Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The truly socially responsible FMCG brand

You can bring about the change in the lives of millions of kids, thereby showing your support for the Domex Initiative. All you need to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.

When I came across this wonderful initiative by HUL's Domex and delved into the information that was provided pertaining to the malady of open defecation and its repercussions, I was truly appalled by the current state of affairs and decided to do my bit by providing you all a quick exposition as to why you should share this initiative with at least 10 of your friends. 

1. There are more than 597 million people defecating in the open

This fact truly belies all our claims that we and our leaders make from all sorts of platforms that we are truly moving in the direction of being an ultimate superpower. Truth is, our claims are just as vacuous as our attempts and determination to remove disparity. While on one hand we talk of people putting up exclusive fittings in the bathrooms like Jacuzzi, there are more people than present in United States and a few more countries combined, who are forced to abjure their basic self respect and excrete in the open. Children who grow up in these circumstances, literally begin to repudiate all notions of equity and soon become mired in the connotations of the gloom that their future shall bring upon them. In this sense, open defecation is truly a blot and a slap on all those boisterous claims and dreams of becoming a utopic country.    

2. An anathema for sound health

This stigma brings with it a host of health problems. As the  the crowded sections become filthier by the day as there are no proper disposal mechanisms, disease spreading bacteria simply keep piling up and the area becomes a deadly breeding ground for all sorts of infections and diseases. In country a majority of whose population it proudly vaunts as being young, what promises of a stellar future can we make when we can't even provide them what is apparently the bare minimum? Not only do these diseases take a toil on their health and growth, they also ensnare them in despondency regarding their own view for their future. We may be indolent and apathetic towards this but that one single act of defecating in the open is much more bad and execrable than we can think.

3. A clarion for protecting women's dignity

And the very fact that women, the protection of whose dignity and self respect is one of the foremost responsibilities of a nation, too are subject to the egregious and blatant compulsion of not even having a basic facility to defecate in, truly renders our current claims as specious. All our claims of being a progressive nation are no more than a ruse and gambit if we can't even ensure this one basic right that the women rightfully possess. Not only does this leave them bereft of any respect for their position as an individual, it also brings with it a host of malicious diseases which can be really dreadful given that women are to be provided extra care. 

There are many more issues that don't meet the eye but I guess even with the seriousness of the problem notwithstanding, an initiative like this can truly bring light and can truly set the tumbrels for a revolution which is long awaited. Together we can root out this evil which remains a very nasty deterrent for true and equitable human progress, without which even hopes of moving ahead as a country stand fatuous and whimsical. So, do your bit and spread the word. 

About The Domex Toilet Academy
Domex, HUL’s flagship sanitation brand, currently runs the Domex Toilet Academy (DTA) programme. Domex Toilet Academy was launched on 19th November 2013. It aims to become a sustainable and long-term solution to provide sanitation that benefits the local community and helps stimulate the local economy. The Toilet Academy makes toilets accessible and affordable, while promoting the benefits of clean toilets & good hygiene. Our effort has resulted in bringing the change in the villages of Maharashtra and Orissa and we aim to build 24000 toilets by 2015 in rural areas faced with the problem of open defecation.

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