Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Some say its better to stay away from it and some say if you haven't taken any risks in your life, you probably didn't have any life. I agree with the latter. Risks are what make our lives unpredictable, enjoyable and surprising. Not only they add these elements to life, they also ensure that we keep learning with everything we do. So applicable the last statement is. As long as you continue living your life in a plain and dull fashion, you may very well be on route to success but you miss out on learning things that may be needed in future. If learning is a continuous process, risk is the element which induces learning and induces it in a manner that ensures that you actually end up learning.Yes, consequences of choosing a risky path instead of one that's known to us can indeed be detrimental but they can also transform your life and deliver success that you never anticipated. Life is full of chances and opportunities and going by law of probabilities, risking everything is not at all recommended. Instead, decision of taking a risk should be coupled with some thoughtful analysis of the consequences. If the mind says that its worth taking the risk, we should never hesitate in taking it. Its these risks the bring the juice in our lives and change us. And as always, change is necessary for sustaining on this planet.

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