Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Singapore - The proud perdition of the gourmand.

There are some places in the world still worth living for and there are some materialistic pleasures which even a stoic will find hard to resist. While the hedonists and nihilists are maligned for their overindulgence, there continue to be treasures all over the globe which if you've not indulged in during your lifetimes, you've not done justice to your human form. So what if I was to tell you that despite our rickety lives, our raucous masters, and our somber struggles of everyday, there is a nirvana, so supreme and so rapturous that it's worth shelling out a fortune for? Well, Singapore is what I'm talking about!

For someone who badgered his family to go for a top of the table HD subscription on DTH just so that he could view culinary delights from all over the world in their most pristine display of exuberance, Singapore has long been the destination that I wanted to head out to. While being a country which has a bequest of cultural magnificence and is a modern corporate powerhouse, it was their delectable and rather evocative cuisine that captured my attention for the first time. And boy would it be some consummation if I do get to finally devour some of those spectacular dishes I've been drooling over throughout these years. 

So, how do you start the day if you were there? Well, hold on to your hats because this hearty and feisty picture is rather overwhelming. There is so much to the aficionado's delight that it's more seminal than any work of art. While on one hand you find simplicity and wholesomeness of Kaya Toast dallying with the luxury and appeal of Pau and Teh, you actually have an entire array of dishes causing a mental mayhem inside because you can't choose one over the other. The overall sight of this picture is so eidetic and sumptuous that you can put it up on your walls and sob and then recover in soliloquy every night, telling yourself "I'm gonna get you one day". <This little bit of melodrama was not needed because the food is spectacular as it is. But every blogger uses it so why not?>

And then it comes down to something which instills a bit of anxiety just because I want to have it now. The Prata which is a more evolved form of Indian Roti actually takes the classic ubiquitous grain magic to a whole new level by contriving a sorcery of sorts. The Prata is apparently one of the most pliable and amenable of things I'm to witness in real. It's a very delicate and tenuous entity just like a burgeoning female star who hurts her ankles just by stuttering in high heels, but the analogy works because it's even as resplendent as that female cynosure. The Prata can go pretty well with crushed sugar or ice cream or maybe even Teh, and it creates such a formidable sensual paradise with the creamy sea flowing over the conical Prata, in its own unwavering fashion, only to be finally assimilated and digested. A sad ending but I guess the Pratas are mercenaries who're willing to lay down their lives for their human masters anyways.

Finally, I come down to this belle of the ball. While Chicken rice has been an inveterate part of my culinary regime(Just kidding! I eat whatever gets the heart beating a couple of notches higher), for some reason the very sight of this gets the guitars ringing in the background which indicates you're besotted by someone already. This belter of a dish looks so scrumptious, so majestic and yet in a way so blithe that it literally invites you to join it on a trip to heavens. While traditionally this one is all about a perfect medley of basic ingredients, the unique and tempting way in which the curry and the neatly cut supple chicken is aligned all over the plateaus of rice, is a little too seductive and phallic to turn a blind eye to. It seems like our travails and plights were simply worth it if this was our reward for all of that.

So as I put an end to our collective misery of being able to see all of this and not being able to savor any, I guess maybe someday when we get the chance to finally go to Singapore, we all know what's the first thing we'll headhunt for. And I swear I'll go there without eating a thing on plane so that I feel famished by the time I arrive and so that I can start spreading the gluttonous deluge straightaway. Hell yeah! I'll do that one day! But we can surely prepare ourselves for our ultimate gastronomical journey by discovering Far East Hospitality.

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