Sunday, 15 March 2015

A requiem to those days.

It often happens that your spree of dreams derails because something or the other goes wrong and the output is miles away from what you wanted it to be. You get upset, you're full of contrition and you at times get so low on gusto that you even become sulky and morbid. Even when it came to the things that were still intact and that were still pretty much going ahead, you go awry because one single dent toppled your juggernaut and your hankerings no longer hold valid. It is precisely then where your biggest patrons come to your rescue.

At least for my generation, academic in India has witnessed such pernicious competition that the ones who sail to victory become demigods and everyone's idol, and the ones who miss out by even a whisker are branded lame losers. While I was pretty lackadaisical when it came to having a set eye for a specific percentage, I was on various occasions of my life seriously bothered if my parochial view was going to cost me heavily, sooner or later. Hence while I always stayed afloat, I always doubted if the situation might become untenable. And it was then when my family always came to my rescue and mollified my concerns like none else. 

In a scenario marked by some archetypal Indian parents specifically quoting a figure which their pupil have to target, I too was scared of sharing my proclivities thinking that it would sound a little too absurd to merit any credence. But almost always whenever the doddering pressure of academics or my own extra curricular interests resulted in waning of my academic performance, I was surprised to see how my family buttressed and emboldened my dreams, as opposed to garroting their own down my throat. 

While my parents too have dreams on what they'd want me to foray into, after a point of time, they took it upon them to make sure they never let me feel the heat. Be it a not so impressive grade in a paper or be it a decision to participate in say theater or debate, I was never met with any skepticism. Instead I would spend my time discussing and deliberating with my parents on why I wanted in or out and they continued to guide me with their own invisible hand. They would keenly listen to me, would clearly process all ideas and would always come up with better alternatives and would also make suggestions that I've embraced on a whole host of occasions. My problems of days would disappear in just a couple of hours!

So today when I'm again on that juncture of my life when I'm about to foray into another rather grotesque and turbulent phase, I look forward to spending more and more quality time with my family because no matter how frail the situation could be, they always turn out to be the best consultants. So, here's to the power of doing it #together. 

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