Monday, 17 March 2014

How Déjà Vu works : Project Krypton 1.1

After having commented on the various cabalistic theories that the world is ripe with, of late I've been finding this fascination that to some extent explains the intriguing secrets of the human memory. Ultimately, all our experiences, all the supposed coincidences, all the serendipity and all instances when we experience a manifestation of a rather strange phenomenon, could actually be ascribed to this phenomenon. Not just that, this element might very well explain the existence of non corporeal or spiritual realms specifically the ones pertaining to souls, poltergeists and even even wraiths. All in all, this theory might end up explaining all those nebulous entities and concepts whose existence cannot be predicated to anything substantial. While most of the realms have an ambit of existence which itself is questionable, the more obvious and veracious ones could be explained. So, here we are, in this second Project Krypton post, making an attempt of explaining Déjà vus.

A brief overture of Zero Point fields is in place though not very crisp or entertaining. It essentially is a collection of a zero point energy that is exhibited by all the entities in the universe. The existence of a zero point state, which to some extent is a misnomer because even at this state the particles do possess energy which keeps them capricious, is predicated by various theories including one by Einstein himself. It is believed that this state represents the lowest possible energy at which a particle exists but even that energy is good enough for the particle to exhibit undulatory wave like motions or whatever they call them. So, simply put up, if the supposed zero pint energies of all the particles in the entire universe somehow intertwine with each other, what ensues is a zero pint field. There are various connotations associated with vacuum as well, but we'll concentrate on what's germane to our discussion.

A radical school of thought vests a lot of faith in the zero point field being the source of all universal energy. As it seems, all those platitudes of your's not uttering anything pejorative as it becomes an eternal part of the universe, were not crap after all. Instead, zero pint field indeed houses each and every word, written or spoken, each and every memory, vivid or sombre and makes sure it leaves pathways to visit that. As per the various zero point field theories, all our experiences and memories could very well be organized in a two tiered model. Memories that are absolutely pertinent to our case, are maintained locally as well as remotely in the zero pint field, whereas the tripe ones skip our internal retention mechanisms and become eternally imbibed in the zero point field.

Taking the notion forward, it's difficult to how zero point field stores such a gargantuan amount of information given that it does not have the intricate mechanism present in a human brain but there are theories. Some believe that memories are stored in the form of organized energy modules where certain configurations may mean different things and this energy continuously keeps a quasi matter state which very well follows the physics postulates. As a result, it can be safely assumed that zero pint field may have its own inherent mechanism of saving memories in form of energy and matter and then we have gateways of accessing them. How and when the brain gets plugged into the field is a different issue that we might tale later on.

So till now we know that all the universal knowledge is actually getting stored in a field. Knowledge here is not merely restrained to what we perceive as knowledge courtesy of our own internal filters of relevance and preference. Universe as a whole may not have any sense of what's to be stored and what's to be left out. As a result, the universe chooses to store each and everything each and everyone of us senses every single day. Every street you visit, every sign you ignore, every thing you hear, every person you see, the universe acts as an ardent believer of the importance of having all of that and hence it saves all of that in the zero point field.

Hence, a Déjà Vu, is palpably a situation wherein you've actually visited a place before or done something similar. What made me inquisitive is that Déjà Vus are not merely about revisiting something from the past, they are a near replay, if not an absolute imitation of the past. You may suddenly witness something as if it's a replica of something that happened in the past and subsequently, you would witness a few more things going the same way. I simpler terms, Déjà Vus are structured as a repetition of an exact series of events. You visited a place, were sitting in some way and your friends chatted out something, and a few days or months or years later, you find yourself in the same or a different place, sitting in the same or the different way and with the same or different pals who may say something similar and you immediately recall that you've hit a Déjà Vu. You may rebut your's having been associated with a similar series of events earlier and may rejoice the astonishment that comes out of this supposed telepathy you may have had with someone who experienced it before, but it was you and no one else.

When you bump into a similar situation again, your mind works faster than you blink your eye. Instead of relaying on your blinkered insights and your bungling struggle of making an attempt to recall on your own, your mind asserts its suzerainty and power over your thoughts and suspends them into subconscience. Your thoughts pave the way for your mind's attempts to fill in. Hence just the first or two events in the actual sequence might prove enough for the mind to trigger the action. Your brain then immediately switches to the global database available in the zero pint field as the last resort. Your brain is trained to know that if it could not regenerate the sequence beyond a point, your locally available memory is obviously bereft of all the pieces needed to complete the puzzle. Although, the local memory did help the brain detect a possible Déjà Vu situation, the brain has no option but to look for connections in the zero pint field. The brain surely works at the rate of petaflops per second during all this time.

So while your conscience has acceded to the process and your brains attempts to look out for a solution, you simply observe the events as they go around you without having the propensity to interpret or save them in your mind. You may see things, hear stuff, but you're in no state to remember them beyond a point of time. They persists for an ephemeral epoch and then they're partially or fully erased. While at the same time, the brain may very well get a possible match in the zero pint field knowledge base. If in case a possible match is found, the replay of that scenario takes over your current observational powers and your present and past play themselves in parallel. Hence while you simply take cognizance of what's going around at the moment, you are also seeing your past roll out and you link it with the present. Whether or not the actual sequence is completely followed in the present or not, the mind continues to play the past and hence you continue experiencing the connection. So while the past and present states interstice, you fail to take note of how things actually went and all you're left with at the end, is the sense of coming out of a Déjà Vu.

You scour for a reason why it happened and while you do that, you tend to loose the unsaved memories of what just happened now. Hence you are no longer capable of recreating the recent scenes and trying to look out for a reason behind the connection. You never even know if what you just witnessed actually went as you witnesses or if you were a little too lost in your ramblings while you did it. You simply forget it after a point of time, terming it as just another Déjà Vu moment. While some may afterwards appreciate the marvels of human life and all such astonishing or flummoxing things that come alongwith it, some may term it as just another irrelevant or impudent exercise by the 'uncontrollable' mind. But if this theory with a very diminutive number of perpetrators is to be believed, your mind does some serious work while you think it builds stories or while you think nature does its play. While nature may actually be involved in recreating the series of events, its this arcane brain and the even more recondite zero point field that set into motion as we go on. In our next attempt to understand this theory, we wish to survey a few interested people on matters pertaining to the aforementioned phenomenon. The next Project Krypton post may very well be based on what we found out further. 

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