Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Real Life Commando

Quite often we come across cases where a reel life story or event manifests in real life and leaves us wondering. Here is another story where a reel life story transformed into a real life story with a few minute changes. I bet most of you must have watched Commando, The Arnie starer that was released in 85'. That perhaps was the first movie that symbolized the role of a protector. With her father being an ex-commando, the girl didn't face much problems in getting a release from the wrath of those who abducted her. Arnie fought with every force and blew the enemy into bits and pieces. What an awesome movies it was and at the end of it, all crowds were left asking for more. But guess what, we have been seeing a similar kind of story, though with a lesser magnitude and intensity, since 2004. Even in this case, there is a protector who strives to ensure that the person in their custody remains safe and sound, and ensures that any enemy that comes in the way repents that action for the rest of their lives.Still guessing whom they could be. Now I won't utter  another word and leave you with a modified poster to figure it out for yourselves.

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