Friday, 25 April 2014

Why AAP needs a purpose?

After the grand success of our last article in this ongoing series of posts on AAP, we like to express our heartfelt gratitude to an audience that doesn't exist. For the modicum of people who liked it though, we're obliged enough to write another one for you. The last time we discussed on those elements of AAP that supposedly resulted in its self sustained nosedive into the wilderness. This time, we've got something more pensive as well as poignant about them to debate upon. 

AAP, as you all know, was formed with a purpose to unleash those forces that got abated courtesy of a self imposed maudlin that was hard to conquer.While as a congregation of people with a specific purpose, or at least as AAP deemed itself to be, it became flagrant later on when that purpose in itself was defeated, courtesy of some facetious actions that brought forward the proposition of bungling along as long as a solution was not apparent. Slowly and steadily, AAP merged into the endless sea of panoply of associations and consociations which end up in no more than vacillation and self gratification.

While all this brings an eerie sense of pallidness with it, the american association of periodontists did just that. A duly recognized professional body formed with the sole purpose of bringing the top notch doyans under a common shed for mutual benefit and progress of the field as a whole, it turned out to be a group of mercenaries and niggards, some of which were so pusillanimous that they even refused to own the monies that they actually earned, not courtesy of infringing on any fiduciary terms or deals but by virtue of their own hardwork!

Suddenly, a knowledge sharing platform became a precipitous apogee of misanthropy. While the nobles and the erudite were to share knowledge and pool in their pecuniary belongings for the restitution of the evocative times they thought they could bring back again, the group got backing from surreptitious dental associations backed by the largest dental clinics in the americas. And while all such donations were made out of conation, the members of AAP always arraigned others of falsely alleging them of accepting any such assistance. They even denied owning any money and liked to portray themselves as destitute, even though they'd earned enough for leading a luscious life. 

Moreover, the common sharing of knowledge, as it was supposed to churn out enlightenment and a much needed emancipation, turned out to be a farce. People preferred to become a confrere of a dentist who was the most qualified and despite people's own ardent professional attainments, the ruling members of the body were always voted on the basis of who ruled the association and what was the relationship of any of these chosen members with that man/woman. The organization became hackneyed and full of apostasy. Soon, internal detraction ensued but the culprits thereof were wise enough to leave. However, the association continues to work and thrive. Just hoping it does not distend its reach and becomes one to encompass all the peridontologists in the world. We'll not have any genuine ones left anymore then. 

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