Monday, 3 February 2014

The KYU HYUN Facebook Spam

So just as I was beguiling some time on Facebook like I always do, someone tagged me in this eerie picture posted by someone who goes by the name "Kyu Hyun". Having had an avarice for analyzing social spam facades in the past, it took me no time to recognize that as a spam. It was this picture that I include below and it had a panoply of comments wherein people tagged almost all of their Facebook friends in as many comments as it took. Just as I was admiring the ingenuity of the purported mechanism adopted, someone else tagged me in a comment alongwith a host of others. For someone with 800 odd friends to have been tagged twice within a few minutes in a spam that on the face looked so gibberish, it was befuddling.

I tried to delve into what the spam is all about. It's obviously deployed by a group of hackers who are shrewd enough to know the propagation rules of the game. Give the gullible and credulous a bait to lure, and they will follow you. As it seems, this entire spam was designed keeping the incessant human craving of peeping into others' life into purview.The spam mentions about a link which contains an elixir that will help you hack into someone's profile. It makes you visit the target's profile, makes you visit that code containing  link and then it asks you to paste the code on the browser's code consoles and promises you of receiving the requisite target's credentials in a while. While people became so inexorably involved in the process of hacking into the profiles of maybe their arch rivals, they forgot to guard their own flanks. The purpose was served. Anyone and everyone who was got allured, ended up tagging almost all of their Facebook friends on the comments on this picture, thereby building a more behemoth of an audience susceptible enough to the phenomena. While this took place, the initial target couldn't even notice what happened.

A few noteworthy things about the scheme is the ineffable lingering we have for hacking into someone's profile. I mean given the spread and contagiousness of the spam, almost every person might have wanted to imprecate someone else or maybe make that person appear a schmuck or a cretin on their social profiles. Or on the other hand, people simply wanted to scrounge others' profiles for prospective intimacies that burgeon on an amiable and affable platform like Facebook. Whatever made people go for it, was large enough to motivate them to such an extent that they were even ready to type codes in a browser console to do that. I can't make estimates but not a lot of Internet users are normally aware of an embedded code console being available in modern browsers. Moreover, a lot of people would obviously have been unaware about the repercussions of using the consoles at all. However, they still did it, just at the mere pretext of it giving them a way to look into someone else's life.

The spam was incisively designed bringing all tenets of human behavior into consideration. It may seem this is an encomium or a panegyric but it's not. I'm merely expressing my astonishment on the way the spam not only acted the way the hackers wanted it to but the spread went so unprecedented that you had some 14000 comments with the Facebook tags in 18 hours time. It would have really inundated Facebook's content delivery networks all across the globe with surreal amount of traffic. What's more germane to our discussion though is the fallible human conscience. We have such temerity for our morals and so much of avidity for vengeance and vendettas that it has almost become a sine qua non for us. We would chase our opponents no matter how much we tend to overlook the veracity of the modes and means we use to do that. That initial speck of something going in our favor in this fray, makes us go for it without bothering about what's going to come of it. While what has happened on Facebook is just a mere apparition of what has happened many a time in past and would be eventually curtailed, it's just another more scaled down version of what we humans are notorious for. We have so much against each other that it acts as a gargantuan source of energy for a third party to suck in all the energy, leaving us enervated and leaving them stronger as ever. This provenance of this spam is a well known human fallacy - our inability to look beyond our own inner strife. Something that has made us accustomed to getting fooled, time and time again. 


  1. Thanks for taking us through this KYU HUN spam. Interesting.