Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Well, that's what I live for.

Can you imagine, can you conjure a large white bowl, with glittery ornamental embellishments embossed all over the rim and the sideline, all appearing luxuriantly regaling. Inside of it, imagine a large mix, a perfect medley of some of the most wrought and yet prudent ingredients. Think of it as a potpourri, which is a motley of resplendent colors, with the leitmotif of vivacity, like the Aphrodite wrangled with her own enigma, with the surreal pristine elements of a gourmet's long lived dream, congregating and forming a concoction which is so condescending and subjugating that the very sight of the same is enthralling enough to sweep you off your feet. I'm talking about one of the best things mankind has done to serve its own taste buds. The luscious Biryani.

The scrumptious taste with the eidetic visage and the pristine redolence of saffron and other condiments concurring and dovetailing, have enough might to trounce even the most ardent anorexics and can lure them into devouring it. With the outer Borosil melamine, the royalty just gets that extra tinge of ebullience. So powerful is the combination, that it can make the sane and sound truculent and pugnacious in a single moment. So pressing is its alluring force that it can wreak rampage in even the most silent of kingdoms. No amount or orotund and magniloquence could suffice for what the lethal combination deserves.

Now imagine a large dish, with a fine olfactory mix exuding off it, like bellows receding in eternity, all coming out of that majestic Afghani Chicken lying in the middle of it. That sumptuous scene, like an escarpment with the rising sun, like an esplanade with the glowing moon, like an enchantress revealing her beauty, like the universe itself relishing its existence, that scene can wipe off your conscience and considerations in the span of a second. With the endless white of the dish and the timeless inimitable beauty, like ecstasy buttressed with more beatific elements, the time will turn into an Elysium.

Now on the top of it, envisage and portend an ancillary dish, one concomitant with the invigorating and rapturous food all around. It's pale and beige, like an iridescent aurora, with the green from the nature's farm, providently arguing with the red of the nature's fury, all mingling with the plain of the earth's own roots, toppled with a few drops that come from sun's own yellow. The paraphernalia includes capsicum, tomatoes, onions and lemon, respectively. It's like puerile and petulant elements, charging on each other with the intent of vanquishing all, and ending up in that perfect requiem for the war, a delightful salad. A skirmish of the 4 dawdling and meandering around each other, and a saga of their emphatic denouement. 

How much do I love you my life,
How bellicose I go when it goes amiss,
For thy attainment shalt end in no strife,
For with thee life is a bliss   

Food, food and more food. Well, That's all that I've ever lived for, and this post was just a way to be grateful for what keeps me going and what supposedly is the only worthwhile thing left in the world. Food. 

This post was written with the intent of submission towards the My Beautiful Food blogging drive run by Indiblogger and Borosil

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