Saturday, 21 June 2014

Because Egypt holds all the answers!

On the very onset of writing a hypothetical account of me and my family hitting a new station, I zeroed in on a specific set of places that we could have a penchant for. Unlike the ridiculously overhyped, covertly marketed with percipience, and exaggeratedly sought after destinations, which people are likely to click selfies at post arrival, mine family appears a little too incongruous for all of that. Mine are the kind of folks and agnate who watch Ancient Aliens together and quibble on what could have been the rationale behind a mural scripture on a random wall of a random monument in a random place. We are the kind of people who deliberate on the source of all human intelligence and the only thing we draw swords on, are disagreements on the suggested provenance of a grand monument or some historic decision. Blissful hill stations with all their scenic and serene escarpments, or even any radical city, wouldn't satiate our insolent appetite for mystery, mystique and unanswered questions. So, what's the place that offers it all? Egypt, of course!

I'm not very good at conjuring precise scenarios but just imagine the aura of riding on the hunch of a
capricious camel, with its precariousness, all in the middle of a gigantic illimitable desert, when suddenly, you see tributaries linking up to a giant river. Later on, you see the entire system of river extending along the horizon with all kinds of randomly erected vestiges, until you set your eyes on what's supposedly the single largest mystery of mankind and its evolution - The giant pyramids. One after the other, as if discounts raining in a generous store that's up for clearance, large humongous man made marvels, erecting out, like Poseidon himself boding his arrival. For ones like us who've spent years admiring the rococo and the callously large effort that would have gone into it(Actually aliens made it for them so not that much effort but for complete subservience), that would be the moment to rewind and live again. It can happen only once. The very feeling of seeing those mighty pyramids lined up in their positions representing celestial patterns, and the head of the giant sphinx, standing out like that of a majestic potentate, it all makes me drivel and quaver.

Post living that ecclesiastical moment, we'd quickly get onto our jobs. More than admiring the balustrades, we have to find out the truth at our own level. Yes, the queens' caskets have already been ripped out and hence you can't enter the narrow tunnels fearing to be caught up in a scuffle with mummies. However, you still have the entire labyrinth of passages and pathways running all over. Irrespective of the fact that many a savant couldn't discern it, it takes a family like mine to interpret the positions and to unveil the true purpose. Maybe the great gods of the shore of Nile were waiting for us. With different people with starkly different demeanor and acuity, all tied with one single objective, apart from their being a family of course, you can never escape that one thing that kept mankind from finding all the answers. 

Those granite obelisks which have piezoelectric quartz embedded in them by nature, and which just exhibit pertness for anyone else, are ancient electric power transmitters for us! And those discarded tunnels within the great pyramid, from where the never existent Nefertiti's sarcophagus was hoaxed to be stolen, were actually mixing pipes for chemicals which produced the gas that was burned to produce activated hydrogen beams to titillate the quartz containing obelisks and set them in action. These very obelisks would then supply power to all the obelisks around the world, even the one in front of white house, and the world would communicate happily ever after. That's the kind of insight we possess in regard to that place and that weird and wicked are the things that we are likely to experiment on to find the truth. 

It's hard to believe an entire family can be so heretic. It's even harder to believe that one single place is capable of providing them their nirvana. We seek answers not in the relics we plan to pilfer, but we seek the answers in the people who live and who once inhabited the now esoteric place. It's people who made that place so wondrous and momentous, and it's their creations and their preaching that created the realm, where I and my family seek the answers we hold most dear in our life. Yes, we as a family, are on the hunt for the provenance of mankind and all its progress. It seems that no matter where you are and what you do, there is a place, just like yours or just meant for you, with people just like yours or just meant for you. And it is precisely this place where your quest and tryst ends, and it is at this place where you attain that ephemeral salvation, even with the mere dream of being there just like my family did above. That's how people and places get linked in perpetual connections. That's how ties connect our hearts. That's precisely the tie which a topical new channel Zindagi is about to explore. Their content is weaved around the same and is all set to engulf and environ you with some enthralling vignettes. Visit to know more. They also have a befitting motto, #JodeyDilonKo. Let's see what they have in store for us. 

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