Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Paranormal Activity II

After the unanticipated number of comments and suggestions that I received on the first post of this series, I'm back with some more stuff to intrigue you. But this time though, it was not me who experienced the domain of the paranormal, it was a tonne of passers on the Delhi Cantt. road. Since we don't have a concrete proof of it, we won't add the adjective "haunted" in front of this coveted road's name. However, we'll see why a lot of people consider this to be an apt adjective for it.

The Delhi Cantt. Road is perhaps one of the most sought after roads during the day but during the night, it gets only a few occasional passers. There is something strange about the road and this can be accounted to by the statements of the people who've felt or faced this strangeness. The account that follows in no way asserts my own opinion but is a direct transformation of what people believe to be the truth.

They say that if you pass by this road during the night, there is a woman in white sari whom you would sight. This woman looks very much like the woman who haunts you in movies but this time, she first asks you for a lift. If you are in a group, there are less chances of you being victimized but if you are all alone, you may very well be her prey for the night. She would try and stop your vehicle to ask you for a lift but as you try and run away from her, which any sensible man on the planet would do, she does her rebuttal. Witnesses say that if you deny her a lift, she starts running beside your vehicle and no matter what speed you're driving at, she stays with you for as long as you get out of her reach. At times you may even overrun her and won't even feel that your vehicle overran something.

Hard to believe but a lot of people's accounts are a testimony to this. Some say that perhaps this woman was an ordinary jaywalker when she was alive. This proposition could be attributed for hers asking every passing vehicle for a lift, which is what most jaywalkers on such isolated roads would do.There are scientific reasons behind such sightings which underline the weaknesses of human vision and the fact that an intersection of multiple light beams can easily make us mistake a light beam amalgamation for a person in white. But the real question is ,can this amalgamation run beside your vehicle ?

Some also believe that this is the vision problem coupled with our conscience which is always wary of the prospect of being alone on such a road. Whether this is the truth or not, depends upon what you see after you first visit the road all alone during a night. But to assist this post, I ought to provide some material that may act as an appropriate source of info for those who may be interested. Don't forget to pop in your comments. 


  1. Interesting story. When alone, a lot of people fear to pass through lonely roads due to these kind of stories.

    1. yep, mate.. This one is just one such road out of the umpteen such roads present in our nation..