Tuesday, 2 October 2012


In our schools, we were taught that if we ought to get any inspiration from someone, we ought to get it from him. He indeed was a man who was full of valor,courage,pride and an instrumental sense of making things dance to his tunes. But like every other legend whom we've heard of, this man too had his share of misdeeds and misfortunes. For whatever he did, the nation indeed feels indebted to him.However, whatever he did also acts as an overshadowing force on the achievements of others who,though were equally responsible for getting us free, but yet could never make it into the limelight.

He was indeed a man worth drawing inspiration from. A man who considered the germane to be the only thing that he should be  concerned about. His focus and his attempts were coupled with a vision that was never wry. His perseverance was unshakable and his execution was immaculate. He was a legendary matter and had every right to be praised and extolled. But do we ever actually remembered him for what he was instead of remembering him for what they made him. Our image of Gandhi has indeed been distorted by virtues or vices whose credibility was never questioned. Either we are cognoscenti or we are too credulous to make any protest.Whatever it may be, our "Gandhi" is obviously not the "Gandhi" who once existed.

I just wrote this post impromptu as I felt an eeriness inside me to let my words come out. To end the post on a light note, here's a little display of some imagination at work. If Gandhi had a facebook account, what his wall would look like. Just another way of remembering the man on his b'day. And not to forget, A very very happy B'day to Lal Bahadur Shastri too. Perhaps the most honest and the most straightforward leader we ever had. #Respect..