Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A Binary PM.

"Everyone who supports us in a public gathering is a patron and everyone who questions is a Maoist. " And likewise, "Everyone who keeps quiet on our dereliction is good and anyone who speaks is a butcher, specially Modi". These are the discussions which one could expect to take place in TMC caucuses. With the entire party being the brainchild of a doltishly imbecile and cynical harridan, there's no surprise the world has come to see of them in that light. The story doesn't stop there. Now, the party also has a self proclaimed harbor of intellect, who for once really was a throb, but now is no more than just another guy with nothing else on the slate. Now what if TMC finds itself in such a position that one of its leaders could embrace the PM's seat for a year. I mean that's how third fronts function. What if Didi becomes the PM? Just imagine. 

While the world is actually full of two types of things, only positive negative, only good and bad, TMC has an avarice of categorizing people on their will. They're so lackadaisical that their categorization ins generated and then implemented in the blink of a eye. They maintain their diplomacy for a while and when the moment is ripe, they hit the hammer on the anvil and either eulogize someone or harrow them. So what if some of the impending policy decisions are supposedly taken during Didi's tenure with Derek as a counsel?

Imagine if Didi has to take a final call on FDI in retail. First of all, the company will scrutinized for any possible combination of M,A and O in its name or the names of any of the stakeholders and secondly, the company shouldn't be selling any paintings! Paintings can get you in trouble. Thirdly, only those corporations who sign a vow of not uttering a word against TMC or any of its repressive policies would be granted a license. So, what about the viability, track record and overall impact on India's socioeconomic framework? Well, we've our own criteria for categorization and you're not devil. The rest are. That's all folks. 

On the other hand, how about reacting to terrorist insurgency and illegal immigrants. Well, as long as terrorists are either all praise or completely neutral on the inadequacies of your rule, we're fine with them. We'll also take care their right to move freely in the country is protected. Same would be the case with immigrants. We'll even give you voter id cards if you promise to vote for us, which i you don't, we'll incarcerate you anyway. The two pole scheme works perfect, makes things so simple. 

And last but not the least, how to put an end to the scuttle of problems. Unemployment, corruption, policy paralysis? Well, the binary logic can help there as well. How do you define the corrupt? It's actually about corrupt souls which are more blasphemous and they belong to those who exhibit sacrilege for TMC and its tenets. Anything else is okay. On employment, try and employ all those who're in your favor and who adulated you even when they didn't have a job. Those who cursed you simply don't deserve any. They're morally decadent. And finally, on policies, adopt those socialist principles hat take the country to the dungeons of somberness and reject those radical models that promise any progress. Accept anything repressive, reject anything progressive. As simple as it can get.Ladies and gentlemen, that's our binary PM for you.

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