Wednesday, 28 May 2014

End of Days.

Homo Sapiens, a recently formed layer of living tissue on the face of an ebullient planet, and one that bloomed and blossomed like anything. What was just another species amongst the 9 million types to inherit what collectively belonged to all of us, soon became our sole heirloom. However, we were meant to do that, or rather fated to do that. Don't be surprised when I tell you but complete destruction is inhered in evolution, and nature of all the players knows best how to bring it upon its beings. You know who was entrusted with bringing the latest wrath of destruction amongst all the earthly beings? Us!

We began by duly admiring the natural prowess and even bowing down by manifesting it as either gods or as principles. We learned so much from it that its laws became a basis for our own fundamentals. We kept praising it until we believed we are good enough to supersede it. Man, suddenly assumed an insurmountable stature and believed himself to be indomitable. Era after era as we grew in number and might, nature was lost in our nimble though process. Revolutions were envisaged at the expense of everything else and man's resuscitation paved the way for universal destruction. Yes, we were right on track baby!

Pretty much on track. Greeks foreboded this I guess.

Everything we do, every stand we take, ignores all that once guided us -  the nature. With a surreal temerity we seem to have taken over everything else, or at least believe that in our presumption. Suddenly a layer of newly formed diminutive tissue on the face of a gigantic planet, which in itself was nothing in front of other bullies its own solar system, which in itself was nothing in front of other big boys in the entire galaxy, which in all its entirety was nothing in front of other countless galaxies, thought it has conquered the entire universe. Maybe that's a precept for destruction - moral wickedness and a rudderless set of beliefs.

So indulged and so inebriated in the whims and fancies of our lives and our future that sustenance too is thought of only in terms of human civilization. The 9 million odd species are ignored altogether. Bucks are run over and only considered as a bailable offense, tigers' carcass is worn as raiment, rivers are interlinked while overlooking the fact that they house much more than our faecal matter, forests are turned into concrete displays of engineering prowess which we believe is better than that of nature, entire composition of air is getting changed and last but not the least, we beat even nature in creating species through genetic foreplay. It seems that the 9 odd million don't matter anymore because we beat them to an adjudication that was listened to in our own courts. Opiates about our civilizations, we believe the courts can solve any matters, be it the right of a man to a property or be it the right of mankind over the entire planet. And a 'Duh!' is all we have for those who lost, a good 9 million species, not entities mind you, in number. 

Out of nowhere like an epiphany, we began to suffer. Chronic ailments, increasing cases of asthma, arthritis, obesity, renal failures, autism and what not. Much of it is ascribed to our own filthy lives which we believe are at the supreme of any lifestyle, but maybe we got in lieu of what we did to our abode during all these millenia. If you're asking if we did anything wrong. Well, we were absolutely right. Nature sent us as agents for bringing a nemesis, complete obliteration of all life forms because it's time we started again. Mired in our happy homes, we kept doing what nature wanted us to, as faithful confreres, and now we are very well on the path to complete destruction. In terms of profitability and return on investment, yes, our returns are paying off. Floods, acid rains, skin diseases, it is all going so well you know. Premature hairfall, twice your usual weight, it's fun if you ask me. Finally, things are panning out perfectly. In terms of margins, "100 taka faayda". I'm using these terms because that's how we've come to view all our decisions. This one too, to set the tone for universal devastation, seems to be going in our favor. We never get things wrong do we, we always get them right. The inimitable human being gets stuff right again. Congratulations, our hard work has materialized finally. The end of days is just about here. :)

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