Saturday, 17 May 2014

Smartphones and Stereotypes!

Smartphones have gradually become inhered in our identity. You've got people who resort to these devices for doing something as trivial as checking the time to something as beatific as playing a high end imitation of a real life adventure. The biggest players in the market have assumed the dominion long enough to have connotations associated with each brand and its usual offering. This just propelled me to look for trends common to users of respective devices and to map them down to individual categories of people and their respective inveterate traits. The categorization is strictly personal and hence we shouldn't be held liable for any impetuous consequences. 

Rich men with Nokia olden ones: Outright chauvinists or lumpen who may even be technological Luddites. These are people who believe technology is a little too intrusive nowadays and phones should be used for the prime purpose of calling. 

Average men with Nokia olden ones: They're putting up at a place where carrying a smartphone is like leaving a safe open in wide public. 

Women with Nokia olden ones: File not found exception!

Men with Nokia smartphones: Compatriots of Nokia and/or Microsoft who still believe in their prowess and who've had a really bad experience with a Korean(South) cell maker. They believe that a Korean cell maker can do no more than making cells that look alike just like the very ruler of Korea(North) deems right for all the men in his reign through a similar hairdo. 

Women with Nokia smartphones: Searching!

Men with Samsung smartphones: These are normally upgraded Samsung patrons who still have no idea what extra they got from a new purchase or those who are rich enough to get screen replacements after they dropped the phone for the first time. They're also hard core android proponents at times. Some of them become a little too titillated with the idea of using an android root kit and then use it to hack over the entire world. 

Women with Samsung smartphones: These are those who maybe a little too much into gaming and who had a little too many people in the milieu with the same or a similar device. Their choice of model normally depends on the availability and ecstasy of the different covers that come for it. 

Men with Apple: They may either belong to the rich cadre or these are people whose usage demands a powerful enough battery. They might also belong to the consociation of people from top echelons in a corporate hierarchy where the "Blackberry boys" are now replaced by the much more advanced and transformed "Apple guys". These may also be ascribed as those who are an exact opposite of the Samsung cohort. Their usage is cooped up to merely using apps unlike Samsung guys who'd like to dissect their smartphones if they were given a chance to. 

Women with Apple: These are usually women who are not looking for any retribution and hence they'd like to treat themselves with a smartphone that requires low involvement and which doesn't have a lot of contraptions to worry them with. The phone has the usual embellishments so that it can be veiled like a chameleon in parties to inspire awe, and so that it looks good in the mirror when it is used to capture selfies. 

Men with HTC: These are the suave and gallant ones, looking for a spiritual restitution. These are people who desire to have a smartphone which can act as an ice breaker because no one really knows HTC makes cells and not supercomputers. These guys usually have an extremely persuasive aura and are adventurous just as it was vested in the very action of buying an HTC.

Women with HTC: Species endangered with grade 1 urgency!

Men with Mircomax: These are the usual strivers whose regime demands heavy usage and who've already suffered the wrath of any or all of the above. They're an evolved class that knows their phone will not shine anyone off but which can appear Korean from a distance and hence still make them hold their respective position. 

Women with Micromax: They're still trying to figure out if they'll look good while taking selfies with one. 

Men with Karbonn: Hail the person who wrote this post for spending around a year with the same and with the phone still being intact. 

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