Thursday, 13 February 2014

Like there's no tomorrow !

Plans, industriousness, assiduousness and total subservience towards the 'goals' is what every veteran will teach you in order to surmount the vexing tumult of life. Life is a complex affair, full of the din and desolation which make it somber and loomy. But life is also the very source of verve which inoculates in you the elements of gratification and surreal pleasure. Life's a mix of wows and woes, triumphs and tribulations. That's the kind of haranguing you'll get by any veteran who's had decades of experience by his hand. Everyone around you is spreading this philosophy and orchestral mooting of life's unpredictable nature and how it's becoming a more arcane affair with every day that passes by. People and papers, both would just tell you about the iniquities that exist and the cudgels of repugnance and nefariousness that you're likely to confront and hence you're supposed to be prepared to take on. Any departure from this supposed "follow the rules and succeed" dictum is considered effrontery. I wonder, where has life disappeared all amongst this !

Open up this particular news channel and you'll find this UFO raking in a cow, all in hopeless animation of course, and a bunch of self proclaimed ET specialists mulling over whether aliens need and feed cows or not. And all the time, you'll find this heading "Kya Aleins Gai Ka Doodh Peete Hain". I mean if we can create a serious surmise out of something so preposterous, we can do anything. We'll go every height to create an atmosphere of intense seriousness all around. We want customs, more and more of them and same is our covetous desire for guidelines. We always need something or the other to follow. We need systems, hierarchies and formal procedures to do everything. We even enjoy doing that because it projects us in more urbane and suave light. We take pride in never departing away from the road that we call 'normal'. We like to be the blue eyed boy of our immediate patron because we want to be set up as an example of perfection. We go so much into this that we do things perfectly just to detract and belittle others who supposedly aren't as good at that trade as us. We buy DSLRs because it's 'cool' to have one and if we don't have the pecuniary backing to have one, we'll get one from somewhere and get ourselves clicked, thereby projecting that we have one and that we can use it. Bingo ! 

I may seem as one who does not follow what'll I've said but even I'm hapless. Even my conscience has been enshrined by these modern principles. Even I've been a victim of this decrepitude. We all, including me as well, have created a social structure symbolized by sheer compliance. Every social group will have a set of rules but we tend to live by them. Anyone who goes against, is either ostracized or in certain precarious cases, turned into a cadaver. You may consort with your fellows at the extremes and guys at the extremes will go any distance to belie and debunk the claims and veracity of other. Barca's followers keep chastising those of Real and the Real fans keep rebuking Barca. I, trying my level best to desist that normal opinion, leave on by saying "Sannu Ki ?". It's begun to seem as if we need some serious issue to fuel us, be it an argument or some impending affair. Seriousness has become such an inherent part of life that even the babas who expound liturgical speeches have resorted to structured talks rather than their quintessential leprechaun like behavior. In short, seriousness has become self-aware and self-breeding. 

We have 12 year odds nettling their parents by lingering on to something in a shop and surprisingly, the parents shell out the money and buy it.  I mean without really considering the impact that a Tegra quad core processor equipped tab can have on your novice child, you spend the hefty bucks. Why ? It's impulse. We vie for girls who are contemporary belles but we also look for that modern element of resplendence that comes with maybe dressing as well as demeanor. We don't crave for those who are demure and prudish. If we actually wanted to be serious, we would have chosen the latter. While buying a car or the bike, the "Kitna Deti Hai" horde will go for mileage but the young at heart types will go for the exuberance. While indulging in delicacies, we don't count the number of calories using a calorimeter but we measure the pristine pleasure which the culinary delights shall bring to our gourmand self. These are all examples of impulse. Probably the only inheritance we were conferred from our predecessors is this trait of ours. Impulses are too ephemeral to have any scope for improvisation. We genuinely do what we want to do and maybe for those instances, we forget all the rules. That's how a life is to be lived. 

I believe that our era, marked by semblance of professionalism and incisiveness, is a total farce. We do things just because we're told to do them and we stay serious and affirmative about them just because it's mentioned in the rule book. There are rules everywhere. Rules for spitting and rules for jumping signals are mandatory, but rules for having a spunky hairdo are obnoxious. I mean let the guy have the grumpy hairdo for a day and he'll himself go bald the next day. But what's with preventing him to have anything else except a military cut. Same is the case with the tacit rules of life. We have schedules for everything we do. However, work is the only thing from that schedule that we manage to do. We've also gone to the extent of explicitly reserving time for ourselves but the only time we end up giving to ourselves is in dyeing the reminisce of our fast disappearing hair and that too just because we'll look too asocial once they're gone. Our bodies are languished and so is our conscience. What's gone up though are the number of zeroes on the payslip and the rotundness of our bellies. We even party for the sake of partying and drinking our preset, and at times untrammeled, quota of liquor. We've had this remote control of rules and regulations guiding us everytime without our notice. Heresy is something we don't even think going for.

Seriousness, they say, is a virtue of the vice. It's believed that the punctual and the punctilious are simply bound to break the barrages someday. Our future has become hardwired by an ordain of orthodoxy posed upon us by no one but ourselves. We eat with social customs and etiquette in our minds, we sleep with an abject consideration of being able to get up on time and all the  more importantly, we live to ensure we could live some more. Amidst these programmed tenets of our future, we do find time between our friends and family to savor the lusciousness of life but that we do only when we momentarily waive our concerns. Probably for that small duration we recall our ancestors who were no less than hobgoblins. It's not a person or a thing's overt seriousness that exasperates and astounds me, it's this collective seriousness which I myself exhibit as a price I pay for being a part of the system. The best I can do to sum up this mood is that people ki #ConditionSeriousHai. A future without it is chimerical but maybe someday, we shall thrive again and live in an Elysium like they showed in the movies uptil those of 90's. Pure bliss !

How about grabbing a Five Star and getting lost in that reverie again .:D


  1. Well written Tushar....I totally loved the line '"Kya Aleins Gai Ka Doodh Peete Hain" honestly TV channels can even put up such annoying headings!
    Good luck for the contest!

    1. Thanks a lot, Samar. Glad that you liked it. :)