Wednesday, 2 July 2014

How you look V/S Who you are.

We've witnessed cultural renaissances beforehand and we know that the times that we live in are embossed with a different set of identifiers. Our age has its own unique set of parameters on which we rate people, and berate them when they don't fit it. On one hand we adulate the praiseworthy with the best possible coronation, we exhibit utter scorn and disdain for those who appear pariah. We, in short are the age where success and ruthless success is the scale on which a person's attainment is measured. In fact this may very well be the first time that a structured approach has been formulated to consider thereof. But the question remains, are we a little too parochial in what we look for in people. 

Consider this, a group of friends blabbering around in a canteen, and discussing about another one from their clique. They discuss that person's grades, or his clothes, or his gravitas or the number of girlfriends, or certain other things which are pretty archetypal of such discussions. However, rarely do we talk about the person;s thought or supposed opinions on matters that are quintessential to life and virtues. Very seldom do we talk about tenets of life either. While our education system is predicated on ensconcing life's values through lessons, which are recondite and recherche otherwise, it never buoys people to carry out debates and discussions on the same and hence our flanks are never exposed. 

It seems to me that even though there are more success stories and people might be having a little more paraphernalia in our epoch, people would still feel intellectually inferior compared to our provenance. We owe a fealty to our cabalistic understanding of life's principles. More importantly, we rely on others for our thoughts. We lack our own personal opinions when it comes to the entire ambit of living life through principles. We fail to see how we feel about the most pressing of all issues. We feel the irk, we feel the jubilation, but when it comes to tarrying on to a cause or incident, we have loads of apathy in our pockets. 

So how is it that we crave to succeed. Irrespective of all our transformations, we still remain agnates of the most ferocious of all races. We know that men have to work in a rather unbridled way to succeed and hence we have our own set of ideas. Hence in order to make our persona concomitant with it, we bear visages that masquerade our true identity. We veneer our true opinion and emotions and leave the inference on come whosoever. We may feel depraved and knackered, but we'd dress up and talk as if we are at our prime, despite the fact that we may not like doing so. Why? Because that's what the world wants to see. 

In an era where decisions are marked with queer dubiousness, it is only obvious that the generation resorts to simpler and less abstract mechanisms to deal with the trouble of analyzing personalities and assigning them into our stereotypical buckets which we hold so dear. We've become so sullen and drab in our approach, that we've nearly lost a complete sense of the thoughts that still drive us tacitly, but whose presence we cant't acknowledge anymore. 

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