Sunday, 7 December 2014

A miracle of melody – SwarBhoomi band

How often do you see a person dreaming sky high and seeing those dreams collapse under the vagaries of reality? How often do you witness the tumult and din of not being where you truly belong, doing something that you never really wanted to do? And how often do we find people, full of regret and resentment, on not taking that one leap of faith in their lives? Well, at least I know of one such guy who did that and literally renounced all caveats of what would otherwise have been a pretty ordinary and banal life.This guy took over the path of surreal redemption; a redemption of his desires, his faith and his sheer erudition. And before I knew it, Deepak Gupta took all the risks he said he’ll take, and today is he soaring high on the sails of success.

Back in the engineering school, we had a fair mix of all kinds of people. People who genuinely wanted to be engineers were rare pretty much like every other engineering college. Then you had despondent people who would chide everything right from their career choice to the decision of American people in electing Obama. And finally we had dreamers like Deepak who still had that shred of true belief that one day they will indeed get their shot at doing what they wanted to do. Deepak was already known for his dexterity in singing and he was a delight to listen to on all those fests and events which are pretty commonplace. By the third year, he had already developed a strong penchant for singing and the predilection to have singing as a career, but he knew he had lacunae to take care of.

Deepak strived and strived hard and by the time we all were to part ways in the final year, Deepak had made astounding progress. In his parlance, he had mastered the techniques and virtue of professional singing, all courtesy of his enrollment in the coveted Gadharva Mahavidyalaya in Delhi. For a layman like me, the jargon was hard to fathom, but the progress was evident in his singing and his style. I just knew that the formal training just consummated my friend’s innate skills and took them to the next level.

It was tough to stay in touch with each other and my Facebook feeds became a potpourri with all my folks doing all kinds of things. Deepak, I knew, had to make some tough choices. He had a job with an eminent corporation, which he obviously had to leave if he were to pursue full time singing any further. It was hard to imagine how one could take such a colossal call but the prodigious Deepak vested full faith in himself and took the road less travelled. Deepak slogged and worked hard and for the ensuing years, despite not getting to hear a lot from him, I had an idea that he is burning the midnight oil to unravel his own destiny.

Suddenly, my friend turned up on Facebook with news that was simply terrific. Not only had Deepak progressed amongst the ranks of professional singing with his years of practice, he also formed a fabulous band SwarBhoomi, which had already performed on various occasions and received accolades and encores from the audiences. I subscribed to their YouTube channel and was amazed to see how impeccably they perform and leave the crowds asking for more. It was a treat to watch. And for Deepak, the male vocalist of this fantastic brand; His abilities were literally emboldened by his place and by being with other able and like minded professional artists like Bharti(the female vocalist), Aakash, Amit and Hemant. With all the members having years of formal training and practice behind them, the band is a perfect mélange of performers that will capture your imagination.

The band is another example of how one’s cherished dreams could become one’s reality by taking that one single step of abdicating all those normal attainments, and going after what you hold most dear. When you do that, hard work no longer requires any effort or energy. In fact every moment becomes so effulgent that hard work leaves you asking for more and more because you’re genuinely engrossed and enthralled in what you do – your own art, and your own dreams. That one stand of these wonderful folks is today manifested in a well sought after band that excels in all prevalent genres – Bollywood, Sufi and Rock. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself exalting SwarBhoomi band at some grand occasion someday. Deepak and his gang have some real mettle behind them and they’re on their way to bedazzle you with their blitz.

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