Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The hunt for adrenaline.

Back in 2011 just post completing my b.tech after a long stultifying 4 years, there were at least 6 months for which I’d have nothing else to do but to wait for my joining. It was the classic case of post recession trainee deployment or which new engineering recruits have to face the brunt even till today. So I knew I had a pure white canvas in hindsight and I wanted to paint the best possible escarpment to relish later on when I was to get indulged in the hackneyed life that was to follow. It was a surreal feeling for I knew there were no ramifications of what I was about to foray into, and I could have lived those 6 months on endeavors of a lifetime. And not surprisingly, that’s precisely what I did.

I was always considered a rather fastidious observant and there were a little too many things I could have written entire litanies on. So I tried to see how I could best share my ramblings with the world and that very pursuit brought me into the fabulous world of blogging. While this blog has by far been my most successful sustained blogging effort, the decision to take my writing online has and continues to provide me with a surfeit of opportunities and platforms.

Another thing that I literally implored myself into was to leave the sedentary lifestyle I had so come to crave. It’s okay that engineers and specially computer engineers are infatuated by PC gaming but I was a freak. So maybe for the first time I had enough blank space in front of me to get into real action as opposed to firing laser sabers in various gory games. And that was moment when I thought it was prudent to get my 1997 MTB bike out of its misery and get it back on its wheels.

While I started with 15-20 minute journeys initially, I soon became a pro who would have these entire hour cycling sprees where I would just cycle and have the whole world as my entourage. I never realized that this decision too was soon going to develop into a lifelong obsession for bringing out the energy and vigor and now, I’m in that state where I just have to spend a good 3-4 hours every week on some form of exercise. It’s quite amazing that someone who found the very prospect of exercising garroting, now has incorporated that in his regime more for fun than for the incentive of staying in shape.

Yet another change I ensconced in myself was to do away with apprehensions and to start talking and expressing myself. I realized that I was in that phase of my life where the more the number of acquaintances I were to make, the larger my cortege and caravan were going to be, and the more I was to truly savor life. So I went out of my way to initiate as many conversations as I could and my erstwhile debilitating reservations gave way to a more affable visage. And boy am I grateful to have decided to do that.

As I look back, that 6 month transition was all I needed to transpire into a more evolved being than I was before. With so many years of education constricting me in books and academia, I needed some breathing space before stepping into the professional realm. And when I got that, I truly began to relish and rejoice those rapturous elements of life I never dared to try in the past. Those 6 months changed me and only for the good of it. The munificence of those 6 months was all that I needed perhaps. 

Housing and their brilliant new ad below, inspired me to reflect on some of the changes that define my life and I was impelled to share this with you. So what you're waiting for. #StartANewLife. 

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