Saturday, 29 December 2012

"Change We Need !" but "Yes We Can !" ?

I live in a state that is presently ruled by a woman and is being ruled by that woman for about 15 years now, I live in a nation where a woman is declared to be the most powerful personality according to Forbes, I live in a nation where a woman reigns as the Speaker of the Lok Sabha, I live in a nation where woman ceos are heading 10+ top notch companies, I live in a nation where a lot of other states are ruled by women, I live in a nation where certain woman were seen upon as goddesses, I live in a nation where 2/6 medals in the Olympics were won by women, I live in a nation where a few women outclassed quite a lot of men in the country's freedom struggle and yet, I live in a nation where women are the ones whom most punishment is inflicted upon, women are the one who are ostracized in various cases, where women die with overt injustice and yet they receive no more than a handful of screeches..Something is wrong, terribly wrong. A simple,elaborate yet futile law with months of trail, years of court sessions, and decades of death sentence postponement by a plethora of Presidents should not do anymore. Things need to change now. Feel sad for the odious demise of that girl who dearly wanted to live.Just wondering what our 1st gen politicos would be thinking today.The govt imposes a 144, shuts down metro stations and demands people to make peace.Wow, that's why I chose to live in a democracy.

After refraining myself from blogging due to a hectic schedule, this morning after hearing about the girl's procrastinated demise, I couldn't hold no barriers anymore. I'm angry and I know what helps me in venting out my anger. I know this won't help but I'm sure someday I'll do something that will help. This post though is not just about this girl or this gangrape or all gangrapes for that matter. This post is about what's now become an inherent part of our lives. Our crippling courage to fight, our ceasing will to change what's wrong, our imbibed virtues and values that struggle to find any validity in the way we live. In fact the very protest going on is not just about this case in particular, its about the unrest that has been lying dormant for years now.

Every single time an incident like this comes up, we protest on roads, demanding justice for the victim. Eventually the bullies are found, a trail is run, a life imprisonment or a death sentence is inflicted upon them as the punishment. We believe that our job is done. We pat our backs for having helped the leveraged, for bringing the situation out of plight. We simply turn to other subjects now, which ostensibly and palpably are of more importance. We forget, however, that what happens behind the bars holds a very different picture than what's expected by us. The death sentence, even if the Supreme Court holds its validity, loses its vengeance in the delay caused by the arrival of the President's decision regarding the mercy petition filed against the case.The life imprisonment on the other hand turns into a ploy for a better future life as the man subjected to these apparent adversaries, which I never believe existed, as and when he comes out of the jail, joins politics and becomes an MP or an MLA.

Our laws, that supposedly put prevention of injustice to an innocent over the surety of providing justice to a victim, sits in filth with practitioners manipulating its vagaries and putting them to good use. An excessively complicated law that was copied from the laws of other nations was bound to suffer. Even though its extensive and covers most of the aspects, it has luxuriant loopholes that leave a tremendous scope of it not meeting its fate.

Our lawmakers and our top notch policemen on the other hand, are more interested in securing their future positions by not willing to abrogate the consensus of the pinnacle of powerholders who will never dare to take any bold steps. Our media, always enticed by the prospect of covering a topic of public sentiment, is busy in covering every aspect, irrespective of how irrelevant it may be but keeps itself away from covering what ought to be covered. It may be either because of some vested interests or at the behest of a more powerful authority. But whatever they may be, they seem to appear licentious for such pieces of news to appear.

What to expect from the people in the midst of this chaos ? Should we peacefully protest and wait for the police to throw expired tear shells on us. Or should we boycott voting and wait for our remaining fool brethren to vote for their party after being lured with some reservation policy or some free handset or homes. Whatever it may be, this would not suffice. What to do then ? A few days back, I was wondering what maybe the reason behind the Arab spring. They were mainly prosperous nations whose GDPs had touched skies courtesy of their oil reserves. But yet there was some teething amongst their souls that made them feel that something is wrong. When they realized that the growth they see is merely limited to their national figures and almost none of that reaches their lives, they sprang in action. But they did not succumb to the fallacies of a false rule, of a tyranny. The took control and threw out the tyrants in the blink of an eye. The very fact that their rulers had openly lead their defiance to democratic rule obviates the fact that the response had to be more large. But I sense that given the amount of delays that following the law and venerating the pillars of democracy induces, people will not be able to hold the barriers for very long.

A man, when he knows there is no other way but to fight, can be a very deadly prospect. As it turns out, the mere laws of physics and biology don't hold true anymore. The man, sensing his end to be near anyway, does what he does best - fight ! It's time when our bureaucrats realize that holding us back is not what's going to restrain us in the future. What's gonna help their case through, is acting the way they should. They're ready to sacrifice their governance for bringing an FDI or for getting a reservation bill passed but in cases like these, they put their chauvinism beyond their duty. They should give me one good reason why public should let them live. We're the ones who hold the keys to their fortunes and its just that we haven't reached the threshold when our prominent instincts takeover and make us realize that we are a free being. They should no longer commit the mistake of challenging a billion souls for their patience. The day the dam of seclusion breaks up, they will face their biggest predicament till date. We are on the brink of a revolution. There's no fate but what we make.