Friday, 21 June 2013

When a woman sheds her very womanhood.

We've always been bombarded with examples of ladies who've literally dictated terms when they were in charge of something, of women that literally transformed the way things are done, and of women who brought a kind of revelation that changed things forever. As such it's a pleonasm where we ponder upon the supremacy and surreality of women in getting things done. Women can be leaders, managers, administrators, slaves, laborers, workers and they can assume almost every palpable role just because they are not in possession of narcissism or jingoism. Women focus on the task at hand and they do it very well. So why is it that we really have to be considerate about their safety and well being ? And why is it that we cannot simply afford to leave them on their own ? Well, the answer is very simple. Women are never seen as a counterpart, they're seen as an expendable asset and one which ought to be used that way. Her volition never matters, what matters is the utmost utilization of her prowess.

We've been a patriarchal society for ages. One that even sees upon some men, and even a handful of women, as gods in a temporary clad. We make every possible attempt to appease these magnanimous entities because we always believe that we can do away with our karmic crimes if we please these godmen and godwomen. We more or less do the same thing while we preach gods. I've seen more people who fear god than those who love them. Hence we have been of a mentality that crimes can always be condoned if you visit the right patriarch after having committed one. We are a self-centered society, too chauvinistic about our ways of life, too repulsive towards a change and too reluctant to be any other way. What we miss out amidst these so-called idealistic lives is a penchant for loving our own. We look upon as our fathers and grandfathers with sheer reverence and upon our mothers and grandmothers as someone who are simply doing their jobs. Men, who bring peace and prosperity within households are credited and heralded but women who were actually responsible for jolting the underpinnings and realizing the change, are overlooked simply because their tasks are considered too novice and primordial. The same extends beyond the usual. 

We ultimately carved a society where morals and ethics apply to your actions as long as you're dealing with men. The fraternities that exist in villages are bound by moral restrains and a sheer code of conduct. Men are ready to kill and even get killed for their brothers. Men are ready to lend money when their pals are in trouble but men are either too supercilious or too apathetic to help out a woman in her predicament. A woman who is churned and crushed daily under the barrels of tribulation enforced upon her by her family in general and society in particular, is seen as a mere case of bad fate or as an entity responsible for her own actions. No one is ready to depose for her. No one is ready to extend a hand simply because she is not seen as a free homo sapien anymore, and because she is seen as an object under someone else's control. And the gullible society actually believes in the veracity of this setup. I've seen women themselves approving of the inferiority of women and not playing in their favor, terming it as the conventional model of our society. And these words have been uttered by woman, who despite being women, have attained top-notch positions within their respective hierarchies. They either forgot their roots or their miseries or they were a lucky cohort that was fortunate enough not to to witness any. Anyways, either woman die or they sustain. And those who sustain either become a part of the society that they once despised or become the agents of change. It's the latter that I'd like to talk about.

We've seen women who feared none. We've seen women for whom the word trepidation was not present in their dictionaries. These women in a way seem odd and peculiar and somewhat eccentric as well. They're scorned for their disdainfulness and obstinateness. They're loathed for their proclivity towards changing things and for their whimsical foresight. But whatever it may be, we've had such women and still have some. These women know how to clear the path of all the bushes and get it cleared at their own behest. They are inquisitive and lucid at the same time. They are an epitome of efficacy and simplicity and at the same time, they have a bemusing and befuddling side to them. Their orders are carried out not only because of the fear they vest in the doers, but also because of some kind of faith that your own conscience had in them and their abilities. And ultimately, things did turn out the way they were planned to. There was internal opposition, blatant underground conspiracies, sleight moves to hamper progress, sheathed plans and treacheries and yet this woman succeeds in getting her trumpet of success blown at the predetermined time.

This woman has a combination of various traits. She is a visage of determination, laconicism, impertinence for outdated virtues, glutton for success, niggardly in preposterous and unrestrained expressions of love or admiration, and most importantly, she has an enormous appetite for success. She can bear seeing her beloved run away with someone else but she cannot bear missing one of her targets. She either never had any predispositions or she willingly gave them away. She knows what to do and how to do it and she eventually does it. But ever imagined what she traded for getting all that she achieved ? She traded her own womanhood, her own feminism ! Something which inspired so many artists during the renaissance, and something which logically is the source of all births on this planet. She in short has only a few vestiges of her original or destined persona left in her. She gave it all, she now keeps curiosities at abeyance, loves only when it's needed and lives only when she has the time to.

Now you must be thinking that one's gotta be kidding while even anticipating such a woman to exist. But at times, I've seen trails of this woman in women who otherwise seemed normal. The thought of her existence may seem quixotic and even imbecile, but she can exist if she is made to. I've seen her in the woman that fought for the death of her boy who was killed by the hooligans of a politician, and I've seen her in the woman who took up arms to protest and challenge the tyranny that abused her as a child, and I've seen it in women who lead their nations through wars and economic lows, and I've seen it in women who dare to come in public and charge at the convicts after they were molested, and I've seen her in a woman who used to tie her infant to her back and used to obliterate enemy battalions on her own horse with her own sword. In short, such a woman exists partly in every woman on this planet. It's just that she triggers the assertion of her presence only when her misery or the misery in front of her crosses a threshold. She is a abode of passion and bliss but she is also a reservoir of luxuriant strength. She can be titillated when she hasn't exploded but when she is, she can wipe off your entire perpetuity. She is flummoxing just because even after having so much of efficacy, she does not exercise it because she herself is not aware of it. She realizes her grandeur only when she is challenged to use it. And when she does break those floodgates, it's time for her enemies to pack up their bags.

Coming back to what women are subjected to, you'd find a morning newspaper full of stories about rapes, molestations, abductions, child marriages and what not. We see pictures of women who were burned with a barrage of acid, of women who were shot just because they were considered an iconoclast, of women who were thrown from running trains and who've lost their limbs, and of women who were victims of arsonists who set them on fire on the pretext of not getting proper dowry. All in all, the situation of women in our nation and quite a few more nations is pretty much troublesome and full of brouhaha. Everyone's willing to speak on their behalf, but none is ready to do anything comprehensive. Everyone's showing the wish to decapitate the culprits, and yet none is willing to do so. Everyone's talking about an upliftment and revamp of morals, and yet there are movies where all that women do is enticing men by singing and dancing on grotesque and obnoxious songs,and flaunting their voluptuousness so that their men could notice her. Why they do it ? Simply because people want it. People don't want women to come out of the clad of slavery and blasphemous treatment. People don't want women to move ahead, they want women to recede. And for women who are in a position to act, they're either too afraid to bet for change fearing the loss of their very position which itself is dependent on thoughts of men, or they are actually unwilling to do anything because they are too incredulous of a change. Whatever these external entities do and think, ever wondered why these destitute women don't act before they die ? Why they don't let their rage demolish our structures after witnessing every such incident ? And why they are not acquainting them with their valorous self ? That's because they want to give us another chance. Perhaps our final chance. A chance for us to better understand their positions and statures. The day our indolence or our ever increasing chauvinism renders their hope to diminish, they will turn savage. We were the ones who were responsible for the ramifications, but only we alone would not be the ones to suffer. The whole world will fall into pieces. It ought to be, because it no longer deserved to be there. How can a world that jeopardizes every second of a woman's life have any right to exist at the first place ? So, her inimitable unimaginable wrath will encompass everything that comes her way. No culpable soul shall be spared, no avenue saved from the fury of the reconnaissance. And only we and we alone can stop it by acting now. Go on, raise the alarm, help the victim, pick a case, save her life, give her a reason to be happy, threaten everything that threatens her, team up to bring the change and don't be afraid to Ring The Bell. And to sum up this post, you know where more did I see this woman ? I saw it in you !


  1. A very intellectual post, Tushar. You are quite correct in quoting that the world does not deserve to exist if we are ruining every moment of a woman's life.