Monday, 4 June 2012

What is that I need ?

Is it love or is it life ? Quite often I get in this dilemma as to what do I exactly need at this point of time. I have lots of years to live and a lot to show but at this moment I feel like a rotten pumpkin. I wouldn't have said that but I would as I feel that way. So to get that feeling away I wish if I had a partner. A partner can give you solace and take all your tensions away from you but, at this very point of time, can I afford to lose a track of those tensions ? Well, why in the world would I need them if I have a partner. Maybe, because they will guide me and make me a man or maybe because they will tell me what to do. However, the partner on the other hand would ensure that I live peacefully at this moment. So what is it that I need. Hard to say, really hard ! If you go by what a man's gotta do, I should do something to let them know of my worth. I should actually take those tensions with me and let them mould me to make me something. On the other hand though, as a human being, you ought to enjoy your life to the fullest as you don't know when it gets over. But I shall chose the first way and go on with my life the way it goes because even otherwise, I won't get a partner, unless I have achieved something in my life. Crazy times, I can say. Life is testing and I'm ready for it.