Thursday, 25 April 2013


Music is that eternal force that extends beyond the bounds of logic, and beyond the realm of the usual. Never in my life have I met a person who doesn't like music at all. Irrespective of who you are and what you do, you always have that willingness to listen to some tracks, that craving for that genre. That's perhaps the magic which this element of our existence is capable of producing. Going by mythology, it's said that the first sounds in the entire universe were the ones that came from Shiva's Damroo, that the Ragas when sung by the erudite veterans were capable of producing rainfalls, and even till date, the Sufis are capable of producing that mellifluous eternal bliss which makes the listeners feel a step closer to perpetuity. Such is the power of music, such is the strength in its quiver. So as I write this, I tried to contemplate how much an impact music has brought to my life, and I ended up with stuff that can fill tomes.

Even though my parents and my elder brother always recalled the incident of me shaking my body on Chitrahaar songs when I was a mere year old, the first time I realized the mighty prowess of music was when I noticed some of the most pedagogical teachers from my 3rd standard tapping their feet as a group of 5th standard students performed on They don't really care about us by Michael Jackson. The dance was of course woefully bad, but the heavy beats coming out of the speakers brought even the most improbable of candidates into action. And even though I was listening to this song for the first time in 98', even I couldn't refrain from doing a move or two. Since then, I developed this habit of listening to songs of this genre. The beats, the dynamo, the freshness soothed my ears more than anything else. There was a time when my family members got fed up because every single time I got the remote, I would switch to mtv. And then slowly and slowly, it became an inveterate habit. I started liking songs from all genres and beats was all that I looked for.

Then came my standard 11 and standard 12 where I took medicine and engineering even after knowing that I'm gonna mess things up big time. There was school, there was coaching, there were weekly tests in the line up to the coveted medical and engineering entrances and amidst all this, I was supposed to study 7-8 hours a day. I, for me being a very indolent and sedentary kind of a guy, wasn't very apposite for this torture. Initially I managed to steer my way trying to divert my attention from all other things and made an honest attempt on studying. But some sound from the outside or some random thought would always break the flow. And then I tried it. I closed my room, and played a cd containing some pure theme songs on the player and attempted to study again. And for the first time in my life, I was able to study in continuity for more than an hour. That was a breakthrough.Music indeed can act as a sole barrier between you and the outside world.

A few years later, my passion for music and the hardwired desire in my brain to have more of it, rescued me yet again. I had gained a lot of weight and it was high time that I adopted some form of exercise. Went to the gym and all that I could savor that day was agony and abrogation for the routine I was asked to follow. I didn't go there again. Tried jogging, but left it due to lack of interest. People mocked at me that even for my fitness, I needed something which would amuse me. They said such a thing won't exist. But destiny wanted it to be otherwise. I cleaned up my bicycle which was untouched for about 3-4 years. I got it setup again and tried some cycling the next morning. It didn't work out. One, the neurotic impulses weren't helping and two, it was so trite. Next day,I tried to accompany my music player in the entourage. And although I was expecting it to be ineffectual, it worked. I was so much drowned in the atmosphere created by those captivating rhythms and beats that I kept cycling even though my limbs were paining. I cycled for about 30 minutes, a record by my standards. And since that day, I've been cycling for an hour or so in every 3-4 days.If it wasn't for the music, those plethora of scenic attractions and that motivating cohort of some gorgeous girls jogging at the same time, wouldn't have by alone sufficed to keep me tied to this regime. At times when I put in fresh collections of music on my music player, I cycle for about 20-30 minutes extra and I still feel that I want more. Such is the magic of this force.

My love for blogging was enough to bring me to an indiblogger meet but it was more about my love for music that brought me to the HP Connected Music Indiblogger meet. I went there and what ensued was exactly what I envisaged.The meet took place in the most luscious of places I visited, of late.The Hilton Garden Inn at Gurgaon. There was fanaticism, there was activity, there were bloggers, there was some awesome food for gourmands like me, and most importantly, there was music. The meet was centered around HP's groundbreaking app which would allow users to stay connected with their music all the time. The app had an exorbitant collection of songs courtesy of it working in partnership with and Universal Music, but it also had the most lucid and yet the most effective of user interfaces one is likely to witness. The demonstration of the app was coupled with the personnel from HP playing some of the crowd's favorite songs. The moment they played classics like Linkin Park and Sonu Nigam, the crowd jolted into action. We just couldn't stay on our feet, could we ? Not to forget, the very first song to be played right at the commencement of the event was one which no one can ever deny listening to - We Will Rock You. And although the beats and guitar were played in the background, it was Indiblogger's next door caveman who sung the revered lines for us.It was a spectacle to watch. Every one sung in sync.Prateek was rocking, as always.

As the events of the meet unfolded, we were more and more engrossed. There were blogger introductions where bloggers were asked to do some spooky musical thing after completing their intros. Some were asked to rock their heads, some were asked to pop up their famous dialogs. All in all, it was a good way to celebrate the spirit of that meet. Then there were other competitions where some bloggers won hp freebies for having the capability of remembering details of 10 new bloggers they met at the event and some bloggers won freebies for wearing a particular attire. HP goodies were distributed as if there was no tomorrow. Throughout the event, the Indiblogger twitter Indistream was flooded with tweets. Most of these were directed towards the happenings of the event and a substantial chunk was targeted towards the #HPConnectedMusic tweet competition where all the bloggers were asked to tweet their favorite songs. And would you believe it, two bloggers won 2 brand new hp laptops because their favorite songs coincided with some songs that were stored in a surreptitious place. They were ecstatic and the place got berserk. Everyone seemed to be congratulating the two lucky ones and every other blogger marveled at the exhilarating show which hp had put up with Indiblogger and Hilton. We concluded with distribution of more freebies(headphones of all kinds) and the usual Indiblogger tees. Then it was the time for picture sessions so as to ensure we had a reminiscent of the awesome time we all had at the meet. As it seemed, we were so many that no camera in the world was capable of capturing all our emotions in a single shot.But as a glutton, I've gotta admit that the food was too good to eat in healthy quantities.

As it turns out, music will continue to enlighten my life like it has always done. Whenever I've got a little bit of a mess to solve, I resort to music, consort to its beats to get me out of the heap. And like it has always been, music remains my best source of entertainment. Every single time we have a new metal or rock track doing rounds of the world,I get enthralled by it and make no delay in subscribing to its efficacy.Once I disbelieved that fallacy of me dancing to the beats as a one year old, but today when I see my 15  months old nephew doing the same, I succumb to that realization. Perhaps music is the only force that unifies us. For songs like Kolaveri Di and Oppa Ganagnam Style which had a native language but had the most scintillating of music,it was initially a surprise for everyone around the world how their popularity skyrocketed. Have seen the two songs being played in punjabi,gujrati and all sorts of weddings. Have seen unaware people initially mocking the dj for playing them and then thumping on their beats. Music, as it turns out, doesn't need a particular language to promulgate its purpose, the purpose is embellished in the music itself. I don't have a particular genre that I would love or a genre that I would despise, it's just the love of music which makes me submit to any and every song that gets my senses alive, any and every song that gets me ticking. Music has a life of its own and maybe this app by hp will help us in getting closer to our music.

This post is my entry to Indiblogger's HP Connected Music Experience supported by HP Connected Music .

Saturday, 20 April 2013

A future full of energy, A future full of light

A few months back I got a rare chance to visit my native town near Patna in Bihar. Courtesy of this being a visit that was made after a whopping gap of 9 years, I couldn't help but feel flummoxed at all that caught my eye. There were certain stereotypes and certain predispositions which I had associated with my native place. These developed partially due to the reminiscents from the last visit and partly due to media reports that always promulgated the plight of the state. However, just as the media seems to be changing its stand and prejudices towards the state, so has the state transformed in what was unimaginable at one point of time.

The state has progressed and the progress has been exorbitant. What was once a small town that seemed so very secluded, has now become a hub of commercial activity.There are roads and highways that seem to be extending till eternity, connecting even the most remotest of places. And then there is a newly found prosperity which flourished as the natives of the place got a chance to capitalize on their talents and their expertise. What was once a place where people resided mainly in slums has now become a place with a pleasant visage of the newly built houses and the associated public infrastructure to supplement the development. So much for the progress but yet there is something which will take at least another decade to resolve - the Electricity Crisis !

When I roamed around the streets of the town during the day, bemused by the changes I noticed, I was really delighted to know that progress and true progress has actually touched this state. But as the clock struck 7 in the evening, darkness seemed to amass the whole area into its cloak. Not even a single source of light was there to be seen till people took out their torches, emergency lights and the evergreen candles. I waited for the power to come back. Having stayed in different metros, I knew power cuts are an inevitability but power almost always came back in a maximum span of an hour or two. But this time, the scene was different. The power came back only at 3 PM, the next day. And as if to add further woes to the tribulation, the voltage supplied was incapable of running almost any appliance - even an incandescent bulb ! It was the summers and I was almost soaked in sweat. I inquired a few  of my relatives about what happens when someone actually needs power in a town like this. They understood my predicament and told that even their need of power was desperate but asked me to stay patient till their time comes. I was rather bewildered. I was wondering if there was a pattern about the power cuts and perhaps this locality would get its chunk of workable power, sooner or latter.

In the evening, even the voltage that we got, was gone. I was angry. But then was the time for "our time" to come. There was a small cart attached to a mini truck and a humongous generator was being unloaded from it. In a matter of minutes, the original lines of power in our house were conjoined to the generator's output and every single appliance in the house commenced operation. I was somewhat perplexed and asked one of my cousins that what was the need of bringing a 20 KVA generator for a mere power cut. He replied that there are no mere power cuts and told me that every single time power went, it came back properly after 2-3 days at least.20 KVA generators are needed because the families are big and so is the consumption. That was the explication behind renting a generator during the meanwhile. I delved a little more into what my native members considered a blabber and too mainstream to talk on, but yet I continued. They told me that there were a few generator operators operating throughout that town and in case of a prolonged power cut like that, which is a frequent thing and happens once in every 10-15 days, they would lent the generators on a first come first serve basis. These local operators had 10-15 such generators and they would deploy all of them during these power cuts.I then inquired a little more about the pricing of the service and the utilization of the equipment. What I found formed the germ of an Idea. An Idea that may someday turn into a business.

I was stunned to know that the operating margin in this pied sized business is very high. The neighborhood was opulent enough to spend that extra chunk of money for the comfort of getting a power supply for all those 3-4 days when the power wasn't available. The system ran in a smooth flow of steps. The power cuts are more or less periodic and follow a set pattern. Every area in the town experiences a scarcity on fixed days of a month, with 1-2 days of margin. Hence the people would start booking the generators a good 3-4 days before such a power cut was either anticipated or scheduled to take place. The local papers in most cases were a step ahead in pronouncing the occurrence of the cut a good week in advance. Hence by the time the cut actually happens, the slots of all generators are already booked. Some people tend to book the generators for as long as the power cut lasts. Hence they pay a fixed amount and keep the generator in their premises as long as the power does not come back properly. The other scheme is that one can book the generator on a finite time basis where you initially book it for a day or two and then rebook it in case power doesn't come back within the stipulated time. Both schemes have pros and cons.The first scheme may make you shed a little more in case the power came back too early and the second scheme is such designed that the per day amount is much more and in the event of say a 3 day power cut, the second scheme will cost you around 15 percent more than the first one. Most of the people go with the first scheme. When I visited the town, the owners charged 1500 rupees for that first scheme. The average power cut duration is three days and hence the average turns out to be 500. The second scheme costs around 600 rupees per day.The rates seemed good to me as long as I didn't find out the missing link behind the gargantuan profit margins - you've got to buy your own fuel.

I was initially standing near the scene observing the generator being set up but then I saw one person from the family paying these people in advance for the diesel cans they brought. I was stunned to see the profit model. These generators were around 10 years old and yet the owner reaped in as much as 550 Rupees per day on an average without having to pay anything for the fuel. Considering the fact that these operators operate in a small loop of areas, all plagued with the power shortage, and subsequently deploy every generator at least 5-6 times every month, this would mean that every generator stays deployed for around 15-20 days every month, on an average. This would mean every generator earns around 550 * 20 = 11000 Rupees every month. There are 15 such generators with the owner whom we lent from and that owner would earn 11000 * 15 = 165000 per month just out of circulation of these generators. Assuming that the 3 people who transfer the generator get about 10000 per month, and considering a 20000 expenditure on transport and other inadvertent sources, there is a rock solid monthly profit of 115000. I surfed on the net to find out that such generators cost around 30000 and considering that one buys them in bulk, one can get them at around 25000. Hence 15 generators would cost 25000*15 = 375000. Given the rate at which profits are coming, the recovery would be made in 4 months and after that, the owner gets pure income of over a lac rupees a month. This, according to me, was the very reason that such a business sustained for such a long time.

I then took a few hours off to acquaint myself with the vicissitudes of the power situation in my town and nearby towns and connected villages. I found out that these places get power from the same grid and they get the power that is leftover after the main towns have consumed a substantial chunk of it. Hence, these towns always run with dwindling power supplies. I then looked at the prospects and found out that these places would get proper power in 4-5 years time when a proposed grid starts supplying more power to the state. However, it will take around a decade for the power situation to come to a stable state of affairs as the demand has also been increasing all the time.Moreover, I also tried to find out why these people don't buy their own generators. I found that people don't want to run into the trouble of maintaining a 30000 Rupee machine and one more thing is that the town has just two petrol pumps. Hence, one has to travel 20-25 Kilometers to buy the diesel, which these operators supplied with the rented generator at no extra cost.And the most encouraging thing about this business is that there are at least a score of towns similar to mine, all in close vicinity, which have this similar pattern of power cuts.

So it was then when it struck in my mind. For me always having a craving for management and entrepreneurship, I started seeing this as a strong and a very potential area for starting a business. I saw this opportunity because the existing ways in which this system is being handled has some inherent flaws. One, the rates being charged are too high. One reason for this is the monopoly that has crept in with just a few owners operating in the realm and all of them following the same pricing structure. As it turns out, even a per day cost of around 300 Rupees is enough to get a recovery in 10-12 months. Even after scaling down the base rate to such an extent, one would get a good enough profit. But what I intend to do in order to increase the profits, is to increase the running time of every generator. By making a network of a large number of generators, and having more men to transfer them and covering more and more nearby areas, one can get a utilization of 23-25 days per month. The concerned areas don't fall short of power all at the same time.They fall short in a criss cross pattern. Hence, by covering more and more areas, the utilization of generators would only increase. It's true that transportation cost too would increase, but the heavy profit margin in one single extra transaction negates that escalation. The generators are rock solid machines and would be at ease even if they are run for 365 days a year. The second change I intend to bring is a more structured and variable pricing. Instead of asking for the same cost on zero power and less power days, I intend to ask less for less power days. This would make the perspective customers think once about shelling just that little extra money for that extra comfort of getting usable power.In a nutshell, my business plan is about utilizing every single generator in the best possible way. The men employed in the business would not be just a means of transporting a generator. They would be the ones who would be the local contact person to book one in case of need. They all have to be connected with each other at each and every point of time. They all have to be aware of the status of a generator at each and every point of time. This is where the need of automation comes in. This is where Microsoft Office 365 comes into the picture.

As I envisage, one can start this network with 2-3 towns and 20-30 generators. But with time, this business can grow up to 20-30 towns with at least 500 generators. And given the opulence and the enormous need of power, even this big a network will not suffice, thereby inducing more flux of growth. The extremely low pricing will act as an added impetus. Hence to manage such a large network of generators with just 1-2 personnel managing every 10-20 generators in a business zone, all these personnel in all these zones will have to stay connected to the surrounding business zones. Some areas will at times need more generators and some areas will at time need less. This is where the need of proper booking and record keeping comes in. By using a consummate product like Excel and Word, this can be done with ease. And the sharing facilities of sharepoint, render it almost a child's play for all these zones to stay acquainted with the upcoming demand of generators in the nearby zones. Hence, at every point of time, there would be excel sheets and word documents maintained for every generator and every zone, and these would be accessible to all the men on field. When there's a need for a new generator, the sheets for generators will come handy to find out which ones are free. And the sheets of zones would be used to transport generators at the right time and to see if a nearby area is falling short or has a surplus of generators for the upcoming days. The situation will be extremely dynamic and without sharepoint and simple yet powerful tools like MS Excel and Word, this wouldn't be possible.

Then comes the second aspect of my business - communication. With IM features,Online meetings and voice calling provided by Lync,it would cater to all the communication needs at just the initial cost. Comparing this with using face to face communication and normal cellphone calling, the hold on costs would be considerable. One thing is that face to face meetings in such a business would serve only as much of purpose as an online meeting through Lync.And at the same time, Lync would save the personnel from mustering at a point and save their cost of commute, thereby saving substantially and yet ensuing the communications with efficacy at a very low cost.

Third important aspect of my business would be the infrastructure.Courtesy of these towns being in an area where electricity in itself is the problem, a network of pcs can never even be thought of. However, the mobile networks in these areas are good and support data transfer and even 3G. Hence, the field men of my business would be using tabs with 3G connections. Hence we can either use Webapps on our tabs which would allow us to use office products online through our browsers or we can actually save the office suite on the tabs because Office 365 can run on virtually any platform and any architecture.This would go a long way in narrowing our responsibilities and the circle of considerations while putting the initial setup.  All that we'll be needing would be tabs with an internet connection and all of our data would be stored in a cloud whose security,maintenance and accessibility would be ensured by Microsoft. Hence for a business which is so niche, Office 365 would go a big way in parrying all the infrastructure related burden away from us. The field men would use the Excel,Word and other products of the office suite as and when they need and would stay connected through Lync. And all our data would be available to us as and where we like. And not to forget, the sharepoint would allow multiple field men to make changes to the documents simultaneously, which is the heart of the dynamicity of this business.

All in all, in the beginning, this would be a small business with very little accountability and management. However, as the business would cross the 30-40 towns barrier, there would be a need of bringing a dedicated small management and making the task somewhat easier for the field men. Since these towns are not erudite and apposite for having a management set up on their own, the management and the hierarchical responsibilities would be setup in a remote place. Hence the model would work with the field men booking generators and supplying generators but the management, working from some other place, deciding which generators from one zone to be supplied to some other zone. But even after this restructuring, the same Office 365 suite will suffice for all the needs. The field men would still work with the same tabs.Now, the field men would create and edit the booking documents and sheets and upload them on cloud, from where the remote management can make modifications at the same time and would access these documents to create the utilization charts of generators. Different members of the management would then work on these utilization charts simultaneously, courtesy of cloud and sharepoint, and would generate supply charts that the field men would view on the cloud and would supply the generators accordingly. And the fact that Office 365 obviates any client platform dependency makes the task of putting up the management infrastructure task all the more easy. Like always, the management and the field men can use the single Lync to connect among themselves and connect with each other, thereby handling all communication needs of even this scaled up business.

With time, the business may expand to more areas of Bihar and to more areas of states with a similar predicament. Hence the same model would be replicated with management remaining the same but new field teams being constituted in these areas. Hence more and more connectedness would be needed amongst all these units and Office 365 will take care of that for us. As the business will grow, so will the management. And then we would have the need of our own email to make actions more informed and more accountable. With Outlook in Office 365, we will get an email service with our own domain name and with 25GB of inbox space per user. Hardly would any user need anymore than that. And with time, as our business expands, we'll be needing to go global so as to attract more and more venture capitalists and prospective investors whose investments will help us in expanding our models. This is where the need of having an online portfolio on a website comes in. Office 365 allows us to create websites with ease and also gives us the option of hosting them our own domains. Hence Office 365 will take care of these two additions.

With time, we will also be propelled to have more things shared between the management and the field sites. In case of such a restructuring, the Team sites feature would come handy. For our being a business where awareness of each other's tasks and outputs is of the paramount importance, team sites would help the entities share each and every sort of information, be it calendars,reports and would also keep all of them in sync. As the model would be transported to other places, some kind of training may have to be imparted to the new members of the organization. Lync would once again come at our disposal with its rich set of interfaces. The trainees could be trained online through conferences and through world class presentations which PowerPoint now has a reputation of helping in. All in all, virtually everything in my business could be managed through Office 365.

Coming to the more abstract picture, by going for Office 365 instead of a mere automation alongwith separate processes for communication, we'll not only be incorporating all units into one single conglomerate but we'll also be making every one's task simpler.Moreover, Office365 ensures a 99.9 percent uptime and is also very scalable. Since our business is something which will stay more or less the same with just the scale being extended at every conjecture, Office 365 seems to be the most apposite way of handling all the operations. It's reliable, administration is very simple and for a location like this, seems to be the perfect candidate.When 10 years down the line, these towns start getting ample of power on their own, we'll move into new avenues. During those times, villages would be facing the same problems in which they would be having power but only intermittently. We may be needed to shift our operations from one area to another but the intrigue of cloud services provided by Office 365 would make sure that the management still works from the same place, hence helping us substantially. I plan to do this business not to reap in huge benefits but to bring some more happiness in the lives of those who are our sojourns in our journey. I dream of a future that is full of energy, I dream of a future that us full of light.

In order to know more about Office 365, please visit this link.      

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The cult that overtook us

There was a time in India, perhaps in the late 90's and the early 2000's, when contemporary rituals and credos started dominating over the pre-existent ones.This move coincided with the event of the youth taking over the old in terms of dictating demographics and with communities intermingling more and more with each other. The conventional world was sent into a diaspora with the youth no longer paying obeisance to the well established moral conduct and started creating a culture of its own. One that could appropriately be described as a cult, courtesy of it being at loggerheads with what was once assumed to be our way of living. With time, the cult established and was promulgated courtesy of a humongous crowd willing to follow it. This cult comprised of wearing a pair of jeans that looked like a gunny bag, wearing colorful bands on wrists, coining up jargon more erudite to describe the modern lifestyle and even the pejorative terms and profane suppositions were revised to be adapted to the modern era. In short, we as the youth, were successful in doing what we were supposed to do. To throw out the obsolete system of conduct and to bring in a new one that was found more apposite. And with time, this system took over us.

The reason why I say this is that I sense a kind of liability towards being frivolous in some people. And other people tend to be serious because they believe that if their level of humor or charm cannot cross the threshold, they may be deemed unfit for their respective cohort. The kind of clauses that have been tacitly inculcated in our modern code of conduct demand us to be different and peculiar. Being the obvious is no longer going to fetch you the loyalty of your group. If you are merely good at your academics, you're too conventional. If you're a rockstar who is also good at a sport, you're a heartthrob. In this way, the usual beliefs and stereotypes get vested in our conscience as well. Henceforth, in every walk of your life, you develop certain apprehensions about the mannerism in which you ought to do your thing.This even gets manifested in our professional ethics and our work life as well. Doing something good at your work is considered okay but going beyond that and making a superficial and superfluous addition would be considered as an adage no matter how futile it actually was. In this way, life transcended the usual and being beyond the usual became our ultimate goal.

With time, even our subconscience succumbed to our dispositions which were veiled within us but which made their presence conspicuous. The trepidation of not being able to look in accordance with the doctrines and not being able to act at the behest of the newly setup traditions overtook any impulse of doing something good just because the thing did not seem to do much different or the thing was seemingly not going to produce the scintilla which your inner-self always craved for. You did not want it for yourself but for your paltry presence.A sedentary lifestyle would triumph if it seemed cool but an active lifestyle wouldn't if it seemed jaded and juice less. Hence the establishments became so deeply imbibed that ignoring them was no longer considered a viable option.

Now, you only had two ways to sustain. Either do something intriguing and become a part of the coveted and esteemed cohort that is at the center stage of any avenue or become what a substantial chunk of any group resorts to, being the obvious, being the spectator. And as this trend swept in, massive participation or gross participation in groups ceased to exist with only a few chosen ones, the ones who were different and the ones who palpably epitomized the values that set for ourselves, became the forerunners and the flag bearers of the social groups. It was not iniquity but inequity because of the fact that the morbid transformation was done by due permission of the ones who were transformed. And hence that phase when everyone seemed to be the involved in a social group, was officially over. Irrespective of how woefully humorous a guy would be, if he is more humorous than the others, he becomes the group's blue-eyed boy. And irrespective of how humorous a usual member of the group may be, if he wasn't the group's blue-eyed boy, he would continue to be the majority. This rule evolved with time and now a new member of the group was allowed to replace the existing blue-eyed boy just because his level of proficiency and his efficacy for what he was the blue-eyed boy, had severely plummeted. And hence the group gets its new blue-eyed boy but the group never becomes a group in the conventional sense because the members never desired it to be one. It wasn't admissible as per their norms.

And now, the same culture that once promoted being different, is deterring people from doing different things or from getting involved in avenues which are usually considered to be the forte of those who are presciently different. A very recent example of this was our April fools' celebrations. There was a time when everyone used to have a glow and an emanating mischievousness on their face throughout the day. Perhaps all of them were fooled and all of them also succeeded in fooling.But alas, today, we just had  people who were so impressed and awestruck by the ways in which they were initially fooled that they no longer had the courage to fool anyone because they saw the level of fooling falling below the bar. Hence there were a very few people who gathered the courage to fool people because they had confidence in their ways but the rest of them chose to be made fools because they did not see any risks in doing that. Making an attempt of fooling someone and conjuring a woeful failure in that attempt deterred most of them from executing their plans. And hence the April fools' day passed like it was just another day. If it was 1998, you would have walked with a multitude of memories to store forever, but yesterday, people walked back with plans they never executed. Hence the same culture, the same cult we once created, has now overtaken us. It has restricted our interactions and ways of interaction on social platforms, and it has made you give a serious thought to this post without being able to figure out that this post in itself was an attempt to fool you ! Happy April fools' day. Sorry, couldn't get the time to post this yesterday.