with me and may my destiny see to it that I reach it on time.

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