Monday, 29 December 2014

One para a day.

It's Monday again and everyone is whining about it. And as if Monday enough was not a reason to cry about, you've got the warmth of the quilt engulfing you and seducing you to spend another few cozy moments with it. But it doesn't work that way. You've a lot of obligations including those to you yourself. So you end up at your workplace with batteries at 40% and believe they'll get charged to a workable level by the next day. You just beguile and bite your time around, have 10 cups of tea or coffee, discuss your weekends, and are brought back to senses only when something urgent arises out of almost everyone's incapability to work on that day. You finally resolve it and attribute the fault on it being a Monday, and Monday can never fathom why everyone hates it so much. Monday was deceived to believe that 'Monday' is a good name to have but it was never told it will be the first work day of the week. Every other day knew what Monday was being led into as a part of the giant devious conspiracy of Sunday to ensure its supreme reign and hence while everyday got something to cheer about, Monday became the biggest villain on the planet. So  while Monday is not capable of pleading guilty, the next time you howl about it, remember how much misery and pain have befallen upon it ever since mankind formed formal workday systems. And you won't believe that Monday in itself is powerful enough to reward you for your concerns about it in ways you can't even imagine! 

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