Thursday, 25 April 2013


Music is that eternal force that extends beyond the bounds of logic, and beyond the realm of the usual. Never in my life have I met a person who doesn't like music at all. Irrespective of who you are and what you do, you always have that willingness to listen to some tracks, that craving for that genre. That's perhaps the magic which this element of our existence is capable of producing. Going by mythology, it's said that the first sounds in the entire universe were the ones that came from Shiva's Damroo, that the Ragas when sung by the erudite veterans were capable of producing rainfalls, and even till date, the Sufis are capable of producing that mellifluous eternal bliss which makes the listeners feel a step closer to perpetuity. Such is the power of music, such is the strength in its quiver. So as I write this, I tried to contemplate how much an impact music has brought to my life, and I ended up with stuff that can fill tomes.

Even though my parents and my elder brother always recalled the incident of me shaking my body on Chitrahaar songs when I was a mere year old, the first time I realized the mighty prowess of music was when I noticed some of the most pedagogical teachers from my 3rd standard tapping their feet as a group of 5th standard students performed on They don't really care about us by Michael Jackson. The dance was of course woefully bad, but the heavy beats coming out of the speakers brought even the most improbable of candidates into action. And even though I was listening to this song for the first time in 98', even I couldn't refrain from doing a move or two. Since then, I developed this habit of listening to songs of this genre. The beats, the dynamo, the freshness soothed my ears more than anything else. There was a time when my family members got fed up because every single time I got the remote, I would switch to mtv. And then slowly and slowly, it became an inveterate habit. I started liking songs from all genres and beats was all that I looked for.

Then came my standard 11 and standard 12 where I took medicine and engineering even after knowing that I'm gonna mess things up big time. There was school, there was coaching, there were weekly tests in the line up to the coveted medical and engineering entrances and amidst all this, I was supposed to study 7-8 hours a day. I, for me being a very indolent and sedentary kind of a guy, wasn't very apposite for this torture. Initially I managed to steer my way trying to divert my attention from all other things and made an honest attempt on studying. But some sound from the outside or some random thought would always break the flow. And then I tried it. I closed my room, and played a cd containing some pure theme songs on the player and attempted to study again. And for the first time in my life, I was able to study in continuity for more than an hour. That was a breakthrough.Music indeed can act as a sole barrier between you and the outside world.

A few years later, my passion for music and the hardwired desire in my brain to have more of it, rescued me yet again. I had gained a lot of weight and it was high time that I adopted some form of exercise. Went to the gym and all that I could savor that day was agony and abrogation for the routine I was asked to follow. I didn't go there again. Tried jogging, but left it due to lack of interest. People mocked at me that even for my fitness, I needed something which would amuse me. They said such a thing won't exist. But destiny wanted it to be otherwise. I cleaned up my bicycle which was untouched for about 3-4 years. I got it setup again and tried some cycling the next morning. It didn't work out. One, the neurotic impulses weren't helping and two, it was so trite. Next day,I tried to accompany my music player in the entourage. And although I was expecting it to be ineffectual, it worked. I was so much drowned in the atmosphere created by those captivating rhythms and beats that I kept cycling even though my limbs were paining. I cycled for about 30 minutes, a record by my standards. And since that day, I've been cycling for an hour or so in every 3-4 days.If it wasn't for the music, those plethora of scenic attractions and that motivating cohort of some gorgeous girls jogging at the same time, wouldn't have by alone sufficed to keep me tied to this regime. At times when I put in fresh collections of music on my music player, I cycle for about 20-30 minutes extra and I still feel that I want more. Such is the magic of this force.

My love for blogging was enough to bring me to an indiblogger meet but it was more about my love for music that brought me to the HP Connected Music Indiblogger meet. I went there and what ensued was exactly what I envisaged.The meet took place in the most luscious of places I visited, of late.The Hilton Garden Inn at Gurgaon. There was fanaticism, there was activity, there were bloggers, there was some awesome food for gourmands like me, and most importantly, there was music. The meet was centered around HP's groundbreaking app which would allow users to stay connected with their music all the time. The app had an exorbitant collection of songs courtesy of it working in partnership with and Universal Music, but it also had the most lucid and yet the most effective of user interfaces one is likely to witness. The demonstration of the app was coupled with the personnel from HP playing some of the crowd's favorite songs. The moment they played classics like Linkin Park and Sonu Nigam, the crowd jolted into action. We just couldn't stay on our feet, could we ? Not to forget, the very first song to be played right at the commencement of the event was one which no one can ever deny listening to - We Will Rock You. And although the beats and guitar were played in the background, it was Indiblogger's next door caveman who sung the revered lines for us.It was a spectacle to watch. Every one sung in sync.Prateek was rocking, as always.

As the events of the meet unfolded, we were more and more engrossed. There were blogger introductions where bloggers were asked to do some spooky musical thing after completing their intros. Some were asked to rock their heads, some were asked to pop up their famous dialogs. All in all, it was a good way to celebrate the spirit of that meet. Then there were other competitions where some bloggers won hp freebies for having the capability of remembering details of 10 new bloggers they met at the event and some bloggers won freebies for wearing a particular attire. HP goodies were distributed as if there was no tomorrow. Throughout the event, the Indiblogger twitter Indistream was flooded with tweets. Most of these were directed towards the happenings of the event and a substantial chunk was targeted towards the #HPConnectedMusic tweet competition where all the bloggers were asked to tweet their favorite songs. And would you believe it, two bloggers won 2 brand new hp laptops because their favorite songs coincided with some songs that were stored in a surreptitious place. They were ecstatic and the place got berserk. Everyone seemed to be congratulating the two lucky ones and every other blogger marveled at the exhilarating show which hp had put up with Indiblogger and Hilton. We concluded with distribution of more freebies(headphones of all kinds) and the usual Indiblogger tees. Then it was the time for picture sessions so as to ensure we had a reminiscent of the awesome time we all had at the meet. As it seemed, we were so many that no camera in the world was capable of capturing all our emotions in a single shot.But as a glutton, I've gotta admit that the food was too good to eat in healthy quantities.

As it turns out, music will continue to enlighten my life like it has always done. Whenever I've got a little bit of a mess to solve, I resort to music, consort to its beats to get me out of the heap. And like it has always been, music remains my best source of entertainment. Every single time we have a new metal or rock track doing rounds of the world,I get enthralled by it and make no delay in subscribing to its efficacy.Once I disbelieved that fallacy of me dancing to the beats as a one year old, but today when I see my 15  months old nephew doing the same, I succumb to that realization. Perhaps music is the only force that unifies us. For songs like Kolaveri Di and Oppa Ganagnam Style which had a native language but had the most scintillating of music,it was initially a surprise for everyone around the world how their popularity skyrocketed. Have seen the two songs being played in punjabi,gujrati and all sorts of weddings. Have seen unaware people initially mocking the dj for playing them and then thumping on their beats. Music, as it turns out, doesn't need a particular language to promulgate its purpose, the purpose is embellished in the music itself. I don't have a particular genre that I would love or a genre that I would despise, it's just the love of music which makes me submit to any and every song that gets my senses alive, any and every song that gets me ticking. Music has a life of its own and maybe this app by hp will help us in getting closer to our music.

This post is my entry to Indiblogger's HP Connected Music Experience supported by HP Connected Music .


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  2. A trifle long but a very expressive post on the HP meet nevertheless.

    I had initially clicked through hoping to get some more information on the app itself. But I think your main aim was to dedicate this piece to the relevance of music in your life, and the experiences from the meet itself minus the technical details. Which is fair enough.

    Nice read!

    1. Well, surprisingly , my opinion after reading the post coincided with yours. I was wondering for a while if I should mention a few technical aspects of the app and delve a little deeper into its underpinnings, but then I thought that it would create a fracas out of it. Then I thought about writing 2 separate posts for this hp drive and then it turned out that the second one will need to have a lot of superfluousness for it to exist. Hence I eventually decided to keep one single post with a link to the app.It was an experiment and I'm glad that you liked it and really appreciate that you read it. :)

  3. expressive
    ..Music all way is breathing element for everyone now and thats what i can sense from ur post. Interesting read especially ur tittle good one. All the best :)

    1. Thanks a lot for going through what I consider a rather excessively elaborative account of music and that meet. Really appreciate that and I'm glad that you liked it. :)