Thursday, 23 August 2012

Formals,Bluetooth,Combing,Deo and Then ?

So today, after following this daily schedule while getting ready for the office, I wondered why I'm supposed to do all this when the next step after doing all this is the worst thing that a man of my era shall expect - travelling in 4 shared basis autos for 90 minutes ! Another question is why I do it when I have the DTC buses, the Delhi Metro and also an option of buying my own vehicle ? The answers in the same order are - extremely low frequency of these buses,Delhi Metro on any day would be at least twice as crowded, if not more than, the sharing basis autos and last but not the least, even I were to have a vehicle, I'd prefer being stuck in a traffic jam in an auto than in a car. Seriously man, where are we heading ? People flow on the roads as if they were water, vehicles crawl on roads as if they were distributed for free, you spend hours in traffic jams as if hours in your life never belonged to you. I guess our best cities have already reached their saturation points and if this were to continue at the same pace, one day, you'd spend more time on the roads than in the office. What else to expect when a city planned for 10 lac people is allowed to inhabit 10 million. We have to blame the govts for not planning stuff properly but to what extent can the govt do anything about it ? How many coaches can they add to the Metro, and how many more buses can they run when that is also going to add to the never ending woes of long traffic jams.

The point here is that even after knowing that the situation is literally slipping out of our hands, we continue to bear with it as if we were legally supposed to do so. Expecting the governments to do something for you would be an utterly foolish proposition but our so-called business minds who are credited for bringing India from shackles and making it the fastest growing economy are certainly not doing their part. We're very good at copying the US and Europe when it comes to portions of work culture that increase productivity and performance but when it comes to adopting those portions that shall lead to a more enjoyable living for the employees, I guess the spark fails to kindle these top notch planners.We'd copy their companies in performance tracking, following hierarchies but when it comes to letting employees work from home and having different shifts to reduce traffic on roads,we go deaf. We are okay with the employer working below potential because of him/her losing half of the energy in reaching the office but we are not okay with letting this person work at his/her own convenience and finishing a tough job in minutes. Why ? Perhaps because just like every other case,we're both afraid of change as well as reluctant to bring it. They say changes are needed for long term sustenance but whey would we bother about long term results when our end is almost near.

You obviously cannot kill a sect of people everyday to keep traffic in check but you can certainly plan for more slots at your office and distribute workforce equally among these slots. You can also allow a portion of work to be done from home and you can do tonnes of other similar stuff. We cannot bring our miseries to a level zero but reducing them would still be a good thing, nonetheless. Even this approach shall fall down into pieces if the employees were not cooperative enough. Just like the top managements fear change, so do the employees. The very idea of working in a different shift from the normal shift may haunt a lot of them. But the point we miss is that, it will do a lot of good to our own selves. We may have to get up a little early or a little late but we'll certainly save those precious 3-4 hours we spend in jams. People who visit Singapore,Kuala Lampur,London,Munich or even New York for that matter are amazed by the way these cities never sleep and how everything stays open 24*7. That's how things are kept in check. Gone are the days when just like every human being, the city too had a day and a night. Nowadays, the cities ought to forget this demarcation.

Even though this scheme may not be able to pull things for every long but at least it will give us some respite from  our woeful lives.If a man were to spend one large chunk of his life in just going to and getting back from the office, then maybe he'll never make the most of the most amazing gift he ever got - his life !

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