Tuesday, 14 April 2015

5 reasons why you simply #CantWait4Zenfone2

Ever imagined of a smartphone that could be termed truly complete in all aspects, without compromising on any one? After an array of smartphones, all boasting to be the champions on some aspect or other, the stage is now set for the belle of the ball, the Asus Zenfone 2.  So as this doyen of a device shines across the horizon to usher a new dawn in the world of smartphones, here are 5 reasons why you simply #CantWait4Zenfone2.

The first ever smrtphone with 4 GB RAM.

And just imagine how loaded a device can be when an already superior processing capability gets enhanced and buttressed with a top of the charts 4 GB of RAM. Perfectly complementing the phone’s powerful processor and engineering brilliance, this much of memory is all set to consummate your smartphone experience by taking the speed and the smoothness of various apps to a whole new level.

The PixeMaster Camera

For someone who has already experienced the impeccable image quality of the first generation Zenfone, this new feature is simply the thing to kill for. The latest Zenfone is not going to stutter or straggle in any situation and shall deliver the brightest and the most clearest of all pictures. Not only that, it can provide stunning photographic abilities even in low light and hence gone are the days when flash and red errors spoiled and stymied the joy of true unbridled photography.

The next gen ZenUI

On the top of your smartphone’s Android core, runs this superior UI service that serves to enhance the comfort and convenience in terms of endowing you complete control of your device's various features and components. With the next gen ZenUI, I believe the kind of ways in which various phone parameters, features and applications could be controlled, would make operation so easy that you’d never get stuck at anything.

The rapid battery charging technology

One of the most vexing of all things with smartphones is quick discharge following heavy usage, and of course the resulting exasperation in charging the device again to a good enough level to get it ready for use again. With a revelation in that regard, the new Zenfone shall be a bit of a catharsis by getting charged to a full 60% in just about 39 minutes, breaking all records ever established. Gone are the days when lack of battery power acted as an obstacle, thereby making your smarthphone experience unparalleled.

A host of other improvements

The new Zenfone 2 shall be a cynosure of sorts because for the first time a smartphone is going to be so heavily loaded with multiple pathbreaking technologies and innovations. All of them would truly redefine one’s smartphone experience by providing an entire slew of new ways in which your smartphone can truly make your job easier. So what your'e waiting for. Check this link and experience this phenomenal device's ebullience for yourselves. 

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