Monday, 25 November 2013

This belongs to you !

Quite often it so happens that life brings you to a juncture where all the melancholy, all the palpable deterrents subside and allow you to witness that first spangle of success, that first moment of pride. It seems that for a moment, all the apprehensions, all the speculations get halted only to enliven your spirits once again. For me, ladies and gentlemen, that moment is now as I hold in my hands the most pristine and those most priced possession a blogger is ever likely to hold in their hands - the coveted and the revered Blogadda Award.

For those who have a penchant for blogging, for ubiquitous RSS syndication, for direct publishing and for blogging on almost any and everything around them, this award is a manifestation of this world's belief that yes you matter and that your contribution transcends the mere kilobytes your posts acquire on the server. It also tells you that no matter how much your blog lags behind in terms of traffic and visibility, the very fact that you blogged something so vivacious, is what justifies everything you ever blogged.

Quite often I questioned the veracity of blogging as a mode of expressing myself and my ramblings and often found a lacuna, a lacuna of an impetus to drive me forward. I needed some virility to carry on, to tarry on, and to keep blogging amidst all the chaos and cacophony surrounding our lives, and just when I was about to give up, I found resort in a face that was authoritative enough to command all the actions I was going to take afterwards. This achievement is a testimony to the inimitable and inscrutable inspiration which that one single face and the interactions with that one single girl endowed me with. This is to thank that girl for making a quixotic future look so certain.

A blogger is not another man, inditing words after words just to let the world know he's there. A blogger is the one who defies the disappearing lines of demarcation between blogging and social networking. A blogger is what defines the source of information for the future. If it wasn't for bloggers, the world would have never known what it feels to be in a variegated place that is so evasive for the rest of the world, if it wasn't for bloggers, the world would have never known what it means to sprinkle Aloo Bhujia over noodles and turn it into a feast and if it wasn't for bloggers, the world would have never known the fallacies of a new mobile phone or OS. So a big big quarry of gratitude for all those bloggers who alongwith me share this figuratively nuptial relationship with the cyberspace.

Pen-ultimately, here's thanking all those people whom I've ever met or seen, or bumped into a densely packed crowd or shared a smile with, because consciously or subconsciously, all that I ever wrote was derived from the reminisce of those very interactions and those very confrontations. You all may not have realized the validity of their importance but life makes things happen for a reason and maybe the reason in the aforementioned cases was the propensity of me to blog on all that I learnt from you and saw through you.

And last but not the least, a big big thank you to all those who had the time to go through these wayward, lackadaisical and not so properly structured accounts just on the premise of a feeling that maybe they hold some value. For all the seclusion my blog faced on the cyberspace, you all compensated by not only reading my posts and liking them, but also commenting on them. You need to know that a blog runs on a fuel, and that fuel is you. And thank you Blogadda for considering me worthy enough of conferring with the highest honor in the realm of blogging. Here's signing off with the promise that my blog will continue to bring to you the visages of this planet, as and when I witness them. Thank you, once again.

This would be My Winning Speech on being rewarded the BlogAdda Blog Award!