Thursday, 25 July 2013

A Palatial Plan to Pune

Just a few paltry days back I moved to the maximum city of Mumbai from the happening city of Delhi. I moved into a place that is supposedly going to be my abode for the next 2 years. The place is pristine as it is situated a kitten's whisker's distance away from the luxuriant marine drive. Even the place that I inhabited in Delhi was as vivacious as it could ever get and I always found peace in what I did. However, cities are cities and these two are extremely dynamic and moving in nature. Cities have their prime spots where you can relish and rejoice pleasure and serenity in the laps of nature but a substantial portion of them is always thudded with fumes of exhausts, overcrowded lanes and streets, and above all, traffic congestions. You savor moments but something or the other always hinders your eventual upliftment and you get back to the physical world. These cities provide ample scope for celebrations of other sorts but all of them are essentially limited to the more tangible forms. You cannot really connect with the internal alter ego which is imbibed in our conscience. On the other hand, one would not always like to plunge in a sea of thoughts and introspections. One just needs a sojourn which may lead to another city but the journey is what matters the most. And thus came my idea for my dream trip. 

Ever since I've heard of travel destinations and itineraries, I've learnt about the eternal experiences of people who've been to Pune and specifically the ones who took the Mumbai - Pune highway to reach there. It is said that amidst the twists and turns of the delectable route, you witness nature's performances which are marvels to behold. You witness whirls, springs, falls and what not. The route has no paucity of astounding scenery. You find yourself engrossed in awe and amazement for most of the time because what you see is something that is so incredulous, given the things we've been seeing all year long. The highway and the narrow stretches that merge on it are meticulously carved to blend them in the nature's portrait of an exotic journey. Quite often people love the journey more than the destination and once again we have an example to add to that kitty. 

Now, what better way to explore the mellifluous offering than to take a long long drive on it. If there's a route where I'd like to drive as slow as it can get, it would be this. The opulent greenery merged with the extravagant rocks and mountains creates a combination that is inimitable. You want to take your car on it and drive it slow enough to allow you to get enthralled and bemused with every detail you could observe. You stop to take picture but even a dslr would not suffice to capture the enigma which this journey has to offer. But still, you take snaps, stop aside to get out and breathe in some pure air and then sit on a rock or a deserted milestone for hours, observing the intricate magnum.  You are perplexed but you feel rewarded because at least for once, you find yourself connecting with yourself and feel the joy in doing the same. It's quite something.

Quite often you don't need entourages on such journeys but this one is special. You can murmur in soliloquy but what you need is someone who is as bewildered as you. You need a person whom you generally like to be with or crave to be with just because you were never really able to get enough of that person. You yearn to be with them and finally being with them on this journey is what relinquishes your grief. It's an exonerating experience to be with someone evasive in a place that itself is so elusive. The place and the person would make a lethal combo. You'd spend a few good hours on this long long drive and apart from the glittering scenic splendors, you also carry back memoirs for a lifetime. Your association with that one person may linger or burgeon but those few hours on the road with someone you dearly wanted to be, last till perpetuity. In my case, just to get the case straight, this girl whom I'd want to be my sole companion for the trip, also puts up in Pune. I literally drool over the prospect of going on this glittery drive with this gorgeous girl on this grandiose road.

So, this was my idea for my dream trip. As the wheels of my car shall drive over the smooth highway, I shall find myself an inch closer to the nature and its chimes and an inch closer to my inner self. It is a journey that shall provide me the impetus to go miles ahead from where I am. A kind of rejuvenation that really works and a kind of kindling that sets my future ablaze. In a nutshell, it's a journey that's a complete tour in itself. You see the ingenuity of nature and it's adroitness and you try to grasp as much of it. Beyond all materialism, you touch a part of yourself and establish a connection that lasts for sometime at least. And above all, you spend this time with someone who is amongst your aims and goals. If even after reading this account you find it hard to fathom, you got to go for it once and don't forget to take with you that special someone.

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