Monday, 13 August 2012

The Confessions Of A Stalker: Part II

After having publicly revealed all that I've been doing while stalking a target in part I of this post, I thought of sharing a few more instances when the target influenced my future course of action in more than one ways. I've already admitted that as I stalk, its not an obsession, but its something else that drives me to do stuff which I wouldn't otherwise do. In this case, even though I knew that I'm lacking the guts needed to call her, I decided to do an extensive mobile number look up using some rare tools that worked till a few days ago. I also mined the Internet for getting possible(publicly available, no hacking as I've already mentioned before) documents where I could find her number. I knew her institute so I mined out data of her institute's website to see if I can find something. Unfortunately, I found a different number than what I was looking for. I found her roll number !

I dunno why but I was disappointed. I did not lose hope and tried other search engines, which I knew would never scale upto Google. Be it Gigablast,Dogpile or be it any other search engine of your choice, all I got was irrelevant information. Then one day, I found an xls which had a reference to her email id that resided on an old age email service. I took some hints and I thought that an old email may have been used in a lot of places for account creation or for general sharing purposes.So now, this email id became my primary means of getting her contact number, which I was never going to use anyways.

I dug into the Internet using her email id as a means to obtain some viable information and not surprisingly, the approach failed. I dropped the idea of getting her contact number and thought that for the time being, chatting on Facebook would suffice.A few months later, I changed my contact number and as a custom that follows a change of contact number, I messaged my new contact number to almost every one in my Facebook friends list. It was only after 2 days that I realized that I also shared it with them who never had any contact number of mine. It was blatant in some sense but no one gave a damn. But to my surprise, this girl took a note of mine new contact number and apparently retained it as well. And guess what, on my Birthday, she sends me a happy b'day message at the very stroke of dawn !

I was surprised,astonished and filled with disbelief. I kept opening that message again and again. I replied with a mere "Thanks". What else could I've done? I was not in my senses, to be very honest. But now, I had her contact number. Hell Yeah! Kept messaging her afterwards. Actually I have an obsession for texting and everyday, I send a stupid and general(at times even forwarded) message to at least 20 pals. So she and I started to interact a little more. But now she has her own job which I suppose takes a lot of toll on her. She comes on Facebook once in a blue moon, and very seldom does she reply to my messages.

I've heard that her company literally takes a lot out of its employees and so apart from sending a message or two in a week, I refrain from sending more. It will disturb her and take out some good and very much needed leisure time from her life.But this wouldn't stay like that forever. Just like she surprised me on my B'day, I too am planning to do something similar. Calling her or messaging her would be so very repetitive. I guess the surprise should reach her residence. But I'm not that good a miner of data that I may get her address out of publicly available docs on the Internet. Asking her friends for a favor might be reasonable but what if they put up some sort of a rebellion.I'm still working on my plans and I'm damn sure that I'd get her address by using the Stalker methodology that has been so successful till now. As I ended the first post, so I'm going to say it again.As long as she does not marry, or I do not gather the courage needed to declare my love, its gonna go like this. Keep Stalking!

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