Saturday, 30 August 2014

All in the name of god | Sab Bhagwan ke naam par

Yesterday, the entire Internet went ferocious and fulminating over the mocking of the fondest Hindu deity Ganesha by a notorious slothful and indignant filmmaker RGV. In all fairness to his work, he was pretty good at it till maybe 2003, and on a few occasions post that. However since then, neither his work, nor his opinions have made any sense. While it goes without saying that censuring and haranguing gods does not to any good to even the most prudent of arguments, it instead hurts a lot of sentiments and is surely execrable. While a person in a free country is free to exercise their own notions pertaining to faith, theirs openly reprimanding or rebuking a faith is like telling the followers on their face that their own notions are mere fallacies. Hence one's exercise of freedom and liberty surely becomes an infringement on the sentimental notional value of others and this is not deemed legitimate. However, as I contemplated on RGV's jeers, I realized we are surrounded by men who are bigger criminals by any measure but whose actions we still approve of. Surprised?

Yes, we weigh our religion so heavily that a portion of us thrive merely on our sanctimoniousness that is vested in us courtesy of our position in the clergy. Time and again we engage in riots and other manifestations of disdain, purely because of our religious affiliations. These things have even got a historical precedent so our moroseness is not dumbfounded, shall I say. It has been bequeathed and has to be simply passed on as an inexorable legacy. Quite so often religion becomes a means to war just because wars have to be fought all the time like a written missive and barring a few peace movements, history has been ridden with tales of heroics and new religious sects that were formed just because of these wars. Even today, except for a few, all battles are fought because of age old religious differences courtesy of the involved religions being at pure loggerheads to each other. It's such a surprise though that the perpetrators of these wars and battles, spread across positions of power and prominence, always escape scrutiny just because their conduct is for preservation of religion and it is their foremost duty to vanquish the opponent whose religion is full of renegades. What escapes notice on both sides, is that religion maintains it sancity, but it is not religion that becomes more powerful. It is those few individuals who mocked you all the time, spreading tyranny and furore alike, manipulating facts and history, playing along with gods and their directives on more than one occasion, and becoming demigods themselves. Their ingenuity saves them from ours viewing them the same way we viewed the moronic RGV, who was doltish indeed, but who was a mere pawn on a landscape full of other despicable beings. In fact some of these men may not even be concerned with the preservation of religion and might just be having an ulterior motive of capitalizing on your innate credulousness and inability to comprehend god and their tenets. 

While the above aspect may diminish with increasing awareness and changing attitudes, another furtive and discreet clique works through our daily lives, daunting us everyday and yet escaping our much needed attention. This is the sect that does things in the name of god. You have the destitute whom we fear not to patronize with and with that 1 rupee donation being our only way to pacify our inability to help the brethren out. We feel satisfied and contented at the end of it. What we don't know is that the poor seldom use it for pure meal purchases. There are cartels and cartels over cartels which regulate that paltry money, helping the poor with their financing and helping the richest poor with their debauchery and dissolution. But you at least helped someone out, so what if that baby wrapped in the robe of that rustic lady, who asked for money to buy milk for her baby, was drugged so that it could silently cooperate in the business. 

And now the most befuddling of all mechanisms. While once this group had a much more consecrated motive of carrying out religious ceremonies and events, their purpose, their prevalence and their core reason for survival got diluted to the extent of them becoming the most effective false perpetrators of religion. They became so selective in imparting godly knowledge and in such hallowed light around their veracity, that religion became a mere vassal in their hands, with everything being done to ultimately benefit no one but them. While this may not be applicable to a large portion of this group, there is indeed a substantial number of these people, putting up across the world. Priests! Projecting themselves as the prophets of god, and one's only means to ecclesiastical nirvana, these people thrive on our fear of god, even though we've already committed a panoply of misdeeds and we know we are already gone. But still, just for the sake of salvation and redemption, how about appeasing gods through the holy men of god. These men are men of god after all and hence anything done to slake their needs or any endowment done in the name of god to these men of god, who we presume are going to do what's right with our donation, is going to bring us closer to god in any case. And then it goes on, year after year, generation after generation, millennial after millennial. New rituals are induced in the name of god, all to the benefit of neither the religion, nor the gods themselves, but to the men of god, who are the only means to god after all. Hence, period. 

The lambaste and lampooning RGV got was pretty apposite because what he did was not at all called for. Genuine debates may be initiated on practices pertaining to gods and usually held beliefs but just debunking gods is surely not going to serve any purpose more than hurting sentiments of millions. However, the larger question here is that by subscribing to the other modes of religious incrimination which are veneered by holy grail and flummoxing concepts we don't have time to ponder upon, aren't we a bigger culprit in falsified religious perpetration and dilution that RGV himself. He was a factotum who seems to be bungled up in his own thoughts and instead of focusing on seeking clarifications, he actually took the confusion and the commotion to a larger scale, all to no avail but further public ignominy after an unending and unnerving series of flops. But can we see the culprit within, who simply accedes to religious speculation every single time, never knowing what religion stands for and blindly conforming what is forced through our throats? I wonder. 

Fellow Bloggers: Shwetabh Mathur's 'Memories'

As he once quoted me in a post telling the world how I was the first friend he made in the Indiblogger Community, he too was the first one I could manage to get in a conversation with. Just like his demeanor, full of energy and ideas, his blog too is extremely vivid and variegated and is a treat to subscribe on. I still remember how having being in the blogosphere since 2007, he had so much to endow me with, in our very first rendezvous. While people got inebriated, looked disheveled, and were taking all kinds of challenges from doing 20 push ups after 4 pints of beer to drinking even more beer, Shwetabh and I were exchanging ideas on how to blog. 

Since then, I've just tried to be a keen observer of how this fellow blogger goes about blogging. We are still in a primeval stage with limited attention but slowly and steadily, we all are piling up the melange of information that the digital universe will once thrive on. We all are turning events into written digital records and we are the only way to do it. Shwetabh takes pride in doing that. Be it a new blogger meet or an experience to cherish for a lifetime. Shwetabh has his own unique way of bringing it out. His color theme on the blog, of using intriguing fonts and shades to compose one single post, was a really fascinating idea. And then his variety of posts, be it a caricature or a regaling personal saga, he will come up something or the other to keep your entertained.

Another unique thing about Shwetabh's blog is his unfettered style of writing. He writes without restrains and he writes his heart out. A verbatim narration of your thoughts is a tough nut to crack but Shwetabh never budges once he has made his mind. I still remember how I gaped at his survival guide for first time traveler in Delhi Metro. Truth be told, we all graple and even grumble at this single aspect. Not being able to pour it out. But he does it pretty well. Thank you Shwetabh for being an awesome blogger! 

Link to his blog - 

Glimpse of his blog

Saturday, 23 August 2014

UniverCell Sync @ Colaba: SoBo's ultimate smatphone destination

In a world mired with e-commerce buzzwords, exclusive online tie-ups like that of Xiaomi and Moto G & E, and with smartphone retail gradually becoming a rather obsolete phenomenon, UniverCell Sync comes up with surprises on every front. I have to admit I was rather flummoxed the very moment I stepped into this nearby UniverCell Sync store recently opened in Colaba, adjacent to the celebrated Regal Cinema building. One, the ambiance and the swankiness are likely to sweep you off your feet and two, it's the warmth in that smile of those store executives who are more than just on their feet all the time. So, what is it that sets UniverCell Sync so very different from the clique. Let's have a look. 

1. Experience before you buy:

Once you're in a UniverCell Sync store, you are allowed to test out all their range before you chose to zero in on a specific piece. It's their core philosophy that customers be allowed to use and experience the service to get rid of any apprehensions or speculations you might have had. Moreover, one store executive will always be there to assist you in your purchase. Be it the most trivial of questions to the ones that come from a fastidious customer, their executives are equipped enough to answer every query. Icing on the cake is the fact that they are not going to adjure or pester you to buy a model. They remain calm and patient and are going to guide you through your experience with every possible smartphone before you actually choose one. Their assistance is also tailored according to your level of usage. If you are a stickler for specs and features, you'll get a comprehensive comparison and if you are a naive and nascent user, you'll be guided as per the benefits. Don't forget to say hi to Manish, who is an expert when it comes to this. 

2. No place for confusion:

Quite many times it so happens that customers may have a palpable range in mind but their mind may dither between two or more smartphones in that single range. Moreover, even their specs may more or less be the same. UniverCell Sync has a way to help you out in this case as well. The executive assigned to you shall carry out a detailed delving into your likely usage, your preferences and your expectations, and is going to guide you accordingly. Once again, you will be allowed to experience all the smartphones you were hunting for and will be assisted in carrying out a comparison of various features across them. What's more? Most of these smartphones are already installed with mainstream applications, utilities and games, and hence you can get a real life experience of how you'd feel when you'd buy a model and subsequently put it to use. Sukhwinder guided me across the entire budget smartphone range which was neatly lined out in middle of the store and to my surprise, I finally knew which smartphone was the best among all of them for me. 

3. Camera, Music and Work & Play zones:

This indeed was one of the most startling of all those shrewd arrangements that were deployed within the store. While categories of smartphone and tablet usage have always been obvious, UniverCell Sync actually understood and came up with a pretty prudent way of organizing them. On the three sides of the store are these three experience zones, one each for the best smartphones in their respective categories. In the Camera zone you'll find the devices with the best possible camera configuration so you know which way to look for if camera is the final factor. Likewise, the music zone has all these large contraptions in the form of these beatific speakers with spectacular sound quality and those smashing headphones.They also have Bluetooth devices and portable speakers which might look petite but are extremely powerful. Beneath them you have those smartphones which stand out as champions in this category and which you can easily sync with any of these sound devices and enjoy some quality music. The third category of work & play is once again lined out with the best smartphones in this category and the trial units come up with most of the standard software pre-installed so you can actually experience your favorite apps and your prospective inamoratas on these phones for as much time before you feel satisfied enough to make a choice. On the top shelve of all these categories, you'd also find a list of those features and specifications to look out for when hunting for a phone in those respective segments. A winner for me! 

4. Some more facilities to bedazzle you:

And as if it was not enough, UniverCell Sync also has this additional section that begins at the end of the shop's main alley which opens up into what offers a melange of wonderful services. One gets simply amazed to see the possibilities that a UniverCell Sync outlet has prepared themselves for. They've these damage coverage policies that you can buy with your phone which are even available if you brought the smartphone from any other outlet. Alongwith that, there are these accessory packages that have been formulated by keeping users' varied needs in mind. So there is a basic safety package in which if you buy a smartphone from UniverCell Sync, you'd get a 21% off on a combo of screenguard and cover, both being of your choice. Likewise there are other discount deals which are worth considering. Also, for the ones not very accustomed to the very idea of using smartphones, there is this free sync service wherein most of the usual apps shall be downloaded to your unit and you'll be duly guided on how to use them. And even if after a few days of usage you end up stumbling into any problems, UniverCell Sync team shall be there to help you out with all their time and expertise. They also have lucrative EMI and other financing tie-ups with a plethora of schemes. Azmat Khan took me to a tour of this stupendous set of services that makes your purchases more memorable and evocative. 

5. Fun and more:

Beyond all these, there are various other zones that are lined out with some bestseller and bellwether smartphones that you simply drool to touch the moment you come across them, and once again you're more than welcome to experience some of the most stunning apps and the most fiery of games on them. Each device has been accompanied with a full specifications chart that shall guide you in your purchase and you can also ask for speakers, earphones and other accessories to couple up with those model smartphones to try them out on all aspects. There is also this fun zone that has frame layouts that can be used to click cool selfies and pictures with your friends and family. The store looks absolutely luscious and ravishing and the executives always seem invigorated and happy to help. 

All in all, UniverCell Sync comes across as a perfect destination when it comes to hunting for a smartphone. Be it the ones who've chosen their model already, this is a place to get some hefty discounts. And for the ones who are just about able to envisage or conjure the image of their dream smartphone, UniverCell Sync shall help you get paired up with the same. So, what you're waiting for. Visit your nearest UniverCell Sync outlet today and experience smartphone shopping like never before. 

Thursday, 21 August 2014

This is to get some sleep!

So the same mind that we keep boasting about becomes such a ruffian and so irascible at times that you don't know what to do with it. The constant traveler with its own thoughts and its own ways doesn't simply know when to stop and instead of that astonishing ride you were always in for, the mind makes your body go for a complete toss. You may not be able to relate with this because you are in your senses right now but then ask a man who has been trying to sleep for about 3 hours and who has a big day tomorrow. He has now idea how to keep the blenching and lynching brain under any control and that sleep which used to come so very easily, suddenly becomes the most elusive of all things. I'm not even going to take any breaks in between because I simply wish my fingers keep typing at the knots eventually making me languid enough to maybe start sleeping on the laptop itself. It's not about what follows, it's simply about staying on and still feeling high on energy because otherwise it's looming trouble all over. One could never imagine how big a struggle it could be, mankind's fight against his own mind, the most emphatic of all things on this planet. But then you never know how this raffle of a lifetime, your very priced conscience goes awry and becomes tolid and phlegmatic when it comes to complete accession. I mean why is it that it's so very difficult to control what's already yours. Ah! It's then that I realize that it was never mine afterall. Even those effeminate moves of meditation aren't going to give you that control. Mind can never be controlled, it's much more than just a part of your banal body. It's a connection to the universe, and a rather loose one. One that can go splenetic and audacious at the snap of fingers and that's precisely what I'm witnessing right now. No deference for you today, my dear bro, unless you choose to give in to this rising somnolence which has been growling for some attention. I've never felt so revile for you in the past as I do on that occasional day when I can't feel sanguine about my prospects at all just because I can't sleep. Well, that priced cherished somnolence shall be back soon but till then I'll remain churlish and sullen. What do I do now? Maybe there are much better avenues for putting one's brains into, than just sleeping. Maybe it's time I realized the brighter side of not being able to sleep on a day. But then, wait a minute. I've got this bid day tomorrow and I can't spend my whole life in resentment. Caffeine, lots of caffeine is what it'll take for me to keep myself awake tomorrow. Another battle, and this time I don't even have my 7 hours of sleep to embolden and aggrandize me. I hope my leftover energy shall be enough but my dear mine, tou'll never have anyone to absolve you.  

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Meet my biggest enemy.

So I asked myself a simple question and took quite some time to stumble upon a satisfactory answer. Why is it that despite having sky scraping aspirations and ambitions, most of us end up being flunkies and hirelings, living a life full of mediocrities, a life full of conditions and a life that is utterly restricted. Why is it that despite all of us being termed "a potential candidate" only a few of us end up becoming potentates. While a portion of the population constantly seeks newer ways of living their dream and succeeding, a substantially larger portion searches for those menial ways of just sustaining a life. Life pretty much goes like clockwork, with us ending up doing all those things society labels as 'normal' and not getting into any of those queer roads the same sane society traduces. Eventually, we all end up joining the queue of those whose only job is to besmirch and issue libels, to badmouth those who chose a new way, terming them immoral and wicked. Finally, we end up appreciating and admiring their achievements, or live our entire quota continuously badmouthing and slandering them, while they climb steps bigger than our very lifetime!

So I asked what could be the reason? I searched and searched and kept searching, like I always do when I have an attack of reverie and soliloquy. Examples after examples, of success, of failure, of emphatic achievements and of dreary lives, of rise, and of no rise. I went through many of them before realizing that there is just one single element which decides which way you'd go. Fear! The presence or absence thereof, is that one single factor which can literally change the course of your life. We term it destiny, we resort to horoscopes and chiromancy, but we are always flustered, struggling to find explanation for the lives of others. However, it's fear, plain and simple, which decides whether you take a path or tread one. 

I considered substantiating my findings with some examples. Specific examples have their own demerits so I searched for general observations. While army men are extremely terrific at their respective jobs, ones for which they're trained and they are brilliantly good at, there is also enough evidence which suggests they are good at everything. Ripped of any fear for the most supreme asset of one's life, their life itself, these men are a little too hard to be harrowed or lynched by. They are simply irrepressible and dauntless. They're so staunch that even when they're not in the forces anymore, they end up becoming the best managers, the best administrators and in certain cases, the best leaders a country ever saw. Compare them with a normal guy who fears losing his investments, his mortgage, his job, and what not! The army man fears losing none and that's why his success is so colossal, no matter what he does.

As another example, consider all the rags to riches tales. Once again, fortune favored the brave, but what mattered more was that basic human instinct, that still makes us an animal. When an animal is forced to squat and is about to be knocked down,there comes out its most savage vermin and its most devastating blow ever. These stories, all examples of people who weren't ready to get killed in the fray, are just a mere way of how nature does the trick. While most animals are ready to bow down to the supreme force, some animals fail to stoop and simply take charge, because they don't fear the ruler anymore, which in this case was the fate meted out to them. Hence they usurp and root it out completely. All just a game of that basic mamalistic instinct - the final gush of adrenaline before you die. The dose of which either kills you, or makes you the most powerful animal of the jungle.

Moral of the story; fear is my biggest enemy. It always stares me in my eye, tries to run neck to neck, tries to strike its blows, tries to drag me in its brawl. My only option is my struggle to strive and my strife of being completely fearless versus the detriment of going rogue with abrogation. Do I need to put restrains on what I do? Do I need to set up the limits? And then I end up realizing, the bounds just shrink my realm, and just make my territory further smaller. I am an animal after all, still under the reign of that supreme ruler, the king of the jungle. I need to be an intrepid and I need to be absolutely fearless. Will I be able to do that? I don't know. Will the ruler knock me down before I could barely began? I don't know that as well. But one day, I'll either break out of my cage, or I'd see myself becoming another myrmidon. I've gotta try. You've gotta try. We all have gotta try. And so we will!