Thursday, 20 February 2014

The archetypal young Indian.

Completed 24 years the last week and tried to sum up all that I've done till now. I was scrounging for an element that might have remained intact for all these years and that's likely to go strong as I move on. And while I tried doing that, my quest for answers took me beyond mere introspection. I soon realized that I'll have to witness those elements in actions not of my own, but through the actions of others from my own consociation. I created a mental puzzle of all the most defining moments we all witnessed together as a herd and tried to see what we represent as a horde.

Despite the cudgel of problems that keeps hitting on our face every time we try something different, there is something unique that binds us to our purpose. We know how to switch between dreams and we can do that with amazing celerity. We know how to taste failures and how to probably fight back, but at the same time, we've also learnt how to surrender the dreams which we probably borrowed from others. In short, only a few of us genuinely carve a future of our own, one meant for no one but ourselves. We instead rely on others for building our dreams, be it the grandeur a title of Dr. or IPS that adds to your appellation or be it the affluence a 7 figure salary brings to you. I don't remember the last time when I could genuinely dream about something simple and realistic. All that I can dream about now are histrionic versions of a future too stupendous to be real. Movies and fables to be blamed for that! Some go to my extreme and some pursue the extreme of always being in a limbo.

We, individually and collectively, have grown extremely tumultous in terms of forming an opinion. We are a genuine improvement over our predecessors who were bereft with the notions of forming one. Ironically though, the final implication of our opinions is as futile as it was for our provenance. We are too agile in forming opinions and too virile to defend them from thereon. We praise and rather venerate the logic we used while forming the opinion and literally growl in front of someone who puts a challenge to them. However, we never bother to test the veracity of that original logic or subject it to a mental litmus test. Once we form an opinion, our only purpose is to attract the ones without one towards yours. The game changers of our times just make sure this opinion formation takes place at their behest. Our intellectual flanks, always open to hoodwink and subterfuge, are so vulnerable that those without an opinion are hogging to get one and those with one are seeking more and more confreres. Amidst this metamorphosis, no one checks what's true and what's right.

To conclude a post that depicts my own haplessness to some extent, though it magnifies when seen in collective light, I enunciate the presence of one more unique element within us. We tend to become too banal and too institutionalized. While temples of constitution themselves go for a toss, the pliable reality in front of us changes faces so quickly that we could do nothing else but to adapt to it. We come up with a set of rules and guidelines that is so comprehensive but one which no one reads. However, the beliefs vest themselves so tacitly and ardently, that you never know when you've become an apprentice of the new world order. We see more acculturation than cultural revolutions simply because a clique of people is ready to follow. Then it's just a matter of titillating the senses and inducing a new element in the parlance. Whether this happens on a micro or macro scale, is irrelevant, but what's germane here is that followers exist. People look for enlightenment in someone who promulgates them, they look for solace in a place deemed to bring so and finally, they look for a closure in others but not within themselves. That, my friend, is the quintessential young Indian. That. my friend, is me.

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