Sunday, 21 September 2014

The myth of universal order

The theory that is put to consideration herein might spark off a lot of rage and that's why I kept the idea of proposing it at bay for very long. I was waiting for just another piece of news to support it, so that I could assure myself of not ending up putting forth what would have been no more than codswallop. And boy, did it arrive finally! So with solemn belief that at least this of all posts on this blog might witness some daylight, I proceed forward to write another post that goes pretty well with the theme of the blog - What you can't see?

A few days ago, I came across this question on why people end up in debauchery, why guns are drawn out, why equality never pervaded, why class systems always thrived and why exploitation became a perennial universal tool. While it can't be gainsaid that men are susceptible to addiction and illicit influence and that the human mind is pretty amenable, what about the collective human conscience? That question struck me so hard that I actually looked for more and more evidence in our glorious history. While beguiling tales of people putting their country back on track with solid determination are aplenty, even these revamped kingdoms almost always ended up in turmoil because of no other reason but the people again. So if we leave nature apart and focus solely on the human nature, a pretty lugubrious pattern emerges. Human beings like disorder and chaos, and it's built in our DNA. No matter how hard we try not to go off the reservation, it's a trait so inhered in our genetic mapping, that as a community we can never escape that. Surprised? Well, let me put in a few examples for you. 

Now while some of these examples might be questioned on the basis of a handful of men starting off something, please try to observe how support was garnered from other intellectuals and suddenly detonation took place. So we start with the best example till date - The Nazi holocaust. There are tomes and tomes dedicated to this subject, everyone knows one common denominator. The German suffering post the treaty of Versailles which was another disaster that came in the backdrop of yet another disaster. And the newly emerged Nazi ideology of pure Aryan supremacy and domination. So while there were a few flagbearers and the Germans were all ears to history's greatest orotund Hitler, it was not the fear that the Nazis instilled that might have provoked the Germans to commit the genocide. Neither could it be the presence of the same opinions as their leader. A closer inspection suggests that many people wouldn't have even followed such a schmuck reasoning at the first place. So what was it that could have propelled people to abjure their sense and logical ability and to plunge into the biggest blot in the history of mankind. Well, it was the enrapturing idea of living in a chaotic iniquitous world. 

It might be both surprising and befuddling but we human beings are forced to dissemble an appearance of acceptability of social customs. We all know somehow that we are embroiled in nonsensical systems of blasphemy and blatant authoritarianism, but we cope with it because we don't see sense in going out as a kamikaze all alone and getting nothing out of it. We want bloodshed, we want commotion, we want confusion, we want lust, we want an eye for an eye . Externally, we are suave and cherubic, inwardly we are ambivalent about the lives we live. There is always this burning desire of breaking free. So all that we need to break free eventually, is a commitment by other to it. Moreover, once we know that there are others in the same boat, we express ourselves more truly and we create ripples. Somehow the ideals of simple living are mere fallacies. We know we've been fooled by millennia of human progress which has come to such artificial living. We are tenebrous from inside, craving for an explosion, We know our daily lives and our paltry routine is very very banal. We're all apostates waiting for a shot. And when it arrives, boom! 

A second not so old and not so disturbing an example is the financial crises of 2008. While most financial crises are the fault of a few men, this one was spread over decades of fanaticism and incendiary measures over the Wall Street, It seems from one look that it was only the bankers, the i bankers and insurance companies and regulatory and rating agencies at fault, which already would amount to about a lac or two of involvements. But it was almost everyone. The entire system of CDOs and CDS was complicated and no detailed exposition of financial products is ever made available. However,even after reports surfaced of alleged spuriousness, no one gave a damn. One incentive was money which was made on a rather colossal scale. Specially the men at the top of the securitization food chain had bonuses larger than the lifetimes of the their 7 generations combined. However everyone, nearly everyone turned a blind eye to the perils of what was about to come. Despite allegations of Goldman Sachs betting against the same instruments they sold to their clients, more money kept pouring into the system and more and more people jumped on the bandwagon. People knew collectively that this was a ticking time bomb and yet they acceded. The actions of everyone in the system combined post 2005 suggested that people wanted a disaster, a complete annihilation. They wanted the stock market to plunge, they wanted to put wayward bets, they wanted the entire financial system to collapse. They simply wanted each and every bit of it!

Now finally, a local and a palpably out of context example. It is also the much needed impetus to write this down that I talked about in the beginning. This one is about deliberate lack of responsibility. We've seen people craving for instant fame getting into rigmaroles by putting controversial stuff online and rising to fame and falling down in seconds, if not days. But how do you absolve complete organizations involved in this. I'm talking about Times of India. We all know that the standards of news reporting have made a complete baloney of the rich news correspondence networks that we've had for more than most of the other countries in the world. However, how would you classify a news network that begins to post anything. Just about anything. Yes, people need entertainment but TOI knows that people are going to come back with a backlash and are going to bomb you with loathe and despise. Yet they do that, knowing that they'll win short term fame at the cost of long term loyalty. They know they'll find patrons in the short term and they know they'll be routed in the foreseeable future. Yet they do that. Yet they deliberately exercise this breach of responsibility, yet they let anything be posted on their online version. While it was the elaborate emphasis on an actress' bosom that sparked off the controversy, but take most of the articles and either they are absolutely irrelevant , all related to guilt or penance of someone, or some filthy but glamorous crime that'll grab eyeballs or something else. So while TOI could either be termed rapacious for likes or visibility, it is us because we are so used to getting beguiled by such stuff. We want the goriness, we want the lasciviousness, we want the commotion, we want the kerfuffle. And even though we may not know that, we want that controversy that ensues. It's just that we ourselves are not capable of causing or handling that, so someone else has to do it for us. 

So, what's the point in all this. We all are animals, ruffian and irascible beasts living under a veil of morals and social conformance. But on the inside, there is this regurgitating voice that speaks but fizzes off because of our so called customs and rituals that we have to respect and consecrate. We do something, we want to do something else. We say something, but we feel something else. And slowly and steadily we begin to repent and resent but to keep the brawl and the mayhem at bay. We know we have to keep appearances to blend in, but we know enough that we may have our chances someday. We know the chances are grim but we've seen countless examples of a community finally getting its chance. And we know that when that chance arrives and a million men get to work together, success is all inevitable. The rage has always been in our blood. The instinct of being an animal never ceded, it's just that like a predator waits for the prey to go vulnerable, we let the situation take that stance. And when it does, order goes for a toss. Order is ephemeral, local or universal. Even the most stable of systems collapse, even the most staunch of economies witness a turmoil. a portion of Fortune 500 companies shut down every decade and new systems emerge to wade through the chaos, just to become another instrument of chaos and entropy sometime in future. If none of the natural systems are stable, how could we even possible think the human conscience to be. Order may be made a mandate for us to remain ingrained as a brick of a civilization but no order persists for more than a fee morsel of generations. It is bound to go down and so it will. The entire concept of universal order, thus stands as a myth. A myth that has been busted already. 

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