Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Railroad!

There across the horizon, 
As far as you can see,
Runs the mighty railroad,
Runs as if on a spree,

It's not her fancy to stop,
It's not in her whims to halt, 
For her only aim is to keep going,
For all her merry I shall exalt,

She knows no bounds,
Like a countryside shrew,
She gets no creaks in her way,
And croons like pleasant honeydew,

She passes through the towns,
She passed the countryside,
She never appears forlorn,
She never craves to hide,

I fail to see a purpose,
Be it winters or any season,
She gets no frills no cumshaw and no sops,
So how could joy be the reason,

Is there something that she's looking for,
Like an old harridan with her lost sight,
No she never had any and will never have so,
Her life in itself is her final fight,

Her dreams I cannot see,
How far she thinks she could go,
What pastures she has left in her life,
How much land would she mow,

I shall wish she finds a stop someday,
One where she could be,
Runs the mighty railroad,
Runs as if on a spree,

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