Friday, 24 January 2014

The Confessions Of A Stalker : Part III

Blogging kind of takes its toll on you. You always have this inner craving to do do something else but the demon of blogging pesters and forces you to indite. It's not a purpose as it may seem for you're simply bungling most of the time. However, there is surely something that permits you to go ahead. After a point of time though, you find yourself knowing no other way to express yourself than through the words. It's kind of excruciating and relieving at the same time but you surely know something's wrong. Probably you'll never know what it is but something's always amiss. 

Anyways, this brief was nothing but a prefatory to something I thought I should share with you. A walk down the memory lane reveals a lot about your demeanor but when you have a blog to deal with it, your job becomes much more lucid. So for those who haven't yet read the first two parts of this odyssey, here you go -> Part I and Part II. Those who have read them before would know how inimical my deep seated anxieties are. Maybe someday my own conscience will trounce and surmount me to take over but as long as I'm here, I'll fight.

The intro may have seemed somewhat gloomy but what follows is still worth reading. You all would have known by now that stalking has been an inveterate trait in me ever since I was subjected to the Internet in maybe 1999. Started stalking people on their Yahoo ! and Sify(Erstwhile Satyam) chat profiles, and eventually took that art to the next level with the advent of Orkut, Facebook and ingenious search engines like Google and Gigablast. The subjects have changed all throughout these years, some have been morbid and gloomy, whereas others have been what, sulky and sultry ? In between the two extremes, I always found solace in ones who seemed plausible candidates for a virtual accord. This time, I crashed into something very different. 

For the sake of being aware, I clicked on this "next blog" button and was trying to see what random profile they throw up. I have to admit I wasn't really prepared for what turned up. There was this scarcely populated blog, highly unlike ours of course, and it had this visage of a girl on the side. For about a minute or two, that image struck as an epiphany of my inner astonishment. It was so resplendent and was exuding so much radiance, I kind of decided to turn it off and forget something like that ever happened. I even did that but damn ! these browsers, dunno why they store history and compel you to revisit a page after you've found your bearings. 

This time, after having taken a few sips of cold water and devouring a few biscuits for acting as an ephemeral source of energy, I plunged into this newly discovered corundum. Without exhuming the past by repeating the special set of stalking skills that I have, I'd tell you what I found exactly. I found some blog posts which were literally inundated with comments despite the fact that the blog didn't have no followers. I soon realized that most comments were from the fraternity to which I myself belong and hence inveighing these guys wasn't really needed. I then eventually delved deeper to find what's no less than a treasure trove. And a publicly available treasure trove in fact. 

This belle had not one, not two but more than a hundred images on her Facebook account for the confreres like me to savor. I took it as incumbent upon me to scrutinize and patronize these images with sheer dedication and diligence and so I did. Picture after picture, I kind of melted away in the cauldron of the ravishing pulchritude and faded away. Pictures of her dressed like lilacs, pictures which appeared so emanating and you obviously had those hackneyed comments of people describing the beauty in such frugal terms that couldn't even suffice for 10 percent of what was deserved and fitting. The splendor and the grandeur never seemed to cease but ultimately they had to. 

Kind of ambled through the rest of the profile's constituents but still had the images persisting on, the cornea, right ? There wasn't a lot of text or anything and it was literally thudded with feeds from "Answer this" and "Best Photo" kinda apps. She had around a 1000 followers which was obvious and she also had a lot of "Awww" posts on the wall which I couldn't really interpret were targeted towards what. With my swashbuckleness and my candor, I could have swept her off her feet in minutes but she thwarted all such attempts in advance by privileging no one but herself to befriend anyone. I could have added her on some other social media as well but I thought maybe the world would be much better without her knowing who I am. Maybe we have set the puzzle pieces right till now and maybe it's time for me to leave for the next hunt. 

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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Cornered I saw the enigma of life!!!

Cornered I saw the enigma of life,
Through the peepholes of nature,
Through the woods that lay rife,
Through the woods that gave stealth,
Through the woods for whom I never felt,
Through the woods with whom I once played, 
Through the woods that I now slayed,
Cornered I saw the enigma of life.

I tried to question my actions, 
I found my hopes dwindling into grit,
My dreams continued to portend the sordidness,
My conscience kept melting into frit,
Through the pallid pathways, I moved into the caverns,
Trough the morbid glasses they laughed at me from their taverns,
Through the molten magma I tried to look at the road ahead,
Cornered I saw the enigma of life. 

Cavalry after cavalry,
Mighty men kept coming in their regalia,
Men with their myrmidons,
Men who came in their battalia,
Seething in the corner all by myself I lay afraid, 
They kept looking for me and they all did was upbraid,
I Tried not to induce my own inner strife,
Cornered I saw the enigma of life. 

Astonished I gazed at a future that no longer looked wry,
Once and for all maybe there was no one to pry,
Vexation and chagrining had all been abated, 
Never felt so sublime never felt so elated.
Life didn't succumb for all its resilience,
Foes never returned for all their dalliance,
Despication loathsomeness and hatred were long gone,
Cornered I saw the enigma of life.

I tried so hard to fathom that condescending enchantress,
Tried so hard not to fall prey,
Spent my life building a house of cards,
One that would fall to pieces in a fray,
Splurged happiness like tomorrow was not to be,
Once again had the craving to set myself free,
Just then I saw myself in heavenly clouds playing on the lyre,
That statuesque beauty was none but the inferno on my pyre.

Cornered I saw the enigma of life,
Cornered I saw the enigma of life. 

Man is a master of his own fate !

Within a kitten’s whiskers distance from her attainment,
I chose the uncouthness as it seemed too merry,
I choose to desist shaving for I thought I shall tarry,
With a shabby face full of grimace,
I teemed in dejection and appeared so deplorable,
For I looked so subdued and so unkempt,
That I soon became a symbol of being despicable.

People maintained distance from me,
Trying best to withhold judgment,
For mine plight was not a delight,
They finally vetted at my assessment,
Through social prejudice and stereotyping,
Calumnies were issued against me,
Through ostracising from the parish
They finally made my identity to vanish.

I tried hard to linger,
Despite the vilification, despite the hunger,
I tried to last even with this stubble,
Trying hard not to get hit as they rained on me rubble,
I was termed an outcast, so esoteric that they even called me an ignominious beast
For I finally left my reveries and made my way to the benevolent priest.

Son, he said, his eloquence bringing to me some light,
A man ought to be clean shaven and that’s what always seems right,
His halo emanated wisdom and virtue as I sat till the morning sun,
And the moment I felt enlightened, I made my home run.
Off went the grizzly stubble and that parch of weeds,
I was now a worthy man vying on all his needs.

I took my chances on that girl again,
Sensing nothing that shall deter,
I proclaimed my affection in my usual way,
And my clean shaven look bowled her.

What this world needs is not a grumpy looking bear,
Never own stubble that makes you suffer sear,
Never do deeds that make your fortunes abate,
For ultimately man is a master of his own fate.

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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Thizzzzzzzzzzzz....... Somnolence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hidden Within This Somnolence

All within myself as I plunge into this somnolence,

I greet the demons of the past and the harbingers of this turbulence,

For the din never seemed so mellifluous and the dusk so blissful,

For all that I have with me is hidden within this somnolence. 

The paean of the partisans, the revelries of the bonhomie,

The jovial fraternity and the jamboree of the myrmidons,

I stay afloat and how I still stay within their reach,

For all that I have with me is hidden within this somnolence.

They scour and scrounge and execute their heist,

For maybe they don't know my entourage is the priest,

I make no efforts to skirmish or to claim what's mine,

For all that I have with me is hidden within this somnolence.

Their aspersions, their prevarications and their might is all they have,

For they term my way of life sedentary and crotchety,

They may see me as a sinecure, an aficionado lingering on fortunes,

For they'll never know all that I have with me is hidden within this somnolence.

They upbraid, they rebuke and they also chastise,

For they know for sure I'm no poltergeist subject to entrapment, 

Enmeshed within their own conscience is the temerity towards the truth,

For all that I have with me is hidden within this somnolence.

I crave so much for the lambent lights to turn pale again,

I crave so much for the edifice to turn once again virile,

I dream of utopias with her silhouetted robe,

For all that I have with me is hidden within this somnolence.

I resort to soliloquy to disencumber my ordeal,

And yet the detractors' congregate to quash my hopes,

I flabbergast them as I make no struggle to entangle,

For all that I have with me is hidden within this somnolence.

So much for the loathsome lumpen and so much for their perseverance,

I desist following them again, I refute their ideals of subservience,

I still hung tight to my hopes, teeming to be with her so what if only in dreams,

For all that I have with me is hidden within this somnolence.

AAP yahan aaye kis liye?

A lot has been expounded over the supposed misdirection of a revolution that literally revved up the youth and purported to be the harbinger of equality and a corruption free society. However, as it is often the case with political discourses, ardent confreres often end up getting dogmatic about their reality and perceive any chastising or rebuke as a vilification or imprecation. The truth though, remains enmeshed in our unedifying unyielding beliefs. After a point of time, we become so obsessed with the astonishment of our epochal transformations, that we hardly question whether the transformation is actually what we were scrounging for. What we are eventually left with, is a clique of termagants vying for space on the media, tarrying to expatiate and enunciate their stands. No one really questions the veracity of the leitmotif of this play for we all are lowbrows of course. We all exhibit the highest standards of inanity and fatuousness so that we become mere gimmicks in the warp of time. As we step into another such metamorphosis, I'm compelled to ponder over things I've never really thought about.

I read a little while ago that there is something that exists within abysmal depths of the social structure, something which sociologists call social conscience. It is highly intangible, incomprehensible and swamped with veils. It is not what any of us possess individually and neither do we collectively possess it. It is a mere manifestation of what we refrain from saying because we'd be probably be outcast from our fraternities or maybe because we don't have enough firepower to promulgate that hidden belief. I never really entrusted such abstruse and whimsical phenomena to explain cretinous public behavior but this situation is somewhat apt to use it as an explanation of the peevish and petulant deeds of ours. 

What we are witnessing is a revolution, inherently conjoined with the will of extirpating existing dictum and bringing in a new world law. It's quite obvious that constitution permits a revolution to prosper and propagate but that should never happen at the expense of the constitutional maxims themselves. However, as the revolution grows in size and spans more swanky territories, it assumes an incontrovertible stature, probably piggybacked on the deeply imbibed beliefs of self righteousness. It's hard to believe someone can alone conjure the prognosis of a new world order and even come up with the tenets to implement it. Possibilities and probabilities of changes and amendments obviously galore in every facet of democracy but directing all the energy to conspire the quashing of the democratic principles is not a paltry peccadillo. As if the dalliance with swashbuckleness and bravado assumes a more pivotal role in guiding all your decisions and eventually becomes your sole entourage. That's exactly what this revolution has become. 

Extoling and aggrandizing your leaders has long been a culture in Indian polity. A plethora of times we had a leader with a mawkish poseur attempting to look so forlornly and yet so enthused and emboldened as if you had the mighty reverend of reverends in front of you. Yet, people fail to witness the reality working surreptitiously within the caverns. We fail to recognize the fact that all our expectations, all that the beginnings augured, all of them have gone awry. What stays amiss amongst all this, is gravitas in how we think about our own future and how much we spend in that thinking. A man out there whom we thought would bring his ideas to praxis, becomes another one who is an expert at sleight.We fail to see how that man in himself is now bungling within his past and his progeny on his conduct. A man struggling to find resort between activism and polity, and a man who knows no more of public responsibility than removal of corruption. He has his own set of ideals, all right, but he seems to be missing that sense of execution. Yet we let the times beguile, merrily hoping in our reveries that the utopia might finally arrive someday and yet we fail to notice how unknowingly we await yet another doom.

The question still comes back full circle. Are we near that catharsis which we believed shall come at the behest of those we've sent to power? Are these men in trite clad with an allegorical neta topi going to extricate us? And last but not the least. are we once again walking on the stairs of deception and chicanery like we've been doing for ages, silently waiting for the epiphany to debunk all our beliefs and hopes? This wait for answers, shall be excruciating. 


Thursday, 9 January 2014

When the burly Microsoft went surly.

So here's an article I wrote for an online competition organized by an online article portal. I will not divulge their name to prevent them from being subjected to public ignominy by my fans for not selecting my article amongst the ones to be eventually published. I don't want to extirpate anyone, you know. Fortunately, we have our own platform to express ourselves. So, here it goes. 

Microsoft Corporation, the Redmond Giant, has been a harbinger of viable PC operating system solutions and has taken the fore in office suite applications and various other kinds of software solutions. It has undoubtedly become inimitable in terms of the market share it holds in the PC operating system markets and continues to maintain its stronghold despite ferocious attempts by Mac and open source fraternity to tip it off. Despite all this gargantuan success, Microsoft too had its share of failures. At times it couldn’t conjure the various possibilities and at others, it simply tried to either imitate the competition or tried to do a little too much. Here’s a list of 5 mistakes Microsoft would always shy away from.

BOB – 1995

The home screen of BOB

Microsoft launched BOB with a lot of fanfare and anticipation in 1995, hoping that it will soon become a buzzword and a ubiquitous piece of code running on all those 8 MB SDRAM systems. BOB was a Graphical User Interface(GUI) ancillary solution for Windows 3.x and Windows 95 operating systems. It was a kind of a graphical assistant running over your operating system, claiming to provide you with a better and more assistive operating environment. It had a virtualization of a home with various rooms and kitchen etc, just like a real house and a virtual dog helped you roam around in the house. One room, say had a desk and papers on it and if you had clicked on it, BOB would open the Word software for you to compose your documents. For users will versed with how to click on the Word logo on the desktop to open it, this additional effort was nothing less than futile. BOB was later on made available for even the upcoming operating systems including Windows NT 4.1 launched in 1997 and Windows 98. BOB met with heavy criticism because it occupied a huge chink of memory that was already in paucity and often made the system to hang. Moreover, it simply extended the task of opening an application by making you hover on the various items placed in the house to get to your application. BOB was a woeful fracas because it tried to assist you for something that you simply did not need. It in fact made your task more difficult. Microsoft big shots believed that BOB failed because it was way ahead of its time. Whatever it was, BOB features in millennium lists of worst tech products.

Microsoft XP Tablet PC Edition – 2002

Bill Gates unveiling the first XP Tablet in 2002

In what was another attempt of transcending the bounds of time, Microsoft became a little too overambitious about the prospects of tablet PCS a little too early. With the advent of palmtops being launched in the fall of 2000, Microsoft thought about adapting their next OS for the tablet PC environment and came up with a somewhat downscaled version of their XP operating system in 2002. This was followed by a furore with a lot of PC and laptop manufacturers coming up with quick models capable of running the new OS. Consequently, a lot of devices were sold with the new hardware coupled with the new OS and everybody began to believe that the tablet PC era is here. But soon enough, the ramifications of downscaling an OS became evident. Continuous page faults, invalid memory swaps, slow performance, and the frustration that piled up because of downscaled features not working properly on a not so powerful machine eventually kicked out the devices off the market. Once again, Microsoft tried to create a niche only when the iPad was introduced by Steve Jobs of Apple in 2010.

Windows Millennium(ME) – 2000

In 2000, Microsoft was brimming with confidence after the success that they had with the Windows 98 Second Edition SE). But now, with the advent of the new decade, century as well as millennium, the Windows 9.X series was to become a bygone. Hence, Microsoft came up with 2 new operating systems, one after the another. One was Windows 2000 and other was Windows Millennium or ME which was promoted as Me to turn it into a cult. Whereas Windows 2000, which comprised of 3 server editions and a single personal user edition, was largely targeted towards users of Windows Server environment, Windows Me was positioned as a replacement for Windows 98SE. However, the replacement turned out to be worse than the ancestor. Extremely slow performance, illimitable number of bugs, random errors related to DLLs and file system and the celebrated blue screen of death made it a source of animosity towards Microsoft for its users. The professional edition of Windows 2000 and the entire gamut of Windows Me were later replaced by perhaps the most successful Pc operating system till date – Windows XP.

Internet Explorer 7 and onwards

The Internet Explorer(IE) was once the pride of Microsoft and the users. It was considered to be the most streamlined browser with the best possible security and customization. However, complacence often gets the worst of you. In 1994-95 when Netscape Navigator was harrowing across the Internet Browser market with unique features and design, Microsoft started working heavily and burned the midnight oil to eventually come up with IE 4.X and IE 5.X versions of Internet Explorer that eventually eliminated Navigator by 1999. Later on, Microsoft played the masterstroke with IE 6 in 2001. IE 6 was the default browser of Windows XP and they together made the most successful combination of OS and web browser, providing users with unhindered experience. But then, Microsoft thought that’s it. No more need to work on a web browser now. And the next update to IE came as late as 2006, 5 years after the release of IE 6. In the meanwhile, ingenious browsers like Opera, Firefox and Safari came up with features like tabbed browsing, secure browsing and what not. And soon, an obsolete IE was eclipsed. IE 7 was haphazardly developed with inclusion of aforementioned features but it had already lost the buck. And with the introduction of Google Chrome, they had now another fierce competitor. Finally, the fracas in from of IE 8 and IE 9 simply did it for Microsoft with all the remaining loyal customers moving towards better alternatives. The same Microsoft which triumphed in the browser war in 1994-1999 was now swept out. Wait, the webpage is still loading!

Vista – 2006

And how can this list be over without a mention of Vista. You could have used it as a third degree measure to make convicts of felonies to confess. Slowest, heaviest and the most buggiest OS of the Windows family. It not only needed more Ram than average, even with that it often produced difficulties in browsing and deterred the smooth operating environment provided by its predecessor XP. It was in fact nowhere near the brilliance of XP which could faithfully run on a single chip of 64MB Ram as well. Vista was made to look murky and trendy for no apparent reason. The buttons were provided some gleam and some experimentation was tried with the celebrated start menu, all of which added to the already built up agony of the users. The new OS was outright rejected and courtesy of some security loopholes and other lacunas, Microsoft eventually itself urged businesses to continue business to use XP until the next version was released. And once again, just like XP saved Microsoft from the blunder they made in the form of Me, Windows 7 saved them from the embarrassment caused by Vista.

The list is by no means comprehensive. Other prominent failures include Zune, Kin and their smartwatch. Microsoft, with due respect, still holds substantial market share in its bulwark arenas, but this list shows how even a gigantic corporation can falter. 

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Some animals are more equal than others.

In an almost callous and servile way, I have become a confrere of the Orwellian prophecies. More often than not, dystopias are what we witness and not utopias , but Orwell scores in terms of the precision with which he predicted the moribund state we find ourselves in today. Orwellian and Machiavellian tactics and styles of leadership may seem atrocious but as the saying goes, a nation always gets the leaders it deserves, no more no less. You get a virtuoso of an administrator, you're good to go. You get an infidel demagogue, well, you voted him in power yourself. Public memory is not only short, we also possess an almost indelible and inveterate desire to stay naive and credulous. Too easy to careen us by emotional exhibits and get us by your side. We're born to burn the midnight oil and still question the veracity of our own contribution everyday. We are born stoics, meted with the right treatment from the iniquitous totalitarian regimes we chose to have for ourselves. All of it never seemed too obvious but maybe Orwell found portends in his dreams and always manifested these traits in some of his characters. I'll focus on Boxer from Animal Farm, or Manor Farm as Napoleon renamed it after using chicanery to get along with the humans and helping humans besiege the farm again.

Boxer was a stout horse with a burly built. Animal Farm always mentioned him as a devout follower of the repugnant Napoleon, for whom Boxer possessed enormous reverence and gratitude. "I will work harder" and "Napoleon is always right" became almost quintessential to Boxer's response after someone presaged a rebuttal or someone signaled a revolt. Boxer was used as an allegorical equivalent of what Orwell envisaged as the modern suave man. The man will go any and every extent to please the bosses, always wary of the consequences of doing so, but the man will rarely question the prudence of what he is being asked to do. The man, as I'd like to refer, has become a myrmidon of an anonymous entity whose only job is dispatching orders. And the man's only job is to carry out the orders with full faith and conation. The only perk the man perceives is the vaunting he can do regarding the faithful execution of the tasks he performed. However even at the slightest augur of someone starting an altercation as to what they did was actually supposed to be done, the man turns bellicose and adopts the cynical approach.

In his quest, the man is often assisted by his consociation which primarily comprises of other sycophants and men belonging to the following clan. The group further kindles the man's total subservience towards the rule by asserting in him the faith that what he is doing is right. The herd of sheep did that in Animal Farm by enchanting the ever changing Napoleon's dictum in bewildering unison. When retribution is in rarity and when you have someone as persuasive as an entire cohort of followers, you're bound to turn blind to that slightest of sub-conscience which for once stymied you and allowed you to question your action. However, with things punctiliously carved out to quash every possible rebellion and with you having the demonaic consequences ingrained within your mind, you choose not to question any maxim. With time, you become and inherent part of a rather peculiar congregation. You actually lose track of any other ideas than to work for your lords. You lose all the reminisce of that glorious history which once you were occupied with. The only rationale of your life is now to please your lord by working faithfully and as seamlessly as possible. Your lord and the ambit of his rule become the only purview in which you could think and hence your work becomes the only pleasure you have in your quiver.

 Although the modern culture is ripe with individuals exhibiting the above set of traits, collectively we all are a part of a society that is nowhere near what we call ideal. We are obviously plagued by a host of problems teeming our daily lives, but germane to the discussion is the fact that we acknowledge iniquity and yet not rescind an action that furthers its impact. We all have rather been institutionalized to such an extent that we are even not able to detect the presence of elements that jeopardize our own interests. We act at the behest of the social forces which were surreptitiously emblazoned in such a way that we completely surrender ourselves to their supposed might. We exist as a symbiosis and yet we continue to not only exhibit apathy and indolence to the cause of our brethren but also to those of ourselves. Sooner or later, inequality becomes our only reality and the only one we consider ourselves adept to live in. In fact we become so attuned to it that a blitzkrieg promising to bring an end to the malaise, is also not looked upon with a lot of trust. What else to expect when the perpetrators of the battle more often than not turn out to be the progeny of the next sect of aristocrats who would rule us. As the Squealer proclaimed it correctly, "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others". 

The virtual desideratum.

1999 was the year when my parents gifted me and my brother with what was the most esoteric of things for us to grasp at that time. A Compaq presario mv 520 personal computer. My brother, having being exposed to modern technology before, was quickly able to devour the sumptuousness which that machine had to offer, but for me, it remained an edifice I was yet to get acquainted with. My brother helped me get the nuances of operating a ultra powerful machine at a paltry age of 9 and in just about 2 weeks from our introduction, I mastered the art of playing Minesweeper on Windows 98 SE. Soon enough, I witnessed another spectacle which included a barrage of sounds emanating from the posterior of the CPU, whose expansion I didn't know then, when my brother connected a landline telephone wire and clicked some logos on the screen. He introduced me to the evasive ritual as setting up a dialup connection. The sounds used to come in the beginning and it would culminate in some thing popping up at the bottom of the screen and an inscrutable contentment on my brother's face. When I asked what this cretinism was all about, he told me, "It's the Internet". 15 years back on that day, I had no idea that this term and the requisite medium will become the most prevalent things in our generation.

For about a decade subsequent to that day, I remained frugal in terms of how I allowed the Internet to influence my life. I used Google back in 2002 for a standard 8 English project wherein I had to present something on conservation of the woods. I witnessed a chat session going on Rediff back in 2000 when Hritik Roshan resorted to technology for interacting with a panoply of fans who were desperate to talk to him after his debut KNPH resulting in a pandemonium at the box office.I even surfed for a while on a murky which predicted the date of my departing this life. And last but not the least, I surfed on Orkut back in 2004 because I saw in some news bulletin on NDTV that some new social platform has emerged for interacting with your entire friends circle at once. I was occasionally amazed and befuddled with my ephemeral chronicles on the Internet but I never really believed in it becoming so ubiquitous that one day, I would belong to it. And then came 2009, when my tryst with the fabulous medium transcended all the mere bounds and realms and we got tied in a rather nuptial relationship.

My complete acquiescence and obsequiousness towards the Internet could be attributed to a combination of factors. One, I was made to use more and more of the Internet to find material prevalent in my courses and secondly, social networks were now really becoming behemoth in terms of coverage. By 2010, I was spending 5-6 hours everyday, just crawling around on the Internet, wandering across the plethora of URLs it had to offer and savoring all the luxuriance and bliss that it subjected me to. Internet suddenly became a way of life. The transformation wasn't conspicuous but gradual. Just like they promulgate in that Day of Love ad for some corundum commercial. It just happens. Complete subservience towards something and that too in such an unprecedented scale was something I never expected getting into. I not only became a myrmidon of the Internet and also a seasoned devotee. Suddenly, all the vexation for not finding enough information was gone and so was the deleterious soliloquy that I became so accustomed to. Our catharsis had officially arrived.

Having said so much of something as efficacious as an elixir, it's time to celebrate the most quintessential elements of what makes the Internet assume the conviviality. Content and presentation is the answer. We seek content of all sorts, be it professional or be it pertaining to the relationship status of a friend. Believe it or not, Internet has made all of us astute. We like to delve deeper and deeper into things because we simply have more easily accessible information at our disposal. A myriad of information regarding all and everything we are likely to seek is now available. In fact it's available in superfluous way with even redundancy creeping in at times. The most coveted and craved for sites are those which provide information in such a conspicuous and lucid manner that your quest for the information you sought on these sites never goes futile. The winning sites have always been the ones that have appeared somewhat variegated, exhibit structure and organization, and most importantly, they change with time and technology. On the other hand, we also had some repugnant sites which could never sense the changing times and hence faced a double whammy., thereby waning into history.

While sites like Google and Yahoo have lived long enough to become impregnable in their demeanor, there are certain sites which bring with them an element of delirium that makes the very unique. Every website serves a unique purpose thereby making Internet into a comprehensive network instead of making it a gargantuan labyrinth. All sites amalgamate into each other to produce utility all around. And although what's good for sites of one kind may not be good for others, we've already seen some traits of good sites. So, why not plunge into a good site and see what it does.

One website that literally carved the niche for the Indian webscape was Rediff. Rediffusion had been into media even before India opened its gates for the Internet. Rediff came into existence way before any other Indian corporate even thought of doing so and hence became the first commercial domain to be registered from India. Apart from the history, Rediff was able to bring Internet to the Indian, the Indian way, since its very genesis. The aforementioned Hritik Roshan chat was a classic example. They knew our avarice for getting to know more from our favorite actors. Rediff took all that in its realm. They also became the first ones to bring in additional services like mail and discussion portal. In fact the first two email ids I had belonged to Rediff and Yahoo. Above all, their discussion portal is a runaway success. Despite platforms like Quora and Disqus taking over the reins, Rediff continues to get a good response on what's posted by their editorial team. Rediff also categorizes and structures its content very adeptly. Rediff has in fact being the first ones to divide their homepage into apposite categories pertaining to entertainment, politics, cricket and others. What all others do today, is something Rediff conjured and started applying years ago. I still remember how I used to refer to Rediff as often as I did to cricinfo for cricket related news and scores. That's simply because of the ease with which information was always available on Rediff.

One of the first occasions wherein I got myself indulged in Internet discussions was also on Rediff itself. They used to keep posting stuff about new movies and their insights into sociopolitical developments in and around the country, and I often used to engage in discussions with some seasoned guys who just like me never got enough of Rediff and their stuff. We used to go hours and hours incessantly, discussing as waywardly as we can, until Rediff came up with another intriguing article. I still remember how I and a few others discussed for hours the prospects of the Hindi remake of the movie Ghajini on a thread which served as a recapitulation of a celebrity chat with Asin, which still had the same element as the one Rediff organized for Hritik back in 2000. In essence, Rediff never really changed itse offerings, it just became much more advanced and hence never went obsolete. Moreover, they worked hard to make sure it does not lose the necessary essence associated with their various services. Their interfaces and color themes always appeared right for a bonhomie and left billows once you left their site. I guess Rediff is perhaps the only site I always open once I get onto the Internet and now I've been doing that for 13 long years !

The Rediff Homepage. As vibrant today as it seemed 13 years ago.

Going forward, Rediff too is moving to new horizons just like others. They have come up with a e-commerce component and they've also made refinements to their mail service which I've always found austere and well suited for the normal surfer. They're also experimenting with their insights on politics wherein they are working hard to preset the users with enthralling statistics and descriptions of their predictions and analyses on various political scenarios. They've also given a more holistic look to their home page with a Windows 8 kind of interface. It has certainly added a little more tinge to their interface which I've always considered resplendent. I know of no other website which has been so successful in rescinding unnecessary changes and being so good in maintaining the original value at offer. 18 years since the domain was registered and even though it still serves the same things, it serves it the way we want it today. I guess that's what a good website is ought to do. Every website serves a unique purpose which only it can serve. No mater how much the times change as well as the technology, the originality of the site should never be lost as a substantial portion of the users still come looking for the same thing that they were looking for when they first visited you. I've been privileged to be a part of various consociations on Rediff for my journey on the Internet. So, who has been your entourage on the Internet for all this time ?

This post was written with the intent of submission towards The Elegant World Wide Web contest organized by WebRiti and The Blog Bowl.