Thursday, 23 January 2014

Cornered I saw the enigma of life!!!

Cornered I saw the enigma of life,
Through the peepholes of nature,
Through the woods that lay rife,
Through the woods that gave stealth,
Through the woods for whom I never felt,
Through the woods with whom I once played, 
Through the woods that I now slayed,
Cornered I saw the enigma of life.

I tried to question my actions, 
I found my hopes dwindling into grit,
My dreams continued to portend the sordidness,
My conscience kept melting into frit,
Through the pallid pathways, I moved into the caverns,
Trough the morbid glasses they laughed at me from their taverns,
Through the molten magma I tried to look at the road ahead,
Cornered I saw the enigma of life. 

Cavalry after cavalry,
Mighty men kept coming in their regalia,
Men with their myrmidons,
Men who came in their battalia,
Seething in the corner all by myself I lay afraid, 
They kept looking for me and they all did was upbraid,
I Tried not to induce my own inner strife,
Cornered I saw the enigma of life. 

Astonished I gazed at a future that no longer looked wry,
Once and for all maybe there was no one to pry,
Vexation and chagrining had all been abated, 
Never felt so sublime never felt so elated.
Life didn't succumb for all its resilience,
Foes never returned for all their dalliance,
Despication loathsomeness and hatred were long gone,
Cornered I saw the enigma of life.

I tried so hard to fathom that condescending enchantress,
Tried so hard not to fall prey,
Spent my life building a house of cards,
One that would fall to pieces in a fray,
Splurged happiness like tomorrow was not to be,
Once again had the craving to set myself free,
Just then I saw myself in heavenly clouds playing on the lyre,
That statuesque beauty was none but the inferno on my pyre.

Cornered I saw the enigma of life,
Cornered I saw the enigma of life. 


  1. This is amazing, Tushar! :) Wonderful

    1. Thanks Preeti. Your eulogistic comments bring some bloom to this otherwise desolate blog :)