Saturday, 30 August 2014

Fellow Bloggers: Shwetabh Mathur's 'Memories'

As he once quoted me in a post telling the world how I was the first friend he made in the Indiblogger Community, he too was the first one I could manage to get in a conversation with. Just like his demeanor, full of energy and ideas, his blog too is extremely vivid and variegated and is a treat to subscribe on. I still remember how having being in the blogosphere since 2007, he had so much to endow me with, in our very first rendezvous. While people got inebriated, looked disheveled, and were taking all kinds of challenges from doing 20 push ups after 4 pints of beer to drinking even more beer, Shwetabh and I were exchanging ideas on how to blog. 

Since then, I've just tried to be a keen observer of how this fellow blogger goes about blogging. We are still in a primeval stage with limited attention but slowly and steadily, we all are piling up the melange of information that the digital universe will once thrive on. We all are turning events into written digital records and we are the only way to do it. Shwetabh takes pride in doing that. Be it a new blogger meet or an experience to cherish for a lifetime. Shwetabh has his own unique way of bringing it out. His color theme on the blog, of using intriguing fonts and shades to compose one single post, was a really fascinating idea. And then his variety of posts, be it a caricature or a regaling personal saga, he will come up something or the other to keep your entertained.

Another unique thing about Shwetabh's blog is his unfettered style of writing. He writes without restrains and he writes his heart out. A verbatim narration of your thoughts is a tough nut to crack but Shwetabh never budges once he has made his mind. I still remember how I gaped at his survival guide for first time traveler in Delhi Metro. Truth be told, we all graple and even grumble at this single aspect. Not being able to pour it out. But he does it pretty well. Thank you Shwetabh for being an awesome blogger! 

Link to his blog - 

Glimpse of his blog

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