Sunday, 6 July 2014

Your date with freshness.

So just the other day, I received this sample of Baba Elaichi for review. Staying true to our tradition, I never refuse a product review request for anything that has the capacity to savor my senses. Secondly, I have always hunted for a mouth freshener in various grocery stores and supermarkets as I'm the kind of person who guzzles more than a paltry 3 meals a day. I needed something which could provide my moth with that long lasting effervescence post every meal. I have tried many a product in the past but some were a little too strong and acerbic or a little too feeble in taste. I was also averse to heterogeneous ones that had bits of Areca nut, which is pretty commonplace. I was looking for something different and invigorating and that's precisely the reason I opted for the review. 

The pack of the product was simply stunning, with this glimmering container, that alluded the exquisiteness of what was stored inside. Normally they'd throw up a forlorn container with no unique element. This one was packed to represent the luxury trapped inside. This is something that you'd need to carry places and it can be taken out even after dining in a luscious 5 star restaurant. This surely makes it a companion given that t quells a few of the stereotypes associated with mouth freshening. Normally you'd be given aniseed, but this small lithe pack of Baba Elaichi with its pertness, can make you pull it out from your pocket like a boss. And then you'd have everyone around you craving for some.

I can blather to length about how much effort has been put in to maintain that luxuriance around the product. I mean normally a freshener is a luxury, with it tinging your senses post a gourmet delight so that the unusual olfactory mix that post meal dental activity culminates in, could be kept at bay. For the first time, it has been treated so. While I opened the box, there were these small beads of silver coated Elaichi Danas. They looked terrific. This facet once more corroborated the exotic element of the product. Silver once again, is an item that allegorically as well as literally, symbolizes luxury. Hence the silver coating appeared pretty apt on those small little grits. 

Now came the moment, the tasting. I was tempted to have some immediately after opening it up, but I refrained till a meal so that I could put it up to real test. I had my usual heavy brunch, one that was variegated enough to make me feel dizzy and so with my mouth. Then I took these 5-6 beads of Baba Elaichi and took them in. The first contact with your taste buds is priceless. The way the silver emboldens and buoys the vivacity with a gushing energy, followed by how it quickly diffuses throughout the mouth and the oral cavity. It's like that instant inoculation of freshness. 

I gave it to the silver coating which lasts for about a good few seconds but then the real ingredient comes out of the veneer. The small beads of cardamom, with their own unique panache, perfectly partner with the reminiscent and redolence of the silver. These small beads have their own sugary coating which first melts away and forms a perfect medley with the existent silvery touch and then you have the core unhindered cardamom coming out. Finally, you'd chew the small beads to get the final aromatic treat to your senses. It's a perfect medley which all these individual flavors form inside your mouth and the overall feeling is pretty profuse. Moreover, the beads don't stick in between the teeth. Unlike my past experiences where something or the other would become splenetic and get in between two teeth(Maybe that's the reason toothpicks come with aniseed in the same serving dish), the small beads of Baba Elaichi simply melt away.

Finally, I waited to see how the product's freshness fairs in the test of time. I was amazed when I felt the energy and ebullience lasting for about a good 8-10 minutes. It was then that I realized that this is not only a after meal treat, but it can also come in handy during those soporific lectures when you need more of a dental enlightening than spiritual enlightening to keep the siesta at bay. A truly natural product which can provide you with that ecstatic exuberance for a good 10 minutes is surely a winner. It also has a good enough quantity for its price and almost everyone in my family loves it. Even a few friends of mine who tried it, find it very different and scrumptious just like I did.So now I have two of them. One lies at the dining table all the time for the family to savor, and the other one stays in my bag. 

The percipience of the product truly lies in the concoction of flavors that perfectly dovetail with each other. It's the kind of thing you'd carry on with you and grab a few beads after the meals and whenever you feel like needing a dose of ecstasy. So, grab a pack and fix your date with freshness. 

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