Thursday, 27 February 2014

Project Krypton 1.0

Okay, it's been some time since I promised rolling out a project just like all blogs do. In fact if I'm not wrong, this supposed project should have been rolled out 9 months ago. I apologize but I simply did not have many ideas back then and although I don't have a lot of ideas even now, I do have something to write upon a clandestine subject. So, here we are with another project on our blog. Unlike most of our past projects which couldn't move beyond 4-5 posts, we do believe this one would pan out better.

In brief, Project Krypton embraces heterodoxy. We've had quite a lot of sensible and information emanating posts in the past but now it's time to revisit the original theme of the blog. Project Krypton is an honest attempt to connect with our aboriginals and to offer a truce to those who find us disdainful. The first series of posts shall focus on the inherent flaws of our collective thinking and later on as we all progress, we might move on to more subtle and more targeted themes. Without much of a delay, we'd like to kick off straightaway, 

This first post is an experimental one so pardon us for any imbecility. I was wondering for the last few days if we all have become so stiff in our thinking that we cant come up with anything intriguing enough for pursuing as a profession than the regular tepid assignments we chose to take otherwise. Although sensible ones oft leave this fanaticism as they have a well chalked out plan for their future and are also capable enough to take it forward. I'm particularly talking about the group to which I belong. People who're not really sure what to do. Maybe the professions we enlist in Project Krypton could provide you some closure. 

Arsonists, I was befuddled by the idea of being one but was amazed to know they have a word for that profession. In fact every activity for which there exists a formal word, was once, or is likely to be a profession worth pursuing. Just imagine the enigma and enticement of a job like that. You have no purpose in your life, no enmity towards anyone but everyone and no ties to salvage. What would you do then to earn a bread? Take contracts and initiate infernos. I don't have parables to justify my argument but maybe arson was a full fledged profession in the past. 

Let us try and envisage the possibilities that shall exist in this profession. Your neighbor harangued you for breaking his windows, you set his house on fire. Your teacher rebuked you for not submitting assignments on time, you set the staff room on fire. You couldn't get a reaction right in the chemistry lab, you formulate a new reaction to set the whole school on fire. In fact one really fascinating aspect about these uses is that either you burn down any traces that could lead to your felony or you would burn down yourself. Whatever it may be, you'll never get caught!

Now taking the idea to the next stage, can we actually carve a full time business out of it, We've already learnt about contract killers and specious murders. These professions though, always jeopardize the safety of those employees involved in executing the actions and just like other professions, the managers refuse to vindicate and leave all blame on the executioners. In order to prevent that from happening again, these avenues should start using arsonists to do the jobs. Arson not only makes the job less nettlesome, it also makes sure you cover your tracks well. Arson becomes the panacea to all problems. 

It remains to be seen how widespread this phenomenon would be in the times to come. Modern thoughts and technologies have always taken quite a lot of time to witness massive adoption. So, although we're ready with moving towards a society where surreptitious operations are predicated on arson, not a lot of people are likely to switch to the newer paradigm. You'll have the usual resistance and clamor from the veterans of the olden art. Their odium and spurning will stop us but the younger comrades will surely respect our stance and adopt it  They'll make sure Project Krypton sees some daylight someday.

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