Thursday, 21 August 2014

This is to get some sleep!

So the same mind that we keep boasting about becomes such a ruffian and so irascible at times that you don't know what to do with it. The constant traveler with its own thoughts and its own ways doesn't simply know when to stop and instead of that astonishing ride you were always in for, the mind makes your body go for a complete toss. You may not be able to relate with this because you are in your senses right now but then ask a man who has been trying to sleep for about 3 hours and who has a big day tomorrow. He has now idea how to keep the blenching and lynching brain under any control and that sleep which used to come so very easily, suddenly becomes the most elusive of all things. I'm not even going to take any breaks in between because I simply wish my fingers keep typing at the knots eventually making me languid enough to maybe start sleeping on the laptop itself. It's not about what follows, it's simply about staying on and still feeling high on energy because otherwise it's looming trouble all over. One could never imagine how big a struggle it could be, mankind's fight against his own mind, the most emphatic of all things on this planet. But then you never know how this raffle of a lifetime, your very priced conscience goes awry and becomes tolid and phlegmatic when it comes to complete accession. I mean why is it that it's so very difficult to control what's already yours. Ah! It's then that I realize that it was never mine afterall. Even those effeminate moves of meditation aren't going to give you that control. Mind can never be controlled, it's much more than just a part of your banal body. It's a connection to the universe, and a rather loose one. One that can go splenetic and audacious at the snap of fingers and that's precisely what I'm witnessing right now. No deference for you today, my dear bro, unless you choose to give in to this rising somnolence which has been growling for some attention. I've never felt so revile for you in the past as I do on that occasional day when I can't feel sanguine about my prospects at all just because I can't sleep. Well, that priced cherished somnolence shall be back soon but till then I'll remain churlish and sullen. What do I do now? Maybe there are much better avenues for putting one's brains into, than just sleeping. Maybe it's time I realized the brighter side of not being able to sleep on a day. But then, wait a minute. I've got this bid day tomorrow and I can't spend my whole life in resentment. Caffeine, lots of caffeine is what it'll take for me to keep myself awake tomorrow. Another battle, and this time I don't even have my 7 hours of sleep to embolden and aggrandize me. I hope my leftover energy shall be enough but my dear mine, tou'll never have anyone to absolve you.  

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