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Crowdsourced post #2: "A writer's life does get exposed"

So in the latest moderation, wherein I had to go through quite some ideas to finally zero in on one, I found this one to be really incisive and deep. Disha Shroff, who seems to be a writer herself given the veracity and tenacity in her suggestion, suggested I coil a piece around "Be it fiction or non-fiction, a writer's life does get exposed". After some initial contemplation I thought I might be a little too inept for a topic like that but then I recollected some experiences on how people figured out what's going around just by my posts. So here's how it works. 

The change in style

Authors and writers keep experiencing this. At times you write with amazing alacrity with words assuming a rather secondary position and your eagerness to tell the story becoming the main objective. This is when you're in that exultant state, when things are going your way and when writing becomes a tool to share the splendor and fervor with others as well. On the other hand, at times your posts smolder as you write, your grit breaks up from place to place, and you write down something that squeals, shouts and prowls in agony. Your words become more surly,and your energy definitely goes down. You want to world to witness what you'be been through and you want partners for your plight. And almost instantly the world knows you're going through some turmoil.

The choice of subjects

Your choice of subjects not only reflects your beliefs and values, it also represents what you want to be, what you couldn't be or what you are on the way to becoming. There are tonnes of these memoirs blogs in which people write about something morose - like how people treat each other. Once you read multiple posts or write ups on that same theme, you instantly realize that the writer himself/herself had to face that whammy and is now extremely cautious about who to befriend with. On the other hand, someone who unearths scams on their blogs all the time and is actively involved in opprobrium and censure for the culprits, is one who maybe suffered big or saw someone close suffer big because of these stigmas. It always comes out. The readers just have to seek patterns. 

The intensity

Words are one way of seeing this and frequency and depth of posts is another. A writer who is on track, who is accomplishing and who is full of zest and flair, will write with sheer passion, knowing how each and every word will be comprehended and how the reader will connect. However, a plaintive writer, struggling in maybe love, will use writing as a gateway to vent out the gnawing pain. She/He will not realize until it's late that in an attempt to share their story, they flooded it with emotion which no one else can truly interpret. You'll be chided for being so broke, you'll be upbraided for wasting their time and some readers will even empathize. But your life, your own space, are now out in the open as an exhibit. 

The general character

Blogs get posts over time and authors keep rolling out books. Initial works are experimental to see how good an idea plays with the crowds and how much they can associate with it. However, even this initial idea is linked to some deeply held belief that comes out as a missive when we write. As a writer progresses and keeps writing, this belief gets engulfed by other surrounding ideas, people's praise and criticism, but it still stays there at the core of every piece. And no matter how circumspect you are, you always let that belief become your identity. You may believe you escaped that but your readers are wiser than you think. Once again, your flank is exposed and you read out a major verse of your life out in the open. 

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