Wednesday, 18 September 2013

What else to ask for ?

So on this pristine morning when I once again woke up out of a lovely dream wherein I was dating with a cherubic aphrodisiac, I was once again perplexed by the vagaries of human emotion and volition. Ever imagined how much a man dreams to achieve,accomplish and acquire ? Ever wondered what sins he is ready to commit to simply garner what he assumes to be his desiderata ? Ever thought over how many times he enacts as a poseur and pretentious player to make it appear that he has got all what he wanted to get ? Man is a very strange being, always engulfed by tangles created by no one but himself, always bothered by considerations beyond his control and always worried about a future that he is not even capable of envisaging. No matter what, his pedantic knowledge,his consummate virtue, his exorbitant intellectual prowess or his ruffian attitude when he doesn't make it, all of them reflect a web of a surfeit of virtual entities which weaves for himself. A man is a social animal so he is bound to quibble or bound to be worried but worrying on the most paltry of restraints is what makes a man plaintive, preposterous and perjury.

A man always has some options to resort to in order to get out of this vicious cycle. He can choose to smolder for the rest of his life trying to assert control over factors which even in his dreams shall remain evasive. Or he can choose to take the other way and transcend beyond the mere realms and bounds of mainstream living. Or he can also choose to live a life where he is not chasing a tangible proposition but a vicarious aim. Irrespective of what way a man chooses to live, he either lives long enough to see his erstwhile whimsical dreams become a flummoxing reality or he lives long enough to digest aspersions from a slew of critics.What ensues post the completion of a man's struggle may be different but what comprises his battle has a very inherent element which is responsible for him tarrying and lingering for it. It's what he conjures to possess if he triumphs. It's what he believes to be the very purpose of his existence. It's is what he assumes to belie all the malefactors of his life and all the deterrents of his path. It's nothing else but what he wants to have in his kitty by doing all that he is doing.

So, I thought that courtesy of me being a callow with a modicum of uniformity on my blog, why not employ the venturesome element on doing something inquisitive. So ladies and gentlemen, here's presenting a list of things a man wants to have before he witnesses his reminisce turning into ashes on a pyre. The list is by no means comprehensive - had to include this as it's considered a quintessential element of healthy writing ! So as I was saying, the list is only suggestive and additions and appropriate alterations to the content present herein shall be entertained if one has a surfeit of evidence or reasoning backing the veracity of their argument. Also, the list is always going to differ from person to person. For me, nothing matters more than the dream of being a gourmand whose culinary expenses are paid by the other gal on the table. But that may not be the pinnacle dream for a lot of people out there.Hence, within these notions and considerations, here's presenting the initial part of the list which may culminate into a complete version if I'm able to maintain this rare impetus.

1. Being a sinecure  

So, who doesn't want this? A job where you get to do nothing but just give orders irrespective of what could be the ramifications of orders being given by a cretin. A job where your monetary aspects are of more importance to your employer than to you. Why ? Because you're considered what they call "indomitable". You are not replaceable. Your division or business will fall into pieces in your absence. Your prowess and adroitness are unquestionable and any meddlesome element in your workplace shall be eliminated at the snap of your fingers. You are consecrated and sanctified not only because of what you have achieved(no one even bothers to check it as everyone believes in history), but because you have this enormous proclivity of making people believe that you are the answer to their problems. You are not doing anything or executing anything but you carry the aura and persona of a man whose very presence is considered to be a benediction. No amount of grandiloquence is enough to appraise you. People work just because they have you with them and they meet the targets quarter after quarter. You aren't really doing anything but without you the entire thing will be in tatters. What you get in return of this irrevocable aplomb in your organization is a paycheck that has more zeroes than you can keep hold of. You're paid for your eloquence, your yesteryear's achievements which no one bothers to verify, and for the very endowment of being with the organization. You're paid, revered, coveted, talked about with the highest degree of respect and all this for doing nothing literally. Yeah Baby !

2. Termination of meddlesome entities

And before you can even plan of executing something comprehensive, there is this guy who comes in from somewhere. He not only intervenes and obliterates your plans of indulging in a reverie of thoughts that would lead to something transformational, he also makes sure you plan his extermination after he has left the scene. Such a shame that your involvement in contract killings attracts such a gargantuan penalty in India. You've no option but to elope away or to witness these lunatics even scavenging the leftover thoughts you may have. And above all, they believe their contribution was egalitarian. They consider themselves to be the ombudsman of a society that has paucity of intellect.And eventually, all your futile anathemas go in vain. Well, how badly I wish there was a secret brotherhood working for the constant demolition of this mighty community of imbeciles. 

2 down, maybe more 8 or 10 to go. As I plunge into this drive of eliciting the dream prospects of every man's life, I look deeper and deeper into the tribulations and ordeals of many a man's life. We are living in a world that is ruled by demagogues, run by banters, and monitored by surreptitious people with undulating ulterior motives. Life is not as simple as it may seem but I as a man am here to palliate your predicament a little bit. For who will help you, if not someone from your own fraternity. There is no fate but what we make !

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