Wednesday, 19 November 2014

#Lucky6 to pump up your luck!

We all know how big a role luck plays in shaping our lives and our destiny and it is a general maxim that all you gotta do is to give luck a chance. But when it comes to getting lucky on money, either you need to have one helluva luck to win in lotteries which can have really vague selection mechanisms which might even be a gambit, or you need to be an intellectual with a high appetite for risk and a high analytical quotient to bet on the bourse. Ones who can't get over the equity phobia would go for derivatives and funds which never earn enough even to be considered as things that can accentuate your luck. But what if you get a simple and subtle way of trying your luck at the exchange without getting embroiled in all the details. And what if you could do that at the comfort of your smartphone in a game like fashion, which does away with all the nuances of a trading portal. Well, Fat Cat gaming(  just did that with Lucky 6.

In what is an ingenious and a revolutionary way to try out your luck, not predicated on notions of luck alone but also mixed with instincts and knowledge, Lucky 6 is very simple and effective. You know your favorite brands, you ought to pick the six you think are going to rise the most on the exchange on a given day(read game day) and you place your bet. If the stocks of your brands see the highest surge on the game day, bingo! It can literally change your life. And you would not believe that the prizes include everything from large cash sops to exquisite holiday packages. 

What makes Lucky 6 stand out of the clutter is one, the easy and perspicuous way in which even a greenhorn is allowed to bet on the markets while bypassing all the intricacies and vagaries and two, that despite being an adaptation of the intraday trading method, you really aren't getting muddled in the never ending loop of buy and sell transactions with margin money. Another added advantage that really makes this a pathbreaking platform is that you make your new financial instrument on your will, at your discretion, and all on the go. So if you ever felt that a product you could envisage which would be an amalgam of some of the most robust stocks on the market and some of which, if combined into a cumulative investment would return an even better yield, then Lucky 6 is just what you were waiting for. 

I simply cannot wait to get going on this shrewd platform to test out both my brand mettle and my luck. This very well could be the chance you were always waiting for. The game gets into the world with India and hence you too can get going straightaway. Try it out here ->Fat Cat Gaming

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