Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Vote for yourself, you fool!

And suddenly you have a barrage of posts canvassing and soliciting votes. There are posts that refer to a fake online survey suggesting how one leader is domineering over others in some online poll and some refer to reports by international authorities which themselves may not exist. It has become so archetypal for us young people to form our opinions at the blink of an eye, that I wouldn't be surprised if more than half of us end up voting on the basis of preconceived notions which we are so acquisitive about. It takes time to form an opinion and its our own prerogative to continuously put it to test again and again to reinforce it and have absolute faith in its applicability. We all are expected to get involved in politics right when we are taught civics and its inherent underlying mechanisms at the tender age of 11. Post that, we undergo an initial opinion formation, which subject to multiple exposures and secondhand experiences culminates in the denouement of ours casting a vote. For some reason, I believe that not a lot of my folks have had that transitional phase wherein they could have formed and then built upon an opinion. Instead I'm seeing people who rummage and ferret for online information to buttress their own opinion and test it or rhapsodize it by forcing it upon others. Instead of sharing untested stuff all over the Internet, thinking there's nothing wrong in sharing opinions in a democracy, one is supposed to call for introspection within self to see whether your vote genuinely represents your true belief or not. While your opinions may be innocuous to yourself, they're likely to influence a lot of naive and credulous people, who unlike you, didn't get a chance to form an opinion, which even you may not have done, for all that I know of. Anyways, it's imperative that we don't indulge in incessant formation of arguments over arguments without checking if the initial argument in itself was applicable. These elections have culminated in pools of opinions and while it's a cause to cherish, it's unedifying that people jump into these pools just because their friends have already drowned in them. Gone is that ability to ardently question an argument. Once you support your leader, you become so desultory that you start sharing any and everything like simpletons. While sharing is a way of asserting your support, at least for once check if it has anything to do with your case at the first place. I've come across reports and altercations that even in the wilderness of a secluded planet in a desolate solar system are nowhere near related to what your leader claimed at the first place. Facts over facts, we're building facts out of fiction and we strut with them as if they were the only truth. I'm not getting this point of wearing your opinion to such an extent that you're neither capable of listening to the opposing view, nor are you in a position to support your own when confronted with contradictory data. I don't know where this madness is likely to end, but I still believe the role of social networks has been largely deleterious and flagrant instead of being conducive. We, as voters, and specially young voters, may believe we have all the wisdom in the world, but ultimately, we're still waiting for our notions to be proven right through the support we seek, otherwise there was no point seeking support from those whom you know wouldn't capitulate. So, while we're already half way through, I still believe that we can have some restitution by genuinely finalizing our votes before we hit the booths, instead of forming our opinions on a histrionic tagline or an allegorical raiment or some lugubrious historicity. All who are yet to vote, vote for yourself, by voting for the one who'll make the best come out of you and the nation, and not for others, and don't you dare make others vote for you without you yourself being sure if you've voted for the right candidate. Maybe it's the only chance you'll get for the next 5 years.  

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