Saturday, 26 April 2014

Virender Sehwagnegger

On 2:29 AM EDT, August 29, 1997, just as the Cyberdyne systems model 101, the first cyborg protector of John Connor predicted in 1991, Sehwag(read Skynet) did become self aware. While remaining a subject of much public revile after mercilessly devastating people's panes and windows, it became aware of its true potential, it's true flair. While it reincarnated itself in a new form and visage, the enemy wasn't really prepared. The first prototype of Sehwag was put to test against indigenous models, ones that were simply an advanced version of existing technologies, Sehwag instead was a contraption. He blew them away. The enemy got more wary!

It took two years for the initial prototype to go through multiple changes in internal connections and external structure and Sehwag was all set to be put in front of the opponents. On the other hand, the enemies knew that Sehwag's attack can only be stopped with their best available technology and the world witnessed the clash of the titans. As crisis loomed on the entire fraternity to see a grisly encounter, the enemy knew Sehwag's prowess and made sure Sehwag was eliminated before it could initiate its mechanisms. While Shoaib(read Cyberdyne T800), a clamoring tumultuous and cantankerous hotheaded machine enacted as a faithful savage, Sehwag shut itself down to protect itself from the damage it would have taken for coming out unprepared. It knew the stage would be set for it to demolish the opposition in a few years from then, and it was correct. 

March 29, 2004, 2:29 AM EDT, the longitude had changed, the frontiers had transformed, Sehwag was now a fixed machine, Shoaib was already nauseating and Akram and Waqar(Both T1000s) were now obsolete models, relieved from their duties despite the lack of any viable replacements. Sehwag was completely charged up, with its 120 years of solenoid coupled hydrogen cell power supply. It knew very well it's attack on the field will set ripples all across the world and set the stage for more such attacks. 309 rounds on the field, and that too in lesser number of trials. For the first time, someone witnessed such a terrific muzzle. The world was caught in a blitz. Just like Sehwag predicted, its enemies all over the world came up with a counterattack.

For the next 9 years nearly, Sehwag conquered all fronts, needed some much needed service, and then came back. Sehwag was now becoming cranky but it went going, like a faithful protector, always at the top to act as a shell for the rest. He always came upfront before any other warrior, took blows but made sure he gave more, took vitriolic ones, made sure he gave more intense in lieu, and simply kept progressing. In his endeavor, he partnered with the greats of Sachin(the very creator and viewer of the entire cyborg system) and even Gautam(G884, an obsolete machine sent from the planet of good captains). Sehwag claimed more careers than ever, with the number 19 becoming an epithet. 319 in tests, 219 in ODIs and 119 in T20s. And just like time would have it, a riling 19 was always on the cards.

He may have turned into an irksome moribund machine, seemingly beyond any recovery and has lost the visor that he had when he was new. Now uses glasses, which are the human way of enhancing vision. However, he still has a reprogrammable chip with the core logic still being destroying and expunging the entire attack rather than dallying and beguiling time. Sehwag was sent for a purpose, just as the one for which time sent ViV advanced prototype back in the 70's.While Sehwag saw successors, the latest of which is a Maxwell that comes with an impregnable mechanism and the best clocked processor in the history of advanced computing, the world still needs a hero who can save them from triteness, from going slow. Sehwag's the one who makes it fast, he's the one who makes us ballyhoo again, he's the one who makes the game more joyous, and trust me when I tell you, he'll be back. 

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