Monday, 6 August 2012

The Confessions Of A Stalker : Part I

If it was not for me deleting all my web browser history a few days back, a Ctrl + H would have given you a page that was full of links to "her" Facebook posts and pics. She's drop-dead gorgeous but that's not the only thing that makes me stalk her. In fact every seasoned stalker would tell you that its not only about beauty, its about a unique combination of several things that drives that urge in you to open your Facebook/MySpace/G+/Orkut or whatever social network it is, and then spend more time on the target's profile than on yours.Its a very interesting phenomenon. It cannot be attributed to just love or attraction, its something unexplainable. You open her profile, do nothing else except to browse through her pics and her posts and then close all the corresponding tabs. After awhile, you are back to it even after knowing that things haven't changed in the interim.

This is not limited to social networks, I must say. The power of Google and Bing adds a lot more to it than what it would have been in the conventional era of stalking. The incredible features that produce a refinement in the search and give you accurate and relevant results help you to be aware of a lot of whereabouts of the target. In my case, The stalking has been going on for the last 2 years nearly and I've gathered a lot of information about the target. Ironically, the target is a real-life as well as a Facebook friend of mine, a childhood crush, I must admit. however, the target is not very active on Facebook so I have to resort to other means. I used Google's magical powers and even without her telling me, I know which games she is a wiz at, which company she works for, what is her designation, what were her percentages. I have to mention here than I'm not a hacker and none of this info was hidden behind a gateway or a server. Its all out in the form of pdfs,excel sheets and docs that are publicly released by the various places she was at. In fact at times I feel awkward when google tells me "You've visited this page 20 times", but it was totally worth it.

I use this knowledge to amaze her and to let her know how much time I spend on her. Ours has transformed from a pure stalking relationship to a combination of stalking and friendship. I still stalk because, I, like every other stalker, am afraid to tell her and it won't be a surprise if I attend her wedding as a guest rather than as a groom.But whatever it may be, this stalking gives me a sense of soothe and profundity that is unmatched. As long as she doesn't marry, or I don't gather the courage to tell her, its gonna stay like this.Keep Stalking !

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