Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Alok Nath in & as Beena Ji Wo Mar Chuka Hai.

Yesterday, as sardonic tweets on Mr. Alok Nath went rampant over the Internet and left billows as the trend died, I decided that it's about time I leave this pugnacious demeanor for a post or two and pay my tributes to the living legend by virtue of my own blog. Quite often my indolence deters me to indite things at short notice, but the revered actor has done enough to force even someone like me to compile something to serve as a fitting commemoration for his contribution. So here it is, a rare piece of text that will enunciate the true character of one of the finest actors Bollywood and Indian Television have ever seen - The Forever Dukhi Babuji

It's not surprisingly astonishing to know that this guy served as a Kitply employee for about 2 decades. Just like the adhesive the company started manufacturing in the late 90's, Kitcol, this guy too had the propensity to stick to something and that too ineffectively. He unfortunately decided to stick to the same character for the rest of his screen life. The good old hackneyed role of a man with a panoply of unmarried daughters bungling while trying to portray the histrionic amounts of Sanskars that their father had vested in them. His craving for lingering onto something doesn't end here. He even kept donning the same attire and seemed to have acquired his characteristic subdued look ever since his birth. Same role, same clothes and despite the same ensemble being depicted again and again, film makers always found a way to cast Mr Nath in yet another role of his choice - The desolate doctrine enforcer from the 30's. 

Okay, now coming to the point of the title. We, as kids, often find our own indigenous ways of associating certain elements to certain entities whom we find worthy enough taking note of. Now Mr. Nath was exorbitantly prevalent on the Indian television during the late 90's and he was literally omnipresent with all channels airing a show or two of his at almost the same time. It seemed he shot for all those progeny of K soaps simultaneously, while at times seamlessly switching between one show and another like a multiprocessor running a multithreading environment over a multitasking operating system. No force in the world could have stymied the barbaric and inimical Babu Ji at that time. And it's times like these when people come up with what they call their Magnum Opus. So did Mr. Nath.

I still remember how much I rejoiced those moments with the rest of my family when we used to witness Mr Nath repeating the same old dialog again and again in every episode of that television series Thodha Hai Thodhe Ki Zaroorat Hai. With due respect to the makers and entourage of Mr. Nath, the TV series was extremely apposite and same was applicable to all his co-actors. They all were given roles that they performed with extreme subservience but Mr. Nath once again landed up with a tacky appearance wherein he was made or allowed, shall I proclaim, to repeat the same action again and again. Mr. Nath, who enacted the father of the main protagonist, who in turn was depicted as a dead man in the first few episodes itself, was left with the sole responsibility of providing his wife with some closure. And Mr. Nath did it in his own tarrying way. 

He would show some lament on his face and when the wife turned irascible on the prospect of their son coming back, Mr. Nath would utter the same dialog again and again - "Beena Ji wo mar chuka hai". And above all, he even seemed to say it in about the same tone and with the same thrust in voice. Whereas others including Beena Ji showed utmost capriciousness in their emotions regrading their sorrow for their filial loss, Mr. Nath managed to bring a kind of routine and mechanical element to his role with his single dialog always succeeding in putting an end to a burgeoning flow of emotion. One thing was the iteration of the dialog and second one was the fact that the man appended a "Ji" while addressing his own wife, and that too while exhibiting an outburst of angst. It may have appeared gaping to a few but we simply couldn't stop laughing witnessing such an incongruous and anachronous spectacle. We as a family adored the series as well as its concept and hence we kept coming back for more. However, Mr. Nath with his resplendent acting while delivering that same dialog and perhaps his sole dialog, forced us to recall him and his prowess every time we thought of the show. Till 1998, a year since the series commenced, I even kept a count of his repetition of that dialog. He had uttered the same thing a whopping 95 times ! Quite a lot of redundancy for a modern TV script, I guess. Nevertheless, we eventually forgot the name of the show and became so accustomed to the eternal dialog that we started calling and speaking of the show as "Beena Ji wo mar chuka hai". I can't help but smirk as I recall those splendid times.

I am in no way questioning the adroitness of Mr. Nath but I am simply amazed by the way all his roles have had a striking resemblance to each other. Now since a lot of these movies or TV serials became runaway successes we can't put a lot of blame on Mr. Nath. He seems to have done just as well as he was asked to do, but knowingly or unknowingly, he did the same things. Maybe the times simply needed one guy to come up and portray one such character on the screen again and again or maybe it was Mr. Nath's inner craving to enact the same thing again. Whatever it was, we're done here with expressing our own account on our first association or confrontation, in a subtler way, with Mr. Nath and his incessant Bapu Ji avatar. Like a jocular tweet says "When Mr. Alok Nath was born, the sisters rhapsodized, Mubarak Ho, Babauji Hue Hain". 

Monday, 30 December 2013

The Scientists.

Long ago, not long enough to prevent you from conjuring the scenes, cataclysmic forces were at work in all parts of the world. These men, whom everyone believed to be the harbingers of malicious deeds, were often subjected to public ignominy. People abhorred them and despised them, not only for their deeds, but also for their unkempt appearance. ”I hate that unclean stubble” enunciated the Queen of Krakozhia as she once ordered execution of one such guy. Some elite even denounced these men as messengers of Satan. Whatever the world said or believed, these men were not that repugnant. They never had any mala fide intent. They simply sought to do things differently. Amidst the tumult and protest, these men decided to change.

They knew they had to do away with that desolate appearance to amalgamate with the “common man” of the times. Hence off went the stubbly beard and the strangled flocks of hair and on came the look that made the perfect camouflage for chicanery. Now, no matter what these guys did, it went unnoticed as everyone perceived them to be normal, unsullied as they now appeared. Slowly and slowly, the hubbub went away and the demoniac existence of these men was forgotten as everyone believed them to be extinct. No one sensed the magnitude of what was coming towards them.

Once all opposing forces had perished, these men resurfaced as the suave looking guys and manumitted the world from all encumbrances. Their ingenuity led the world towards enlightenment and their ways and methods enthralled everyone. Slowly and steadily, these men assumed the noble positions while replacing those whom once vilified them. As the tide went in their favor, the world got its catharsis and entered the next renaissance. Today, these men are popularly known as “The Scientists”. 

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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Hope lies in heresy!

In the recent past, the entire world has witnessed a panoply of political turnarounds. We've had the middle east where demagogues reigning over ages were ostracized from their thrones as well as states, and we've also had an indigenous example in the from of Delhi where the reminisce of a revolution out-powered the hardened stallions and emerged as an untrammeled force to reckon with. Barring the respective locations, all these revolutions and the ensuing results had one thing in common - Excessive impact of social media on creation of awareness.

The entire Arab Spring commenced when the news of sacrificial self immolation of a youth spread over the Internet like fire. The authorities tried to keep the news discreet, but it was all too little and all too tale. The public demeanor had already assumed the character and the proportion. They all needed a change and the only change they collectively perceived possible, was ousting the existing anarchy through brute force and sacrifice. On the other hand, Delhi saw hope in an alternate political solution. They considered handing the bastion to a nascent but promising party which they considered worthy enough of giving a chance. Both revolutions gathered massive impetus from an outrageous promotion strategy on social media. The youth was all revved up with these prospects of heterodoxy and all that controlled social fanaticism culminated in people taking control of of their future and making things act at their behest. Eventually, it was technology which polarized people and brought them at the fore of bringing the change they always dreamt of bringing. Now as we approach the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, I guess it's time when we take that phenomenon a step ahead.

The aforementioned premise is extremely germane given the current state of Indian politics. We have anti-incumbency but we still have odious voter turnouts. We have enthusiasm amongst the youth, but we have a entire host of people who don't know about their local contestant. In a nutshell, people are either not aware of the solutions they have at their disposal, or they are not even aware of the very inimical powers that this grand democracy of ours has vested in them. Term it indolence or remiss, but people certainly are far far away from being at a juncture where they can make judicious use of their powers and prevent their own alter egos from cribbing the system for the the entire tenor of the government. Despite mediums like television and newspapers, we still have people who don't vote or don't know whom they are voting for. It's about time we make them a more comprehensive part of the whole scenario than just merely asking them to come out and vote.

Social mobile apps have a role to play in this fiasco we have. We have mediums like loudspeakers whose only job is to spread din, and then we have these omnipresent social mobile apps which allow us to communicate precisely and concisely and in various modes like text, pictures and even clips. This makes such apps like WeChat extremely conducive to promoting your agenda. For a crowd with heavy social mobile apps penetration, just imagine the kind of coverage we can expect. Instead of having loudspeakers spread cacophony, we will have media messages clearly communicating a 3-4 minute agenda of a contestant's local as well as the broad agenda of his/her party's political ideology. With the kind of location sensing capabilities we now have in our mobile networks, we can even have targeted messages such that a political party simply has to broadcast various media messages pertaining to each of their individual contestants, and the relevant messages shall reach the intended recipients automatically. We obviously need some intervention from the social mobile app in itself, but the process is very simple.

Social mobile apps like WeChat will have to ask various political parties to submit to them a list of their official accounts on the requisite platform. WeChat, say, will have to verify such accounts just like verification takes place in Facebook and Twitter for public personality accounts. Once this is done, WeChat will leverage on its location sensing ability to suggest every party's local WeChat verified account or the regional/national account(If a local account is not present) to the various WeChat users when they look for friend suggestions. A social mobile app could also choose to place such suggestions on the top or send notifications regarding such verified political party accounts one time to every user in order to create a larger impact. The pecuniary aspects should be elucidated just like they are done in case of election rallies. Hence by opening verified accounts, various political parties would get another relevant medium for reaching their audiences. 

Coming to the realm of such a promotion and awareness strategy, let's envisage the benefits it shall bring. One, only a paltry percentage of the voter base attends an election rally. People are either too engaged or too afraid to attend such rallies full of commotion and plagued with not so convenient features. Hence such people would now come under the ambit of a political party's message as now even they would be aware of what their local leadership has to say about their problems and their prospective solutions. Secondly, we live in a world where we have more affinity towards "Push" medium than "Pull" medium. "Pull" media includes generic advertisements which we tend to ignore. i.e a Congress or BJP advertisement aired on a TV or radio channel has nothing to do with what's pertinent in your very region and hence sees much less an impact than what can be reached. On the other hand, the "Push media", courtesy of individualized messages customized for your own locality and covering problems prevalent in and around your own residence, would be much more efficacious than the former. Not only a user offers more attention span to an individual message, the process also helps the user get acquainted with possible solutions for problems more relevant in his/her own context. Hence this will be a win-win situation for the parties, which now would be able to expand their reach, the people who now know more about their options, and eventually, it will be a pro for the democracy whose very purpose is to bring people closer to the contenders they have to choose from..

Like every thing else, this system too would be susceptible. One thing is that certain parties might surreptitiously try to send messages which lack truth and hence go unnoticed and thereby effect capricious voting in the death stages of a voting process. Secondly, some effort should go in making sure that once the tenure for promoting a candidate has finished, then in accordance with the election code of conduct, such messages would have to come to a cessation. This shouldn't be very difficult as such accounts relating to parties can always be treated separately and hence their accesses and permissions could be seized and revoked as an when it's needed, Thirdly,the whole intent for doing this exercise should be to make sure we get higher and more impeccable turnouts than without it and hence every party's verified account should be mandatorily made to send certain generic voting related messages which would do nothing but make people aware of the repercussions of not casting votes. In fact, this whole approach could be made more effective by allowing the Election Commission too to leverage the ever growing reach of social mobile apps and hence bring more thrust to its primordial purpose of making more people vote through targeted communication. Once implemented, such a scheme can do wonders in ensuring higher voting percentages and hence a more effective democracy.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

If neo took the red tablet after following the white rabbit ?

Okay, before you proceed with reading all frivolous fanaticism that follows, I'm legally entitled to tell you that the title was used for the pure purpose of tempting you to follow the link and land here just like a lecherous neo followed the white rabbit and ended up in a fracas. However, you should be thankful enough to god that you have landed in a much better place, one whose posession is marked by fiduciary like me. This by no means is a transgression or contravention, neither is it chicanery or subterfuge. It's one plain, simple and veracious and free of malaise attempt to make you read this. Now that you've already read so much, why not read all of it.

Let's get it straight. The title did have something to do with the primordial content of the post but it was deliberately made equivocal to serve the purpose and trounce you. Oops ! I shouldn't have let that out. Anyways, the "tablet" in the title was a symobolgical manifestation of this awesome thing the benevolent gods bestowed us with. A tablet computer. While having transformed from the overwhelmingly bulky ones introduced by Microsoft in 2002 to being ones like Lenovo Yoga that stand for splendid legerity and bamboozling features, tabs have become a part and parcel of our life. Now as a panoply of people would have told you, Customer Is The King, so he or she gets to decide what a tab ought to have and what it ought not to. So here goes a comprehensive yet by no means exhaustive(yes, that's utterly oxymoronic) list of features that every tab should have. After all, having been an aficionado in this realm for quite some time and having tried my hands on every tab, the list deems some legitimacy as well as applicability.

 Food Proof

And despite being a connoisseur of tabs, I'm also a gourmand, not just a mere gourmet. How many times have I spilled ketchup on a tab screen only to find it later on that the mouse, in this case a literal organic one, enjoys the interface as much as its modern electronic counterparts helped my older alter egos to work on computers.A tab needs to have an auto detection mechanism to find out if anything apart from human skin has touched its surface. If there's any paltry stain of water, oil, or as in my case ketchup, on the screen, it should wipe it off automatically. How you tab companies do it, that's your choice as you know it best.

 Alternative Energy Sources

We all know the limitations of batteries so we won't overburden tab makers with putting more impetus and currency into R & D and coming up with better battery life. However, what can be done is that they could leverage on alternative sources. They could go for small and cherubic hydrogen fuel cells. If T1000 from Cyberdyne systems Cybernetic organism division could run on two hydrogen powered fuel cells and carry enough energy to travel through time, why can't a tab have a hydrogen fuel cell with enough energy to run without getting charged for a lifetime. 


Although with Yoga, Lenovo has done its bit in making tab usage more pliable and easy, tabs still have a long way to go in terms of surviving the test of time. One good thing about our predecessors was that they made things that were meant to last forever. The Ashok Pillar at Lal Quila in Delhi is a classic example and so are the plethora of monuments erected across the planet made for a variegated set of purposes. Whatever they might have been, they still persist. But that's not to be as far as tabs are concerned. You drop them by chance and they are so vulnerable that off goes the screen. We now need a tab whose integrity is strong enough to sustain a blow from a Spartan cavalier. We need a tab that could simply stay long enough after we're gone, holding reminisce of what we did as a testimony to our awesomeness.

     What's with the RAM

Having been someone who has run Windows 98 on a whopping 64 MB of SDR SDRAM with a mind boggling 8 MB of graphics memory, I know what kind of revelation mankind has experienced by the benevolence of our all powerful and magnanimous friends back there in silicon valleys. But still, why can't we  at least have as much RAM in a tab as much HDD space I relished back in 1999. I'm asking for a mere 8 GB. I guess it's time we stop being boastful about laptops carrying that much of RAM and smartphones carrying that much of data card memory. We now have transcended those bounds we made when we were stupefied enough by our complacence. Just a little more application of Moore's law, a little more R & D, a few more Steves, Bills, Shockleys and Ritchies, and we'll just about be there. And alongside will come another revolution in graphical memory. Not far away are those days when 1 GB of graphics memory would almost become ubiquitous in tabs.

Nuke Resistant

And last but not the least, the minimum you can expect a tab to do for you, a basic desiderata that it can fulfill for you, is that a tab has to be resistant to radioactive radiations and energy that is emanated from a billion megaton nuclear explosion. A tab should not have the propensity to melt away amidst the billions of kilo joules of energy produced in such an explosion. Instead, it is expected of futuristic tablets to be able to tap in all that energy and save it for being used as a fuel later on. They shouldn't restrict it to energy usage for running the tab itself, but one must also provide provision for using that same gargantuan behemoth pile of energy to run entire homes for years. Similarly, a tab should also have an ancillary feature of tapping and storing energy that results as a result of thunderstorm lightening. Likewise, tabs in the future could also come up with features to store in energy produced by other natural sources of viable energy like storms, earthquakes, and whirlpools. 

In order to conclude this otherwise suggestive post with my own parlance, I would recommend addition of another feature in futuristic tabs that would serve both an egalitarian as well as a scientific purpose. Tabs should be equipped with a tuning fork or some other resonating frequency generating equipment which could be directly brought in touch with ground in case of an earthquake and could be used to guage the exact magnitude of the implosion within the ground and within time, it could be used to produce waves exactly of the same frequency but in the opposite direction so that the impact of the earthquake could be curtailed if not fully taken care of. Imagine a world where every man was equipped enough to save a billion men's lives. Imagine a world where every tab was conferred the status of a hero and every user of a tab too felt like a hero. And last but not the least, imagine a world where all the lackadaisical conjuring mentioned above manifested themselves in reality. 

Friday, 6 December 2013

If it's Aromatic, it's AmbiPur !

It's been more than 30 odd days since I installed an AmbiPur Set & Refresh Thai Dragon fruit in my not so redolent room, one that's marked by misplaced wafer wrappers, partially bitten biscuits and all sorts of reminisce of what were once proper edibles. For someone new, my room was a total blasphemy, with disorder and chaos being the apparent themes, ones that I had learnt to live with long ago. Despite ardent efforts by everyone in my family and our maids to restore some order, all they could do was issue calumnies against me after they all failed. This nuptial relationship I have long served with unorderliness and tardiness is a hard one to break. But alas ! I too had to bear the blunt for being so very indolent. My room had become a total demagogue, turning me subdued because of all sorts of odor and all sorts of lame shades. I needed someone to palliate this plight, something to bring my room some light. And finally, they sent AmbiPur Set & Refresh. And what a transformation it has been since then.

One of the things that impresses me the most about this cherubic, handy yet extremely efficacious device is the magnitude of blissful redolence that it can produce despite its small size. Like they say, don't go on size. You just have to follow the instructions and have to fit the main fragrant liquid holder in the outer chamber and the device starts pouring scents all over the room. Its effect becomes evident in no time with it being extremely effective in not only removing the bad odors that otherwise marred your mood, but also replacing the same with enchanting aromas that titillate your senses. Another intriguing thing is that once you've set it, you simply forget it's there. It's so small and needs so little intervention that after you've set it, you simply recall its presence only after the sumptuous scents enlighten your senses and enliven up your mood. But was the device able to sustain the tyranny that I'm known to produce ? Let's see.

AmbiPur Set & Refresh in action

Courtesy of mine having the mindset of the regular Indian customer, probing and testing some good till its veracity has been duly tested and even dignified, I don't feel comfortable. So although this small little device did good enough to wipe out the nasty pungent smells from my room and was able to fill it up with brilliance, I truly wanted to test it out. So, I placed some wet sprouts in the room and let them to rot a little. I wanted to see how effective the Set & Refresh can be in preventing that bad odor from engrossing my room. When the sprouts were at the penultimate stage of their repugnance and had started to produce that foul smell, I left the bowl of sprouts in the room and left for a commitment that would take 2 days. I was pretty much certain that 2 days later, I'd be confronted with a smell so ridiculous that I'll have to cover my nose before moving in and getting the bowl out. The intention was just to check out this device before recommending it. I usually am very careful before doing so. Recommending a not so impressive consumer good to someone who wants every penny worth of their hard earned money can have severe repercussions. So, I had to be extremely confident.

2 days passed by and I was back in my room, just about to open it. I just then recalled the sprouts experiment and thought that maybe the sprouts hadn't spread enough rampage to intimate the rest of my family who already are scared enough to open a room that's full of mysterious artifacts and inexplicable entities. I knew it would be tough, those nasty smells. I knew I'll have to walk a few feet before I make it to the sprouts bowl that had enough firepower to knock a man with a working nose down. But I had to do it. I opened the room and to my surprise, the smell of the sprouts wasn't as widespread as I had expected. In fact, the smell was contained within a few inches of the sprout bowl. Then, it was just a question of disposing off those sprouts in my neighbors' backyard, letting them rot a little more before it filled their entire backyard and provided them a chance to inhale those luscious vapors. But this small device turned out to be quite something. Maybe the placement was strategically good or something like that, but the room smelled absolutely normal except for that small section where the sprouts were placed. Maybe the vapors released by the device have the propensity of producing aroma as well as suppressing smells arising from elsewhere. Whatever it was, the device did work very well.

Before you get one, I need to tell you that it's not a room freshener which immediately fills up your room with scent fragrance once you spray that whiff of aerosol. That lasts very less but produces immediate impact. This Set & Refresh is a new phenomenon that works as a complimentary device to your usual air freshener cans. This one does not produce any immediate intense impact but works at a stretch for quite some days, spreading pleasant smells in your rooms, and at the same time acting as a drain out for bad smells, without you having to do anything. You just have to deploy it and forget it and then it's this small device's responsibility to ensure a lively ambiance with light and pleasant fragrances that simply rock. A pairing of an AmbiPur Set & Refresh with an AmbiPur Air Effects air sprays will make sure that your home and your office are always providing you a lively atmosphere. If it worked in my room, it just has to work in yours.

Visit this link for more information and thank me later.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Stakes you own in your own future !

Having spent a considerable portion of my life on social media platforms, one thing that I've come to know of, is the prowess of certain wizards in trendifying things. Be it Twitter hashtags or Facebook shares, these people have made people swear in to oaths, to certain new practices, to new ways of life and what not. Basically, social media can be used in very ingenious ways to tap into the collective social conscience and create a cascading effect for effective follow up action. Man is a social animal and will always like to do things that keep him a part of the herd. Modern man does not have a lot of time to get into matters that seem trivial in the beginning because of the absence of ostensible direct impact. He simply follows the voice of the society, which in various cases consists of merely his friends, and in others. consists of an entire population. Whatever it may be, the net result is the prevalence of trends and cults. And these trends, cults and supposed beliefs have already resulted in freeing of a baby elephant trapped in a secluded island, the rooting out of an anarchist regime and massive support for victims who succumbed to iniquities. It's now time to use the same platform to bring the youth closer to what at the first place makes it a part of the democracy - The right to vote.

A subset of the entire social media realm is the cohort of social mobile apps. Social mobile apps are defining the way we largely communicate today. One reason for specifically leveraging on these apps is that we remain connected to them all the time. Be it an IM messenger like WeChat or a social media chatting platform like Facebook chat and GTalk, we are always ready to respond to what comes in and we don't have a specific time window in which to cater to messages directed towards us. Secondly, social mobile apps have an enormous capability of both message broadcasting and unicasting, which means that more general messages could be broadcast and the age specific or messages pertaining to a demographic parameter could be unicast or multicast. Hence we have multiple modes to share our messages. So if there is a generic message urging everyone to vote, we can have a single message sent to all the people of, say, a constituency or a part of a group, requesting them to vote. On the other hand, if we are urging people of a particular institute to vote, the message can always be sent on the multitude of groups to make people aware. Although apps like WeChat and others are laden enough with features to make the job possible, we need some more provisions to make it an optimal solution.

      Group of Groups

All social mobile apps have the option of creating and subscribing to groups. However, network infrastructure and app algorithms post constraints on the size of groups. This means that effectively, one message would need human gateways to get transferred to other groups. So, one person receives a WeChat message on a group or on personal message inbox, he/she likes it, and he/she forwards it to other groups, in which some other person would like it and then accordingly forward it to other groups and personal conversations. So essentially, human intervention is needed to transit messages from groups to groups and massive broadcasting is not deemed possible. What's needed to resolve this is a group listing. Usenet, the Internet discussion platform that became very famous  in 1996, allowed individual Usenet groups to register to discussion threads and hence every single Usenet discussion group had the choice of receiving messages that were broadcast to all groups that had registered to that topic or news item. Effectively, it was nothing but controlled broadcasting, something that is conceived on social networks like Facebook by liking a particular page, whose all updates are then broadcast to only the follower base. 

Hence by group listing, we'll be allowing all smaller groups, to enumerate through their respective group admins, the list of group topics that they wish to subscribe to. Hence a small youth group can subscribe to the general youth topic and an engineering school group can subscribe to the engineering topic. For our purpose, we can allow groups to subscribe to the politics discussion topicwhich will have some witty and tacky description like "Your switch to your future" or something like that, which links them to the magnitude of the matter at hand and acquaints them with the immense power vested in them. All groups listed in this directory shall be allowed to send messages from their entire group to the whole group of groups. The admin(s) might be given the ultimate authority and discretion in selecting which messages shall get the right to be posted on the entire list of groups and individual members shall be given the right to post such messages to the group just like any other messages. Then, it would be left upon this same poster of the message or some other person in the group to promote this message to the admin with a request that it may be posted on the general directory of groups. Subsequently, it's upon the admin to take the message to all the registered groups or to deny the request. This whole phenomenon is nothing but MMS. Massive Messaging Service.

What this will do is that effective messages within a group, that can be very effective or thought provoking or which include some very relevant factual information, could be used to produce the same kind of impact in all groups that are interested in the particular topic of democracy/voting. Moreover, the request clause and the admin's judgment shall act as filters to ensure than this does not result in spamming and that only genuine messages are multicast. Secondly, it will also be ensured that every message shall have an option of being reported and any group posting too many biased or arbitrary message shall be warned and eventually removed from the listing in case reported multiple offences were committed in this regard. Hence, with this additional flexibility, we can bring to the social mobile apps an array of possibilities that help in mobilizing and cajoling the youth to vote and to be an active participant in democracy. It will effectively be mimicking the kind of effect which massive social network movements caused during the Arab Spring, If they can be powerful enough to expose tyranny and result in a massive political upheaval, just imagine how efficacious they can be in making voters become more aware of their power to exercise vote and bring change and also the consequences of failing to do so. We've seen how individual opinions merge to form the social opinion and how social opinion often drives positive action on part of the individual. These social mobile apps can just do that for us. Just imagine that day when voter Id cards held much more value than just as an identity and address proof, and when they were used for their paramount purpose - Changing your future.