Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Paranormal Activity II

After the unanticipated number of comments and suggestions that I received on the first post of this series, I'm back with some more stuff to intrigue you. But this time though, it was not me who experienced the domain of the paranormal, it was a tonne of passers on the Delhi Cantt. road. Since we don't have a concrete proof of it, we won't add the adjective "haunted" in front of this coveted road's name. However, we'll see why a lot of people consider this to be an apt adjective for it.

The Delhi Cantt. Road is perhaps one of the most sought after roads during the day but during the night, it gets only a few occasional passers. There is something strange about the road and this can be accounted to by the statements of the people who've felt or faced this strangeness. The account that follows in no way asserts my own opinion but is a direct transformation of what people believe to be the truth.

They say that if you pass by this road during the night, there is a woman in white sari whom you would sight. This woman looks very much like the woman who haunts you in movies but this time, she first asks you for a lift. If you are in a group, there are less chances of you being victimized but if you are all alone, you may very well be her prey for the night. She would try and stop your vehicle to ask you for a lift but as you try and run away from her, which any sensible man on the planet would do, she does her rebuttal. Witnesses say that if you deny her a lift, she starts running beside your vehicle and no matter what speed you're driving at, she stays with you for as long as you get out of her reach. At times you may even overrun her and won't even feel that your vehicle overran something.

Hard to believe but a lot of people's accounts are a testimony to this. Some say that perhaps this woman was an ordinary jaywalker when she was alive. This proposition could be attributed for hers asking every passing vehicle for a lift, which is what most jaywalkers on such isolated roads would do.There are scientific reasons behind such sightings which underline the weaknesses of human vision and the fact that an intersection of multiple light beams can easily make us mistake a light beam amalgamation for a person in white. But the real question is ,can this amalgamation run beside your vehicle ?

Some also believe that this is the vision problem coupled with our conscience which is always wary of the prospect of being alone on such a road. Whether this is the truth or not, depends upon what you see after you first visit the road all alone during a night. But to assist this post, I ought to provide some material that may act as an appropriate source of info for those who may be interested. Don't forget to pop in your comments. 

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Paranormal Activity I

We often experience the realm of the paranormal but we either attribute these instances to the unclassified domains of the unexplainable, or we are too busy or too ignorant to notice them. Paranormal is not necessarily about ghosts and wandering spirits but its the domain of those forces whose existence, though non proven, has its own ways of asserting its presence.So I'm here to share a few instances of which either I've heard of or which I myself have been a part of.

This is an instance from my own life. It dates a long time back and if I'm not wrong, 1997 was the year. We used to put up in a different house then. The house had a long lobby. The kitchen and drawing rooms in front were connected with the living rooms in back through this sole lobby. I was 7 and I was considered to be an expert in walking or running in the dark. Perhaps we're much more talented when we are small. DESU(Delhi Electric Supply Unit) was the orchestrator of our power supply then, and its performance was woefully pathetic. Power cuts of 3-4 hours were quite commonplace. So, on this one fine day in April-May, I guess, we had a power cut in the evening.

It was around 7:50 and its precisely the time when you're neither comfortable with walking in the gloominess and nor are you okay with the idea of kindling a candle or lighting a torch. My mom was working in the kitchen and she had supposedly put two patilas on both the flames of our gas stove. One of them had milk and the other had water. Both of them were put on burners with the purpose of being boiled. I was playing near the kitchen until the power cut struck. As the power went off, the milk had almost boiled and so my mom switched that burner off, but the burner with the patila having water was still on. I saw all this with my own eyes and so there was no reason for being doubtful about it.

Since the water patila still had some time to boil, me, my mom and my elder brother, who was studying in the living room in the rear, decided to grasp some fresh air by paying a visit to the gallery on the rear side of the house. We all went there. After a few minutes, I went in searching for a my Cosco ball to play with and this was also about time when the water patila would have boiled up.So my mom asked from outside if I could close that burner. I agreed without an argument. After all, nothing else can be more showy for a boy of 7 than to walk in a dark house with a long lobby, all alone.

I was in my senses as long as I was approaching the kitchen but the moment I reached there, something shuddered my senses. The burners of the patilas seemed to have reversed their previous states. The burner of the patila having boiled milk was now burning and the one with the water patila was now closed. I rubbed my eyes and checked it again. I was shocked to notice that it wasn't an illusion or delusion. The burners had indeed swapped their states.

When I discussed this with the rest of the family, they said it could be because of the distraction due to the power cut. Even mom agreed to that. They even said that maybe both mom and I got it wrong while seeing that which patila was on a closed burner and which was on open. But none of them realized that if the patila with milk had been on an open burner throughout this time, then the milk would have been over boiled and overflowed by now. But as I reached there, it was perfectly fine. It looked as if the states were swapped just before I made my way into the kitchen.

What can you attribute this to ? Is it a mere failure of human perception or is it some force that wanted to show its presence ? What do you think it could be ?

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Formals,Bluetooth,Combing,Deo and Then ?

So today, after following this daily schedule while getting ready for the office, I wondered why I'm supposed to do all this when the next step after doing all this is the worst thing that a man of my era shall expect - travelling in 4 shared basis autos for 90 minutes ! Another question is why I do it when I have the DTC buses, the Delhi Metro and also an option of buying my own vehicle ? The answers in the same order are - extremely low frequency of these buses,Delhi Metro on any day would be at least twice as crowded, if not more than, the sharing basis autos and last but not the least, even I were to have a vehicle, I'd prefer being stuck in a traffic jam in an auto than in a car. Seriously man, where are we heading ? People flow on the roads as if they were water, vehicles crawl on roads as if they were distributed for free, you spend hours in traffic jams as if hours in your life never belonged to you. I guess our best cities have already reached their saturation points and if this were to continue at the same pace, one day, you'd spend more time on the roads than in the office. What else to expect when a city planned for 10 lac people is allowed to inhabit 10 million. We have to blame the govts for not planning stuff properly but to what extent can the govt do anything about it ? How many coaches can they add to the Metro, and how many more buses can they run when that is also going to add to the never ending woes of long traffic jams.

The point here is that even after knowing that the situation is literally slipping out of our hands, we continue to bear with it as if we were legally supposed to do so. Expecting the governments to do something for you would be an utterly foolish proposition but our so-called business minds who are credited for bringing India from shackles and making it the fastest growing economy are certainly not doing their part. We're very good at copying the US and Europe when it comes to portions of work culture that increase productivity and performance but when it comes to adopting those portions that shall lead to a more enjoyable living for the employees, I guess the spark fails to kindle these top notch planners.We'd copy their companies in performance tracking, following hierarchies but when it comes to letting employees work from home and having different shifts to reduce traffic on roads,we go deaf. We are okay with the employer working below potential because of him/her losing half of the energy in reaching the office but we are not okay with letting this person work at his/her own convenience and finishing a tough job in minutes. Why ? Perhaps because just like every other case,we're both afraid of change as well as reluctant to bring it. They say changes are needed for long term sustenance but whey would we bother about long term results when our end is almost near.

You obviously cannot kill a sect of people everyday to keep traffic in check but you can certainly plan for more slots at your office and distribute workforce equally among these slots. You can also allow a portion of work to be done from home and you can do tonnes of other similar stuff. We cannot bring our miseries to a level zero but reducing them would still be a good thing, nonetheless. Even this approach shall fall down into pieces if the employees were not cooperative enough. Just like the top managements fear change, so do the employees. The very idea of working in a different shift from the normal shift may haunt a lot of them. But the point we miss is that, it will do a lot of good to our own selves. We may have to get up a little early or a little late but we'll certainly save those precious 3-4 hours we spend in jams. People who visit Singapore,Kuala Lampur,London,Munich or even New York for that matter are amazed by the way these cities never sleep and how everything stays open 24*7. That's how things are kept in check. Gone are the days when just like every human being, the city too had a day and a night. Nowadays, the cities ought to forget this demarcation.

Even though this scheme may not be able to pull things for every long but at least it will give us some respite from  our woeful lives.If a man were to spend one large chunk of his life in just going to and getting back from the office, then maybe he'll never make the most of the most amazing gift he ever got - his life !

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

5 Messages A Day Keep Riots Away !

The very title of this post should be enough to let you know what it points towards. I or you shouldn't have a lot of problems with being able to send only 5 messages per day, but its imbibes in itself a larger prospect. The prospect which suggests that we are more or less powerless in the current times. Well, what else to expect when the country's top leadership itself is also suffering from that phenomenon. They'd block websites, they'd block messaging services but they'd not even once warn a stubborn but "nothing in front of us" opponent that our armies are ready to obliterate them at a single command.They'd ask you to do every possible thing to improve the situation but the question is if they themselves do anything about it. Either our leadership is too reluctant to act because of fear or they are in the perception that doing so is going to dent their vote banks. If its the former, they need to know that in every war we fought, we lost some, but we never lost as many as we are losing everyday because of not shuddering our enemy. And if its the latter, they should know that this is perhaps their last term ever.

Its not only about this very thing where its proven that the power which was once in our hands is quickly slipping away from it, there are tonnes of other examples.They won't let you protest saying that you're not supposed to protest in a manner that jolts violence, even if it doesn't. They won't let you say your word because they sense your word to go against them. They won't let you get plenty of opportunities because the number of opportunities already were just half of what was needed and half of what we had were also taken away because govt believes someone needs them more than you.They always want you to pay your taxes but instead of paying theirs, they'd steal yours and add them to their ever increasing bank balances.And last but not the least, they'd not let your man become the President because he was never a part of their party. Horrible !

They never do what they're supposed to do but they'd always want you to do what is considered to be your duty. Fundamental duties are as strong as they can get but directive principles and fundamental rights seem to get omitted. Its better time when we understand that we're not puppets and its better time that they understand that we're living beings. Blocking messages and blocking sites may help, but what may help more would be to hang Kasab and Afzal because its their ever elongating lives that fuel hope in ISI camps and its the delay in their death sentence which takes our spirit from us. For how long are we going to watch the scene as mere spectators. Saying that we're ready for any situation as we always say is not going to affect anything. Its better time when we fire a missile or two and tell them that our Agni is indeed a billion times more powerful that their useless and cynical Hakv. Indira did it and so did Atal. Yes, we lost a lot of lives and property but at least we started living with some pride and peace again. A delay in action is a clear-cut symbol of your unwillingness to react and that's all your opponent needs. But what we need is not a 5 message a day rule but a strong and sturdy governance that has a leader whose words itself are more impacting that a missile.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Mysteriously Yours !

I often delve myself into texts and other forms of expressions that have to do with mysteries or with some hidden message that needs a little more than common sense to unveil. In my tryst, I came across a documentary on Discovery Science based on the most mysterious manuscript of all times - The Voynich Manuscript. Often cited as the most intriguing manuscript of our history, this book has given a lot of pain to all those who made an attempt to decipher its message. Its perhaps one of the greatest mysteries of all times that is waiting to unfold.

A section of the coveted Voynich Manuscript

The Voynich Manuscript is a possibly ciphered piece of text spread over 240 pages. The script is believed to be written somewhere between 14th and 15th centuries as C14 dating of the vellum on which its written asserts this. The manuscript is named after Wilfrid Voynich, the man who brought it in 1912 and brought the coveted book out of the shelves and welcomed it to a new world of exploration and speculation.

The book before coming to Voynich kept changing its owners with some of them being amateur collectors and some of them being veterans in the fields of cryptology and language.The book primarily contains pictures and text that is written in an alphabet that is unique in its own ways. The manuscript contains images of certain plants and fauna but certain images are believed to represent something else. Some images are so radial that whereas some believe them to be the structure of a flower, others believe them to be a view of some galaxy taken through some telescope.And like this, the interpretations are so varied that a conclusion can only dreamt of being reached. The text contains of something that's written from left to right but due to the unknown language its hard to see if it actually means something.

Although the text is almost non decipherable, there are certain patterns to it. Certain characters reappear after some fixed gaps, certain characters always form the beginning and end of a word or a set of words. Actually, the script is so crude that its even not broken into words, so any possible analysis is done on frequency of individual letters.Punctuation is used to break large chunks of words into paragraphs and separating blocks of text from each other via an asterisk based notation.Some computer mapped representations of the text were made to search for patterns and it was revealed that the language used is very similar to a partially structured language like English.

Due to the nature of the script's language resembling some other languages, some believe that the manuscript was a mere attempt of mapping the alphabet of some language into a set of calligraphic characters which the author had created. This explanation renders the script useless and regards it as a mere piece of art. However, some believe that if this were to be the case, a lot of men who spent entire decades in attempting to decipher it wont have done that. And more astonishingly, these men were top notch cryptologists or language researchers of their times. So if the script were a mere attempt at calligraphic mapping, it should have been noticed by one of these men. However, a scientist who hired some calligraphers and asked them to use a specific pattern to select calligraphic letters from a set of such letters and create a manuscript, was able to generate a similar manuscript in a few weeks.He asked them to randomly fill 600 blocks on a sheet of paper with different calligraphic characters and asked them to choose three of them at a time using a cardboard that had three squares holed in it.This scientist believes that for Voynich himself being an expert at such things, he could have easily made the script in just a few months. However, this, if true, asserts that the results of the C14 dating were manipulated.

So what exactly does the script contain ? Is it a mere attempt at fooling the reader and making him believe that its useful even though its not, or is it a message whose meaning is larger than what we perceive it to be. This has already been a subject of a lot of fiction and research. Some believe that its a mere expression of certain medicinal powers of the plants whose pictures are depicted, whereas some believe that the plants and the text used to describe them contain a meaning of their own. It might be a gateway to our future or it might be a gateway to some properties of plants that can save our lives. It may even be a treasure map as such things often turn out to be or it may be a message that was transmitted from one Kingdom to the other in a form so secure that no one would have thought it to be of any use. Some believe that the script came in two parts and the other part contains the deciphering mechanism to be implemented whereas some believe that the construction of the deciphering mechanism was left as a task for the receiver of the manuscript.

Perhaps with some more powerful and a more intelligent supercomputer in the future, a program could be written to extract any possible meaning(s) out of this text. Till then, all those scientists and researchers who have devoted a hell lot of time to this, would continue to do so. This script, till then, continues to be the most intriguing and the most puzzling piece of text ever written !

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Some Deserve, Some Reserve !

Before you story reading this, I ought to tell you that this, unlike other anti-reservation posts, does not straightforwardly advocate the termination of such policies, but takes a holistic view on how they ought to be changed and why. B R Ambedkar, who perhaps was amongst the greatest leaders that our country ever had, struggled against a venomous community of people who belonged to the upper sects and the upper castes of the society. He was ill-treated at his office, at the courts but eventually everyone who came in touch with him recognized the novelty of his cause and went being with him. He saw it all - how untouchables were denied the right to even the basic of things, how they were not allowed to pray in temples, how they were overridden in every moment that they lived. He took the courage to change it and so he did. He was a vehement advocate of a democracy that ensured that everyone stays equal and stands equal. But let me tell you, he never implemented any reservation policy on his own. So never are we supposed to attribute the fiasco of our present reservation policies on him or on his actions. He was a great man, and so he will be. He just presented the idea of a constitution where the govt or the authorities can possibly help a caste or a group that was rendered unprivileged either because of social bias or because of an authoritative or geographical one. But now, the situation has turned somewhat upside down. A Kind of redemption can be sighted in some terms. Even though most of the social bias is now gone and most of the underprivileged are now in fact more privileged, yet the policies meant to benefit them, continue to be there and haunt us.

So the question is, where did it all go wrong ? I, being born in a middle class family belonging to the general category, just had enough money and resources to complete my education. We just had what was needed just as is the case with any other average middle class family. But just for me being born as a general category guy, half of my opportunities were taken away from me at the very onset of my life. Why ? Just because I did not belong to the classes that are reserved. So just after my very entry into the scene, my govt made sure that I need to live a life of struggle,demolition and disgust no matter how bright a lad I am or how much potential I possess. Whereas, some other average guy from some rich family, a family that belongs to the say, SC or ST category, and a family that has enjoyed benefits of reservation policies for 2 generations and has accumulated a 10 crore rupees already, gets the assurance from our govt that no matter how less he scores, he gets into a better college than me, and further, no matter how many backs/compartments he gets there, he gets a better job or a better PG offer than me. The problem lies here. How in the world can you distribute opportunities on the sole basis of where you're born !!!

This was never meant to be like this. The initial policy prototypes after the idea of bringing such policies arouse, had something else to say. They comprised of ways in which the people belonging to the backward castes and tribes can be brought in sync with those in the upper classes. But none of the clauses in those policies derided the guys like me, who form a major chunk of the middle class, from our opportunities. The idea was simple. You simply cannot harm a section for benefiting one. However, our shitty politicians who never think for the country and always think of winning the next elections, had something else in mind. They knew that once they start to literally giveaway opportunities to the backwards and lure them with this bait, they're bound to stay loyal to them in the elections that follow. And this scheme did work. The reason why Congress stayed in power for so many years is just this. In fact the very reason why Congress came back in power in 09 was that they provided reservations to the previously unreserved OBCs. Otherwise, Sonia Gandhi would be running a Pizza Hut store in Italy, right now.Unfortunately, it was not to be.

When you just giveaway things to people, their view of that thing's value gets blurred. They refrain from working hard because they knew they'll get it anyway. They lose their skills instead of honing them. They eventually get something that they're not prepared for, and they're not equipped to handle. The reason why those who belong to the reserved categories end up getting the worst percentages in graduation is just this. They were not prepared for it and yet they got it. Some of them end up ruining their careers whereas some end up further raking on what the govt has yet to offer - reserved seats in the top notch PG schools. The utterly woeful situation of our PWDs, telephone departments and other governmental organizations can also be attributed to this lack of skill set. In fact some PSUs organize drives only for the backward castes and at times they even skip drives meant for an open pool. So its no surprise that most of them are reporting losses of as much as 10000 Cr.

Anyways, the fact that these backward class guys and gals do need some form of assistance cannot be neglected. The overall situation of these sections is still worth paying some attention to and there's no doubt that it needs improvement. But aiming for improvement with the existing methodologies can have dire consequences as we've already experienced. So, what now ? I guess financial assistance is the best form of assistance for the upliftment of these sections. In today's times, money is the only resource, apart from mind power, that can make you see success. Mind power is inherited or developed, and the lack of it cannot be tackled by reserving seats or posts,but lack of money can indeed be tacked by supplying money. Our nation has got so much of money to distribute to these guys that I can bet that no one of them would be deprived of it if such money is distributed properly. If our govt, which apparently is UPA, the same alliance that is a little too much interested in caste based policies, starts concentrating a little more on this idea than on scams and saving their leaders from going to jails, then this idea can surely be implemented here and now. No questions, it will take just 5 months for these guys to start getting their deserved money and then they can do whatever they want to do with it. They cannot complain then for lagging behind the general category guys because even the general category guys are studying in the same school and even in the same coaching. What would these guys need now ?  In case they still need reservations of opportunities that make the situation equivalent to an examination where they knew 80 percent of the questions in advance, then I guess its better to see the apocalypse than to see such undeserving guys reaping all the benefits and the deserving guys dying out in the open.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Being Independent !

Freedom, if there were to be any, should not be exercised but it should be evident. If you're made to exercise it, it becomes a right, not an inherent element of your existence, something that it is supposed to be. Every 15th August, we wake up with a lot of energy and pride for ours being an Indian. We listen to the PM give his speech from the Red Fort, we listen to songs of patriotism on the TV and the Radio, we fly kites and we have our own discussions and tributes in our own small words to commemorate those who gave it all to attain our freedom. Doing all this is an attribution to the fact that we're still concerned about our foundations and about our history, and also indicates the pride we have for our nation. Every single part of it is right and couldn't be done in a better way. But the question is, if we get it wrong on the rest 364 days of the year ?

On 15th of August, our leaders, both national, as well as our leaders at our respective institutions, speak of our freedom and how proud and flattered we should feel to have it, but these very guys take it back when it comes to rest of the days. Your life, as long as you're in your office, belongs to your employer. But after office hours, they don't even possess the right to take even a minute of it. The reality though is very much away from it.You're made to work for extra hours with pending assignments being cited as a reason. The reality is that, they knew you'll take 3 hours more after the office, and to get those extra three hours, they assigned it to you.At times, your company even pays you lesser than you deserve and when you protest, you're terminated. Remember the case of Air India pilots ?

The national leaders, on the other 364 days, enslave you without your notice. You work as laborers and end up paying more tax than the worth of what you get back. Your money gets deposited in their Swiss bank accounts and you feel good just because you live in a free nation. You cant even protest as the govt uses their stringent laws to limit the magnitude of your protest. Remember Ramdev? Not only the government but also the various authorities obliterate you and treat you as if you mean nothing to them. You're denied of your basic right to lawful treatment,timely service and a good, if not best, quality of life.

But the real question is if we ourselves are to be blamed. We always forget the basic fact that the nation belongs to us, and not to the ones who run it. Its us who chose them to run it and if we don't need them, we can, at our will, kick them out. We believe that its our duty to bear with them, its our duty to work as our bosses say, its our duty to wait if the authorities demanded that. We forget, or perhaps intentionally ignore, the laws that were put down to provide justice. Even if we don't get justice, we're not supposed to go down without putting up a fight.But that's what we do. We succumb to injustice without fighting and accept it as our fate. We end up doing much more than we ought to and earning much less than what we ought to, all just because of ourselves. It had to change, it has to change and the change has to come soon or we'll perish under a system of blasphemy,bias and utter injustice. The future belongs to those who have the will to either accept is as it is, or to change it forever. I guess for the time being, we don't have both. Hence, today or tomorrow, we need to change, because if we don't, we'll be the orators as well as the spectators at our own end.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Ek Tha Engineer

I don't think I even need to comment on the similarity between this post's title and the title of a big movie you all are awaiting. The title of that movie and the day to day conversations I have with my other fellow engineers, compelled me to write down something that is issued in our own interest. Something that represents our community, partially, if not wholly.Ek Tha Engineer may not be a mega budget Bollywood blockbuster, but its at least a true account of how an "Engineer" went from being "is" to "was".

I guess one community whose population has really exploded in the last decade or so, is the community of engineers. Be it a bus, be it a metro or be it a neighborhood, you are always in the company of an engineer or two. In fact a bunch of engineers, if you're successful in enticing them, can ensure you of a victory in an election, on their own. In fact "Main bhi engineer, tu bhi Engineer, ab to saare desh hai engineer" is a little more apt than the corresponding team Anna slogan, in a few cases.

As always, the more common it gets, the more dull it is. There was a time when an "Engineer" in front of your name was enough to earn you reverence,repute and respect. You were seen as someone who is not only capable but one who is also prosperous,unique and extremely fit for all walks of life. Just having an Er in front of your name was enough to get you a job or even a bride of your choice.But with time, and with the emergence of Engineering colleges and groups of institutions that expanded like binary fission, the scenario changed drastically. Nowadays, engineers are available in abundance. In fact the overall supply of engineers is all set to last more than that of any natural resource on the entire planet ! And with this upsurge, all the reverence, the enigma and the golden image of engineers got marred.

With engineers becoming a common species, success became hard to come by. No wonder the largest chunk of unemployed graduates comprises of engineers. You put an opening for an engineer and expect 10 guys to turn up, and you'll get 100. Engineers have become so common that reputed b-schools give you lesser preference if you're from an engineering background. Most of the engineers are struggling to get a job for experience, so that they build a good profile before post graduation. But a good job, on the other hand, requires you to have some experience. So in IT terminology, you're deadlocked. You'r gone, you're dragged in a non-ending sea of dilemma and dismay.You keep telling yourself of your worth by putting an Er in front of your name, but you yourself know the reality.

You're down and out but you refute to accept defeat. Your struggle for a better life never ends. Your battle for a better living often disappoints you more than anything else, but you still choose to continue fighting than to lay down your arms. What keeps that coming? I guess that's one feature or trait, shall I say, that gets imbibed in us during the four years of our engineering. We'll lose but we'll not go without putting up a fight. Howsoever big may be the curriculum of the semester exam, we'll complete it somehow in one day, so what if we had 10 to do that. That element of fight, that streak of victory and that self belief is the only fuel that we need.We exist because of those experience sharing sessions we have with other mates from our community. I guess when they say that the best way to cure sadness is to share it, works perfectly in this case.We survive,coexist and fight with the hope that one day, we'll relive the golden era of engineering and engineers. Those times when an Er in front of your name was worth a lot, when you were amongst the riches fellas, when those 4 years were like a one time investment in yourself. We can only speculate whether that era would be back or not but in the meantime, we can hope that it does.This post was dedicated to that golden era of engineering and to that Engineer who was once our inspiration and our motive. Ek Tha Engineer !

Monday, 13 August 2012

The Confessions Of A Stalker: Part II

After having publicly revealed all that I've been doing while stalking a target in part I of this post, I thought of sharing a few more instances when the target influenced my future course of action in more than one ways. I've already admitted that as I stalk, its not an obsession, but its something else that drives me to do stuff which I wouldn't otherwise do. In this case, even though I knew that I'm lacking the guts needed to call her, I decided to do an extensive mobile number look up using some rare tools that worked till a few days ago. I also mined the Internet for getting possible(publicly available, no hacking as I've already mentioned before) documents where I could find her number. I knew her institute so I mined out data of her institute's website to see if I can find something. Unfortunately, I found a different number than what I was looking for. I found her roll number !

I dunno why but I was disappointed. I did not lose hope and tried other search engines, which I knew would never scale upto Google. Be it Gigablast,Dogpile or be it any other search engine of your choice, all I got was irrelevant information. Then one day, I found an xls which had a reference to her email id that resided on an old age email service. I took some hints and I thought that an old email may have been used in a lot of places for account creation or for general sharing purposes.So now, this email id became my primary means of getting her contact number, which I was never going to use anyways.

I dug into the Internet using her email id as a means to obtain some viable information and not surprisingly, the approach failed. I dropped the idea of getting her contact number and thought that for the time being, chatting on Facebook would suffice.A few months later, I changed my contact number and as a custom that follows a change of contact number, I messaged my new contact number to almost every one in my Facebook friends list. It was only after 2 days that I realized that I also shared it with them who never had any contact number of mine. It was blatant in some sense but no one gave a damn. But to my surprise, this girl took a note of mine new contact number and apparently retained it as well. And guess what, on my Birthday, she sends me a happy b'day message at the very stroke of dawn !

I was surprised,astonished and filled with disbelief. I kept opening that message again and again. I replied with a mere "Thanks". What else could I've done? I was not in my senses, to be very honest. But now, I had her contact number. Hell Yeah! Kept messaging her afterwards. Actually I have an obsession for texting and everyday, I send a stupid and general(at times even forwarded) message to at least 20 pals. So she and I started to interact a little more. But now she has her own job which I suppose takes a lot of toll on her. She comes on Facebook once in a blue moon, and very seldom does she reply to my messages.

I've heard that her company literally takes a lot out of its employees and so apart from sending a message or two in a week, I refrain from sending more. It will disturb her and take out some good and very much needed leisure time from her life.But this wouldn't stay like that forever. Just like she surprised me on my B'day, I too am planning to do something similar. Calling her or messaging her would be so very repetitive. I guess the surprise should reach her residence. But I'm not that good a miner of data that I may get her address out of publicly available docs on the Internet. Asking her friends for a favor might be reasonable but what if they put up some sort of a rebellion.I'm still working on my plans and I'm damn sure that I'd get her address by using the Stalker methodology that has been so successful till now. As I ended the first post, so I'm going to say it again.As long as she does not marry, or I do not gather the courage needed to declare my love, its gonna go like this. Keep Stalking!

Monday, 6 August 2012

The Confessions Of A Stalker : Part I

If it was not for me deleting all my web browser history a few days back, a Ctrl + H would have given you a page that was full of links to "her" Facebook posts and pics. She's drop-dead gorgeous but that's not the only thing that makes me stalk her. In fact every seasoned stalker would tell you that its not only about beauty, its about a unique combination of several things that drives that urge in you to open your Facebook/MySpace/G+/Orkut or whatever social network it is, and then spend more time on the target's profile than on yours.Its a very interesting phenomenon. It cannot be attributed to just love or attraction, its something unexplainable. You open her profile, do nothing else except to browse through her pics and her posts and then close all the corresponding tabs. After awhile, you are back to it even after knowing that things haven't changed in the interim.

This is not limited to social networks, I must say. The power of Google and Bing adds a lot more to it than what it would have been in the conventional era of stalking. The incredible features that produce a refinement in the search and give you accurate and relevant results help you to be aware of a lot of whereabouts of the target. In my case, The stalking has been going on for the last 2 years nearly and I've gathered a lot of information about the target. Ironically, the target is a real-life as well as a Facebook friend of mine, a childhood crush, I must admit. however, the target is not very active on Facebook so I have to resort to other means. I used Google's magical powers and even without her telling me, I know which games she is a wiz at, which company she works for, what is her designation, what were her percentages. I have to mention here than I'm not a hacker and none of this info was hidden behind a gateway or a server. Its all out in the form of pdfs,excel sheets and docs that are publicly released by the various places she was at. In fact at times I feel awkward when google tells me "You've visited this page 20 times", but it was totally worth it.

I use this knowledge to amaze her and to let her know how much time I spend on her. Ours has transformed from a pure stalking relationship to a combination of stalking and friendship. I still stalk because, I, like every other stalker, am afraid to tell her and it won't be a surprise if I attend her wedding as a guest rather than as a groom.But whatever it may be, this stalking gives me a sense of soothe and profundity that is unmatched. As long as she doesn't marry, or I don't gather the courage to tell her, its gonna stay like this.Keep Stalking !

Rajnikant a.k.a God

Its not for no reason that Rajnikant is considered to be as powerful as, if not more powerful than, god in some sects and areas. Rajnikant, who apparently is the real reason behind the origin of universe and everything, can neither be created nor destroyed. Rajnikant can only change forms from one to another and he does it at such a tremendous pace, that he is virtually everywhere. His enigma results from this particular phenomenon and all the unusual things that are observed in his presence(or even in his absence, for that matter), can be attributed to the same. Stephen Hawking may never like it but some scientists have apprehended by a keen observation and analysis of some superficial yet enthralling events and some cosmic events as well, that Rajnikant can even travel faster than light.Although finding a real life proof of his prowess can be a very tedious task due to his enormous dynamics, but a look at his Facebook wall clarifies and bears a testimony of him being a superhuman. Rajnikant, who is somewhat shy and never likes to get his real identity come out in the open, keeps his life private, but he forgot to change the status of his Facebook posts from "public" to "private". Damn! Facebook. But its certainly a good thing for us. So come with us as we peep into his social life and get a glimpse of what Rajnikant is all about.

A Snapshot of Rajnikant's Facebook Wall

Link to his complete wall 

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Shaadi Ka Laddoo

I'm just 22, and most of my relatives and family friends have already started chasing me with their links and contacts of families with eligible girls, and have started to show much more interest in me than they ever did ! Why ? The answer is rooted in our culture,our traditions and our values. In India, marriage is not just a unison of two hearts, its seen as a unison of two families. These relatives and family friends want to get me married because the mere proposition of me marrying a girl proposed by them is enough to entice them. If I were to marry such a a girl, they would stand tall somewhere in the Shamiana of my marriage and tell some other guy proudly- "Meri batayi hui ladki se shaadi ho rahi hai". In fact this would be an achievement which they may even add to their CV, if they are allowed to do that. And not surprisingly, even others would view this as a deed as good as it can get. However, If I were to find a girl for myself, I would always be deprived of this credit.

An arranged marriage in India is seen as a much more safer and a much more sensible "Deal" than a love marriage.It is believed that in an arranged marriage, both parties are at the safer side with the credibility, shall I say, of both parties being duly verified before the marriage actually takes place. Whereas in a love marriage, it is a common assumption that there is a lot of risk involved and the bond is considered to be immature, even if they boy and the girl knew each other for the last 5 years ! I guess that this view sees a marriage as a partnership rather than as a conglomeration.But then there is another point that we need to note- quite often than not, arranged marriages tend to last longer than love marriages.

One may reason that its primarily because of an obligation. Yes, when you are in an arranged marriage, both parties have verified the identity of each other and once they approve of striking the final deal, they are obliged to each other, and to every other person who attended the marriage and who bears the testimony to the marriage. With a conflict rising afterwards, either the boy or the girl would compromise because the interests involved were more than their own.This is certainly a good thing for their children, if they have any, but not a very good choice for themselves. In a love marriage, on the other hand, the girl and boy would try to convince each other, and in case they fail, the marriage is over before I put this full stop.

Another problems with love marriages is that the pair eventually distances itself from most of their families, primarily because of an implicit hesitation that imbibes in them by virtue of their's being a love marriage, and party because of them been seen as runaways by most of their relatives.So this leaves both of them alone, for most of the time. Yes, they have friends, ton of them in fact, but they are not very much in touch with their relatives. In a nation like India, where the society of man is mainly comprised of relatives, this can have very vague consequences.

But love marriage is the eternal bond of two souls, has got much more juice and passion involved than an arranged marriage and is an agreement to which the two parties that matter the most - the bride and the groom of course, agree duly. An arranged marriage is a very strange concept in this regard. I mean throughout your lives, you're asked not to talk to strangers and one day, suddenly, you find yourself sharing your bed with one. No offense here, but the idea intrigues me, nonetheless.

So, in a nutshell, an arranged marriage gives you the benefits of future security, as two families are with you to take you out of any trouble, and arranged marriages also tend to last long. Moreover, most of your families are happy and content at the end. In love marriages on the other hand,  the bride and the groom are the happiest people, as it ought to be.Both have their pros and cons and disavowing any of them won't do any justice. So, what's the best deal ?

The best deal is to follow the latest trend. Parents, nowadays, ask their children at least once before setting their marriage,as to if they are in love with anyone. Tell them "yes, I am". Tell this at your own risk and take some extra precautions if they suffer from any cardiovascular disease. Now that they know it, it leaves us with the convincing job. I have to say its very difficult to convince your own families into believing that the girl or the boy you're in love with, is very good. This has to be done in a crisscross manner. the girl gets to convince the boy's family and the boy gets to convince the girl's family.  Once the secret is out in the open, take guard and interact more and more with each other's families until you convince them, which you would do if you're actually in love. The power of true love should logically break all barriers and once the families are convinced on the goodness of the other guy or gal, they shouldn't be having many problems in nodding to it. Another thing you ought to do is to arrange more and more interactions between the two families. How you're gonna do it ? I don't know. You're on your own kid ! Can't you put in even a little effort to transform your raw relationship into a solid one ?

The aforementioned suggestion may raise quite a lot of eyebrows but I couldn't find a better way. Love v/s Arranged marriage is indeed a debate that can go on and on for decades and I bet you must have found yourself involved in one, at least. In fact we have an upcoming Television soap based entirely on this theme . Here's the link to their Facebook fan page -

Yes, it will be tough, but its a question of your life so you better be up to the task. By the way, if you're a forever alone kind of guy, like me, you just have to rely on your parents to find you a girl. But that, I suppose, would be a very boring thing by mine and your standards. So, I've started to watch movies, lots and lots of them, and I'm learning methods to impress that girl whom I'm having my heart on for the last 8 years. Irrespective of whether I succeed in this one-sided love or not, I won't say "no" before giving it a try.

The Real Life Commando

Quite often we come across cases where a reel life story or event manifests in real life and leaves us wondering. Here is another story where a reel life story transformed into a real life story with a few minute changes. I bet most of you must have watched Commando, The Arnie starer that was released in 85'. That perhaps was the first movie that symbolized the role of a protector. With her father being an ex-commando, the girl didn't face much problems in getting a release from the wrath of those who abducted her. Arnie fought with every force and blew the enemy into bits and pieces. What an awesome movies it was and at the end of it, all crowds were left asking for more. But guess what, we have been seeing a similar kind of story, though with a lesser magnitude and intensity, since 2004. Even in this case, there is a protector who strives to ensure that the person in their custody remains safe and sound, and ensures that any enemy that comes in the way repents that action for the rest of their lives.Still guessing whom they could be. Now I won't utter  another word and leave you with a modified poster to figure it out for yourselves.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

What exactly is the God particle ?

A few days ago, I posted something on who is god but CERN's revelations and their achievements on finding the source of everything - the origin of the universe, has compelled me to commend them and present a proof to assist an argument in favor of their prowess. CERN went out to find if Higgs Boson, which apparently is the first particle produced in the universe and the reason why we all are here, actually exists. And now they claim that they have found it. In one way or the other, this is a proposition that says that there were no magical powers of god that did the trick but it was science that resulted in us and in the universe.

However, the only question to be asked was if CERN had actually found it.They did not reveal the particle or any other specs about it that could put suspicions on the credibility of the project run away, and this raised doubts in the minds of even the most hardened supporters of science.Apparently, CERN did find the particle and there were no questions about the truth of this fact, but something anomalous prevented them from making the complete finding public.CERN were very active on Facebook and were posting every development regarding the coveted god particle until something unexpected happened. We've luckily grabbed a copy of their then Facebook wall. Here is a small section of the wall and the complete wall can be found at the link below.We have to say that the last post on their wall is very very astonishing !

Link To complete Wall -

How much can a man take ?

I'm blogging after days but I have enough to say. I started this project by virtue of my being a disappointed ,bewildered and an abetted soul. With time, I've realized that my situation has got much more to it than this. Although I've no full time readers yet I ought to share it with someone and while writing this blog, I share it with my sub-conscience, which may either approve of it or disavow it.Mine is a case of a man who dreams of things and who himself knows that he doesn't have enough firepower to realize them. Its not that I won't try but I guess my dreams are backed by the success of those who preceded me and inspired me and I guess the conditions that were amply ripe at their times have been clobbered by the cynics of a bureaucracy that has literally conquered every other structure.Yes, we've got too many participants be it anything but a guy with mettle should have no problems with it. The problem is with those who have their so called references and jacks.

Today, one asks the question that why are there so many intelligence failures in India or why are there so many infrastructure collapses or why are there so many foolish tactical steps that are taken by some of the top notch organizations. Well, what else would you expect from a nation that distributes opportunities on the basis of your caste than on the basis of your merit or your financial condition.But that is just one thing to it. The other thing is rooted in our beliefs that a guy with more experience ought to be better. Yes, experience is better but only when you need it. Fitting an experienced guy everywhere would help you sustain but would never let you grow.But why am I telling all this when I myself am the only one to hear.

Anyways, getting back to the point.Its basically about the limits of a man, his perseverance, his will to try unorthodox things even after knowing that a blemished hierarchy won't accept his beliefs, his efforts that he knows are going to go unnoticed.In fact ours is a nation where even after winning, you can be termed a loser. "Haar Ke Jeetne wale ko baaizagar kehte hain" may be less applicable than "Jeet Ke haarne wale ko common man kehte hain". So the question is how much can this common man take ? How much can he take after being deprived of half of his opportunities immediately after birth just because he was born as a general category guy ? How much can a man take after being humiliated for dreaming very high ? How much can a man take for being answerable to every mistake that he commits, no matter how small it may be ? How much can a man take who has to apologize even when he was not the culprit ? How much can a man take when his career has become more important than his life ? How much can a man take when he has already taken all this. How much can a man take when he has already been disavowed?